Saturday 14 September 2013

Movie Discussion: World War Z

Ram and I discussed the book here, and back then we decided that we at a later date would discuss the movie too.

Ram: What did you think of the film?

Blod: The movie was actually better than I thought it would be. Cos yes the book bored me, and yes the movie was nothing like it. But still it was...tolerable.

Ram: It was just like any other summer blockbuster, mindnumbing action flick. But you’re right, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Blod: I do like mindnumbing action so it was in that aspect I really liked it.

I like action too, I just wish it to be entertaining. The fact that the zombies were fast kind of ruined it for me, because there was no explanation to their evolution and if you’re going to change the a myth you better explain it. It felt like a deus ex machina to get the action rolling.

I love fast zombies! They scare the shit out of me, but yes why were they fast?

What about the other changes to the book, what did you think about those?

The whole oh a cure! We can make everyone immune was a cop out. I did not like that.

Invisible, not immune. No, I didn’t like that either. It felt like an obvious set up for a sequel, which I don’t want to see.

I would see it, I hate and love zombies ;)

If I have to pick between zombies and vampires I’ll take vampires and I’m burned out on those as well. I did like the wife, Brad Pitt’s character’s. I liked that she seemed capable of taking care of herself and her family even without any of his training. And then they ruined it by having her make that call, which she as a seasoned distance spouce should have known better than to make.

Eh, I barely saw the wife, I did not register the wife. This was Brad’s movie, it was all Brad Brad Brad...Israeli girl...Brad Brad Brad.

Which is why my Mum said she didn’t want to see the film. I don’t think he’s a bad actor but I don’t think he alone is worth a film ticket either.

Yes I can’t say I am a Brad fan either. But then who would have been better? It was just his character all the time anyway. And he was the bringer of dooooom.

I blame the script. The interviewer and the bringer of doom (to the reader) was invisible in the book. There’s no way of making that format work on the screen but this version didn’t work either, not for me.

I did miss things, it was all too easy. And they had taken away some good things from the book. For example Israel falling into civil war...yes let’s forget the politic and just show Brad instead and zombies running over a wall cos of sound.

I hated that it had to be him who figured out the danger. It should’ve been the Israeli soldiers.

That would have been better, but I guess ...oh I do not know. Brad’s movie, he saves them all. Everyone else is blind. Oh and why did NO ONE, almost, think zombies?

His phone, I don’t think it should’ve worked after that EMP but miraculously it did and no one even fixed it.

Oh I did not even think about that!

I saw it coming the second that mushroom cloud appeared. At least they didn’t have him pull that thing that went through him and miraculously NOT bleed to death right away.

Lol, oh that, yes he lived...sure. Let’s see, what else annoyed me….why was sound such a trigger, but no sight or smell? How did they go zombie so damn fast?

There really isn’t much to say about the film, is there?

No. Zombies were FAST. Brad Pitt saved the world. The end. Zombies were really fast. There I said it all.

Book or film? Which do you prefer? You’ve not said that.

Movie. The book was too boring at times with the military talk.

Book. The film was throwaway entertainment but I might pick up the book again.

So 1 for the movie and 1 for the book ;)

And that’s all.

PS. To the movie lovers out there, if you like zombies then yes see the movie. If you expect anything more, then do not. It’s like Ram said mindnumbing action after all.


  1. I love mindnumbing action. LOL This is definitely on my list to see. The commercials look so good.

  2. Haha... I'd like to skip it, but I'll have to convince the Hubby. He's numb to whether movies are good or bad. He only requires cars to blow up.

  3. I see nothing wrong with this movie being all Brad Brad Brad... that is exactly why I want to see it.

  4. Great post ladies and while ya all know I loved the book, I want to see the movie for only one reason..Brad, Brad, Brad!

    1. LOl, oh Brad. I saw it for the scary zombies

  5. I haven't read the book nor see the movie but I heard so many mixed things about it that I decided to see it later.

  6. I like mindless action movies which is why I saw this film and like you thought it was ok. However, a couple of weeks afterwards and I can't remember much!

  7. Zombie's freak me out so this is probably not the movie for me! Fast zombies will likely scar me for life ;-)

    1. They freak me out too and still I watch the movies

  8. Interesting chat ladies! I have the book and hope to read it soon. I want to watch the film too. I don't mind Brad Brad Brad....

    1. Read the book and watch the movie, they are nothing alike

  9. Gals, this is freaking awesome! Movie vs Book discussion. Brilliant!

  10. Nice duo review, at least I know what to expect when I see it. My hubby wants to watch it sometime. Zombie movie, can't be too deep/intellectual I guess. :) But wouldn't it be great if they did make one??

    1. An intellectual zombie movie....honestly I can't even imagine it

    2. Ha! Fun to think about though isn't it?

  11. Mhmmmm, I may have to skip out on that one. lol.

  12. I am not the biggest zombie person, so think I will skip, but thanks for fun revuiew

  13. I want to see the movie. I do. And it's on the list to get when in DVD. :)

  14. If I have to pick between zombies and vampires I’ll take vampires and I’m burned out on those as well.

    Seconded. The movie was boring and if it was better than the book then...



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