Sunday 29 September 2013

Review: Hope's End - Brian McClellan

A Powder Mage short

Captain Verundish has two problems. On campaign with the Adran army and far from her homeland, she is helpless when the young daughter she left at home is threatened. To make matters worse, General Tamas has put her lover in command of a Hope's End—the first charge through a breach straight into the teeth of enemy cannon and sorcery. To save the people she loves, Verundish will have to come up with a deadly solution...

My thoughts:
When it comes to short stories I never have much to say...cos they are short...very short. And this one was..16 page..ish.

The story takes place before Promise of Blood so read it before, read it after, it does not matter. Just read it.

The story was about Verundish who has some...drama in her life (since it's short story I wont spoil it). She is in a tight spot. I liked her, honor and duty, loyal and sacrificing. 

The story is about the charge called Hope's End. As the name says it will be deadly and without hope. What to do is the question?

I usually want more when it comes to short stories and not always in a good way. But here it actually worked as a short story. Sure I want more, but I was also happy with what I got. It was short and good and I enjoyed it.

Short and nice :)


Published September 23rd 2013 by Brian McClellan
Powder Mage 0
From the author


  1. It is hard to review a short story, can't even imagine trying to do 16 pages

  2. I really dislike writing reviews for short stories. I feel like my review is longer than the story itself. LOL You did a good job, although it doesn't sound like my kind of genre :)

  3. I get what you mean, short stories are almost impossible to review, but thanks for doing it anyway.

  4. I am really glad this worked and yes this is super short!

    1. It worked perfectly :) And honestly book page numbers are funky so might have been longer

  5. I do like short stories but I do agree with you in that its hard to write anything about them since its so short and you dont want to give too much away.

  6. Sounds like the author did a great job with only 16 pages! That's hard to do.

  7. you did well, I find it hard to review short stories so I usually don't lol

  8. With me it is always either short or nice so thank you very much :).

  9. Says a lot about the writing when the reader really likes such a short story!!

  10. Very glad the short story worked well. I haven't read anything by McClellan but I've heard great things. I'm looking forward to his work =)

  11. I always seem to want more from short stories too, but it sounds like this one was satisfying. Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

  12. Glad you enjoyed it. I'm not too fond of short stories but they can be good sometimes.

  13. It's so hard for me to review these short stories...

  14. You read this one without meeeee!?! I so need to get these short stories. Maybe this will be what I read when doing NaNo. :)



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