Thursday, 28 April 2022

The quicksilver court

Series: Rooks and Ruin (#2)

Format: 480 pages

Published: October 12, 2021 by Orbit



This has taken me a month to get through, I just could not be bothered.

I did not care for anyone.

Demons? Who cares, I mean as little as I seem to care this time around maybe the demons should just eat everyone.

Sigh, no, I will not be reading book 3.

Ryxander, Warden of Gloamingard, has failed. Unsealed by her blood, the Door hidden within the black tower has opened. Now, for the first time since the age of the Graces, demons walk the world. As tensions grow between nations, all eyes-and daggers are set on Morgrain, fallen under the Demon of Discord's control. In an attempt to save her home from destruction, Ryx and the Rookery set out to find a powerful artifact. But powerful enemies are on the hunt and they're closing in fast.


  1. Wow. You finished it? I think you need another DNF post soon!

  2. This time it didn't tell me if my comment was published. I don't like this new system.

  3. I've gotten to the point recently where I have been more eager to DNF a book than ever before. If I find myself not reading something regularly, I simply move on. I'm glad you've decided not to continue this series.

    1. I am usually good at it, but I just really liked the first series! But this one was an utter fail

  4. Love the cover, too bad you didn't like it. :(

  5. Bummer, well at least you know to quit.

  6. Too bad this one didn't work for you.

  7. I love her writing. But I haven't started this series. Still would like to try, but I don't think it'll be as good as her first series!

    1. Dunno what happened, I really liked her previous one

  8. Bummer this didn't work out for you!


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