Wednesday 7 July 2021

The postscript murders by Elly Griffiths

Series : Harbinder Kaur (#2)

Format: 344 pages, Paperback

Published: September 29, 2020 by Quercus

Fiction Mystery Thriller


Another Griffiths! I do have some left to read, from another series, but alas, there has been this evil hacking of the database and you can't even borrow books. ANIMALS! Anyway, no more books right now then.

But this one. As in the previous books it has many povs, this one has Harbinder's POV, the detective on the case. An then there is Natalka, Ben and Edwin, the busy trio. One a carer, one a former monk turned coffee shop owner, and one senior citizen.

A 90 year old is murdered. Her friends wants answers. Harbinder needs to solve it, cos oh my these three does try to find clues on their own, and more bodies follow.

I liked the busy trio, they were fun. And I like Harbinder, she has her head straight, I mean she has to as a detective, but still.

I enjoyed the book, I could not figure out who did it, as always, I never does. A good mystery

The death of a ninety-year-old woman with a heart condition should absolutely not be suspicious. DS Harbinder Kaur certainly sees nothing to concern her in carer Natalka's account of Peggy Smith's death. But when Natalka reveals that Peggy lied about her heart condition and that she had been sure someone was following her...

And that Peggy Smith had been a 'murder consultant' who plotted deaths for authors, and knew more about murder than anyone has any right to...

And when clearing out Peggy's flat ends in Natalka being held at gunpoint by a masked figure...

Well then DS Harbinder Kaur thinks that maybe there is no such thing as an unsuspicious death after all.


  1. Any mystery that keeps me guessing is a good one to me!

  2. Always nice to have a good mystery!

  3. Argh on the hacking, but glad you had this one to enjoy from another Griffiths' series.

    1. Everything was down for a week! All libraries in the Nordic countries

  4. Oooo!!!! Mysteries are mah jam! I may have to put this on my maybe list ;) (or at least book 1 first).

  5. WOW! That sucks about the libraries. I hope it gets fixed soon! Look at you finding more Griffiths books!



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