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Carole´s Monday: Wanderlust

Author: Lauren Blakely
Narrator: Richard Armitage, Grace Grant
Title: Wanderlust
Series: From Paris with Love #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Chick Lit
Format: Audiobook
Published: March 20, 2018
Where I got It: Audible

My bags are packed and I'm ready to go. All I have to do is board a plane, and I'll be on my way to fulfilling a promise I made long ago. Bonus points -- my last week in Paris looks to be even better when I meet a gorgeous, clever American woman and make plans to take her back to my flat that night.

But before we can get together for what would surely be a fantastic final fling, my boss hits me with a double whammy. My previous client didn't pay, so there's no trip, and the new client I now desperately need is none other than the tempting American I'm about to take home.

Have I mentioned this timing bloody sucks?


I'll admit it -- I have a big weakness for a hot British accent. As in, they make me swoon, sigh, and want to toss my panties. Good thing I can avoid that kind of temptation in Paris. So it's just my luck that the man who's the key to success in my new job is the man whose voice makes me melt. Oh, and we have to spend all our days together for work.

Thanks a lot, fate.

To top it off, I quickly learn he's witty, kind and has a heart and mind I'm falling for fast.

All I have to do is resist him every single freaking day. That's so easy. Not.

But then I learn that's nothing compared to the real hurdle we face.

What could go wrong with falling in love in Paris? Nearly everything, it seems...

I was scrolling through some of the books Richard Armitage has narrated because...why not? And then I seen this and I have previously enjoyed some works by this author. I've also heard Grace Grant's narration before sooooo it all seemed like I had to give it a go. Plus...Paris? Yas. 

Joy and Griffin are two people who find themselves in the city of love. Joy is an American gal who is given a chance to work in Paris for a while and she jumps at the chance especially after a break up that drained her emotionally. Griffin interpreter who is living for his late brother. He has a list of things to accomplish in honor of his brother and he doesn't have time for love. Lust...sure...but love? Nope. The two are paired with each other and it is lust at first sight. 

*swoon* I simply adored Griffin. Yes, his British accent is to die for BUT he is so sweet and smart and just plain dreamy. He can speak so many languages and wants to travel the world. 

Joy was a joy and she was perfect for Griffin. She is smart and sassy. I loved that she is a Chemist. Yayy for women in STEM! I don't have the head for it but it makes me excited seeing women take on the field. 

There are some deep parts when they dive into their pasts. However the angst level is low and the drama is low. Which yayy! Don't get me wrong...I love some good drama, but this was what I needed at the moment. Main issues were 1) Griffin was worried they would get in trouble and 2) He wants to travel the world and she has a steady will that work? Both issues are non-issues and that was lovely. 

The narration was flawless! Being the biased person I am....I simply loved the male POV because RA is a dreamboat and his voice is beautiful. Even his female voices work. Plus all the accents he can do? Lovely. Our female narrator was great too. They worked well together and brought their characters and story to life. 

All-in-all, I really adored this book. Great narrators. Fun story. Beautiful location. Low drama. Steamy??? Yes 100%. If you are looking for a book to lay by the pool and listen to...this is a great summer read. :D 5 stars from me. 

ONE WORD SUMMARY: Swoon-worthy 

- Audiobook #25
- Romance Reading Challenge #16 (STEM/Bluestocking)



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