Friday 14 October 2022

Audio: The Duke not Taken

By: Julia London

Narrated by: Justin Hill

Series: A Royal Match, Book 2

Length: 10 hrs and 53 mins

Release date: 09-27-22

Publisher: Harlequin Audio

Historical romantic /to review

Amelia is bored, flirts with every handsome footman she can find, and as a princess she is totally out of line. So she is sent to England to find a husband.

Insert boring countryestate, not close to London at all. Not much to do there or to find yourself. Also the worst grumpy Duke lives near.

Joshua did have his reasons to be grumpy. He lost his child and wife. But he is also blaming himself(hey man, blame the shitty maternal care you had.)

They meet. They think the other one is annoying. They continue to meet. All other suitors suck. And it really is a slow burn romance and I enjoyed that. They learned about the person behind it all, and they had to work for it.

Nice romance. More about the people and the road there though.

Good narration. Everything is just better in audio you know. Historical romance just pops in audio. All the better to be swept away with

Ever since her sister became queen two years ago, Amelia Ivanosen, Princess of Wesloria, has been flirting and skirting scandal—just barely. Before she does anything too outlandish, she is sent to England and Lila Alexander, illustrious matchmaker to the ton, is recruited. Respectably ensconced at the country estate of a family friend, Amelia is introduced to many eligible bachelors, but…there is no spark. There never seems to be unless the man is completely wrong for her.

Next door lives Joshua Parker, Duke of Marley, who is grumpy and reclusive—for good reason. His first wife died in childbirth. When Marley is dragged by a friend to his neighbor’s soiree, he and Amelia instantly dislike each other. Their banter is snarky and heated. He’s a stuck-up smarty-pants; she’s a self-involved, annoying princess.

Sparks fly when they’re together—fireworks actually—but they loathe each other. Really. So why can’t they stop thinking about each other?


  1. This sounds good. I like the author too. I think I read book 1....mmmm

  2. Nope. I checked I did not read book. It is on my tbr list though

    1. Oh., I should have read both comments, lol

  3. It does seem like it would be fun on audio- hearing them actually talking and whatnot!

  4. Good narration sure makes a book better and this sounds like a worthwhile listen.

  5. Good narration sure makes a book better and this sounds like a worthwhile listen.

  6. Slow Burn always good,

  7. I never tried historical in audio

  8. I don't think that I have ever listened to a HR in audio.

  9. Amelia sounds kind of shallow. I think I've read a contemporary by this author (?) Maybe? Nice that you enjoyed it. :)

  10. I loved the original series. The matchmaker part is a bit weird - she doesn't really do much. But I did like this pair together. She's sunny and he's grumpy.

    1. Worst matchmaker ever lol, but then again, best result



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