Thursday 13 October 2022

Love out Loud

Narrated by: Summer Morton

Series: Animal Attraction, Book 3

Length: 6 hrs and 4 mins

Release date: 09-27-22

Publisher: Tantor Audio

Contemporary romance/to review

Fiona is a vet, she is great at it, but, she is not great at speaking. And now she has to give a freaking speech!

Jake is a speak coach and is hired to help her.

He has to understand that she is not shy. And she will help him with something that he struggles with. I did like that, they have both things to learn from each other. It is not about changing a person, just making them happier with some things.

They like each other, but it is a no gone zone, she is a client! There is some drama, silly man. But all in all a sort of short nice romance where everyone lived happily ever after.

A good narrator that brought me into the story. I felt for these two and rooted for their happy ending

Veterinarian Fiona Nichols does not do well in stressful social situations. A little babble here, saying the absolutely wrong thing there. But that doesn’t stop Fiona from checking out the delectably hot guy in her building…from afar. Fate apparently has a nasty sense of humor, though. Somehow Fiona gets herself and Hot Guy stuck in the building’s revolving door—all thanks to a certain squeaky dog toy…that unfortunately looks decidedly, uh, penile.

Turns out that Jake Ward is Fiona’s new public-speaking coach. A hot extrovert who always knows what to say. Fiona should hate the man on sight. Instead, she’s only finding him more attractive. And now she’s finally getting out of her comfort zone…only to get in over her head. 



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