Friday 27 May 2022

Review: The Coming of the wolf

Series: Ravenstow Trilogy (#0)

Format: 272 pages, Hardcover

Published:  August 6, 2020 by Sphere

Historical fiction


This was actually one of the first things she ever wrote, but instead she published the second book first and this prequel stayed where it was. And it does show, she is amazing with making history come alive. You can taste it, feel it! But here even if edited you could still sense the first time writer. Still a good book though, but maybe not one that you got totally immersed in like her later ones.

Christen is Saxon. Then he husband dies, the Normans come and to save her people, her brother and castle she marries a Norman.

Miles is half Welsh, half Norman. But he understands that everyone needs to live together, but yeah this is a bloody time. Normans are trying to put down Saxon rebellions, the Welsh are raiding. Life is pretty miserable.

It was a rather short book. They get married. There is trouble, there are battles, blood and death. But they work together well. I liked that. It is a fascinating time. I always enjoy her books

When Ashdyke Manor is attacked, Lady Christen is forced to witness her husband's murder and the pillaging of her lands at the hands of brutal Norman invaders. it seems the pain is finally over when Miles Le Gallois, Lord of Milnham-on-Wye calls off the attack, but he has Christen's brother under armed guard and a deal to offer - her brother's freedom for her hand in marriage. Christen finds herself hastily married to the enemy side, with the bride's brother swearing vengeance on her new husband. Miles and Christen's precarious union invites enemies from all sides, and when Miles is summoned for a lengthy campaign by the King, Christen is left to watch his lands. In the midst of war, two enemies must somehow learn to trust one another if they are to survive. 


  1. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it.

  2. Still must have been good to read the first book, specially when you have enjoyed the series.

    1. She is queen of making me google people throught history

  3. Glad to hear you liked it. Haven't read any books from this series yet. Going to be interesting to see how the first book works.

  4. I have several of her books on my Kindle but haven't read any of them yet. This sounds really good.

  5. Nice find for you to get the prequel of sorts. Glad you enjoyed it.

    1. It was fun. I read the sequel when I was 12 and loved it



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