Anthony, Iris
Ashford, Jane - once again a bride
Ashley, Philippa - Carries goes off the map
Baxter, Rhoda
Beckett, Macy - Sultry with a twist
Belair, Kim and McGillirvray, Ariadne
Bell, Zana - close to the wind
Bittner, Rosanne - thunder on the plains
Brighton, Lori - The Ghost Hunter/Wild Heart
x2 - The Mind Readers
Brown, Carolyn - Hell Yeah
        x2     Love Drunk Cowboy
Buchman, ML - Wait until dark
Burrowes, Grace - The Heir
                 x2 The Virtuoso
x3 Darius
Caldwell, Jack - The Three Colonels
Chadwick. Elizabeth - Shadows and strongolds
Chase, Ashlyn  - Strange neighbors
Chase, Clare
Cleeland, Anne - Tainted angel
Clenney, Anita - Awaken the highland warrior
x2 Embrace the highland warrior
Concle, Gina
Connelly, Victoria - A weekend with mr darcy
X2 Dreaming of Mr Darcy
Connor, Isabella
Cready, Gwyn
Courtenay, Christina
Delake, Kris - A spy to die for
Dell, Kari Lynn
Dennis, Mary Ellen - The greatest love on earth
Diener, Michelle
Eikli Beverley - The reluctant bride
Elizabeth, Anne - A seal at heart
English, Christy - how to tame a willful wife
Falkner, Tammy - A lady and her magic
x2 The magic of I do
Flint, Debbie
Flynn, SC
Forester, Amanda
Forrester, James - Sacred Treason
Freeman, Kathryn
Fresina, Jayne - The most improper Miss Sophie Valentine
Force, Marie - Everyone loves a hero
Forrester, James - Sacred Treason
Galen, Shana - The Rogue pirate's bride¨
Gover, Janet 
Grace, Samantha 
Graham, Genevieve - Sound of the heart
Grant, Donna - Shadow magic
Grayson, Kristine - Wickedly Charming 
Greenwood, Emily 
Grey, Amelia -  a gentleman never tells
Haines, Jess - Stalking the others
Hamilton, Maria - Mr Darcy and the secret of becoming a gentleman
Harris, Liz - A bargain struck
Evie undercover x2
Harte, Marie
Henry, Christina - Black Howl
Hilaire, Tes - Deliver me from darkness
Hollick, Helen - Sea Witch series
Hudson, Melanie
Humphreys, CC - Jack Absolute
Husk, Shona - For the love of the goblin warrior
James, Laura E
James, Margaret
Jones, Lisa Renee - The Legend of Michael
Johnson, Kate - The Untied kingdom
Kaine, Margaret
Kaye, Robin - yours for the taking
Kearsley, Susanna - The winter sea
Kelly, Mira Lynn
Kennedy, Joanne - Tall dark and cowboy
x2 Cowboy crazy
Kennedy, Kathryn - The Fire lord's lover
Kery, Beth  - Release
Koch, GJ . Alexander Outland
Lamm, Gina - Geek girl and the scandalous earl
Lathan, Sharon - Miss Darcy falls in love
Lehoux, Sarah-Jane - Thief
London, Julia
Louise, Kara - Only Mr Darcy will do
Malcolm, Sally
Mann, Catherine - Free fall
Mansell,. Jill - A walk in the park
Marek, Lilian
Marlowe, Mia - Sins of the Highlander
May, ALison
McMaster, Bec
McQueen, Alison 
Michels, Elizabeth
Michaels, Leigh - The wedding affair 
Miller, Kristen - Forbidden by fate
Mitchelmore, Linda
Morgan, Leigh -mix
Moorcroft, Sue - Love and Freedom
Mossanen, Dora Levy
Mulry, Megan - Royal pain
Murray, Jeanette - The officer says I do
North, Freya - pillow Talk
Orr, Sally
Patrick, Den
Poitevin, Linda - Sins of the sun
Ramer, Edie - Cattitude
Reynolds, Abigail - Mr Darcy's obsession
x2 - What would Mr Darcy do
Rice, Patricia - The lure of song and magic
Rigaud, Heather - interview/guestpost mix 
Roberts, Victoria - Temptation in a kilt
Rogers, Moira - Southern Arcana
Romain, Theresa
Sandas, Amy
Sherwood, Pamela - Waltz with a stranger
Simonsen, Mary Lydon  - The perfect Bride for Mr Darcy
Spear, Terry - Heart of the Jaguar
Staab, Elizabeth - prince of power
Stone, Juliana
Summers. Michele
Tranter, Sarah
Trenow, Liz
Tyler, Paige
Vane, Victoria
Waights, Sarah
Walker, Julie Ann - rev it up
Walsh, TF
Ware, Ciji - A race to splendor
Wine, Mary - Highland Hellcat
x2 The Trouble with highlanders
Wright, Kim - love in mid air

~Guest Posts~

Alexander, Kianna
Brighton, Lori *overseas sales and covers
                          * who would play the characters in a movie
Brown, Carolyn *why cowboys are hot
Browning, Sherri
Cameron, Skyla Dawn
Carriger, Gail *characters
Chase, Clare
Chase, Samantha
Connolly, Victoria *it's magic
Courtenay, Christina
Daniells, Rowena Cory
Dare, Lydia *lycans and witches
Dean, Sierra
Dinos, Walter
Eikli, Berverley
English, Christy *Royal Scandals 12th century
Fenske, Tawna
Fielding, Hannah
Freeman, Kathryn
Grant, Donna - tortured heroes
Grant, KT - *Info about For the Love of Mollie characters
Grey, Amelia *grandmothers and heroes
Greenwood, Emily
Gyland, Henriette
Hauf, Michele *using characters from other stories
Hollick, Helen *Vikings
Jackson, Vivien
Kaye, Robin *how to write
Kennedy, Jeffe
Kennedy, Kathryne - Elven court
Koch, Gini - 10 ways to avert the destruction of the world
* Martini
Michels, Elizabeth
Lathan, Sharon*thriller, regencystyle
Lehoux, Sarah- Jane * women in fantasy
Lovelace,. Sharla *  love of books
Marek Lillian
Matya, Tamara
Mendel, Anne *apocalypse
Miles, Jackie Lee*Friendship
Mitchelmore, LInda
Moran, Michelle*why Cleopatra's daughter?
Mulry, Megan
Patrick, Phaedra 
Pineiro, Caridad *behind the scenes
Poitevin, Linda *reasons I write in a coffee shop
Reynolds, Abigail *why women love Mr.Darcy
Rigaud, Heather - interview/guestpost mix
Roberts, Victoria 
Romain, Theresa *excerpt
Sandas, Amy
Schmidt, Anna
SeRine, Kate 
Sharon Sala
Simonsen, Mary Lydon *superstition in regency England
Stevens, Berni
Watson, Penny


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