Friday 29 May 2009

Victory of Eagles by Naomi Novik

Victory of Eagles by Naomi Novik
- a Novel of Temeraire - Book 5

Pages: 342
Published: June 2008
Genre: History, fantasy

^ Soar on the wings of Adventure ^

It's a dark time for the dragon Temeraire. He has been removed from the Aerial corps and sent to the breading pens in Wales. Will Laurence, his captain is to be hanged for treason. The sickness that killed dragons has been cured, and the dragons of England's allies, and the enemy France are cured also after Temeraire and Laurence flew over with the cure. Which leads to the beginning of this story.

Things are bad in Britain. Napoleon has managed to come across the channel and has now set up camp in the south. He is marching for London to take over the city.

It looks like Temeraire and Laurence can be Britains only hope. A celestial dragon could sure turn the tide against the hoards of French dragons and soldiers. But they have been branded traitors, still what the British government hasn't taken into consideration is Temeraire's loyalty and love for his captain and his intellingence.

Yes I have a thing of alternate history books. When I first heard about this series, dragons fighting in the Napoleonic wars I thought no way, and that it was kiddie books. Then I heard that Peter Jackson has bought the movie rights, and then some months after I happened to come across it in the library and thought why not give it a go. I am glad I did, I always did enjoy Hornblower, sailors and war, dunno why but it was nice to watch on tv. So what if there had been dragons in the world, and they were used in wars? Yes you get the idea.

A captain who loves his ship and the sea happens to get a dragon egg. And when it hatches the dragon bonds with him and now he must give up everything he has ever known to become a dragon rider. They exist outside the military in a way and doesn't get much respect. He is giving up his career for a dragon. But dragon is not any dragon, he shows Will that dragons are smart beings, and fiercly loyal. Temeraire is his best friend.

I liked book 1, the others dragged out a bit, but this one again I like. Temeraire is funny and you have to love him. Will also, even though he is rather pigheaded, and goes back to Britain where he will be hanged for treason. That is where this book starts off, the last one was such a cliffhanger and I couldn't wait to get this one to see how they can get out if it. Because at least I knew that Temeraire wouldn't want to give up without a fight. They saved their allies too, I thought they were heroes, and not traitors. Sure they saved the French too, but it was for teh dragons. Not for the love of Napoleon. Because in this alternate world he is winning.

There are also a bunchy of other funny dragons in this book. I have really grown to like the Turkish dragon Isikerka who wants to fight over all things. Poor Granby, her captain, he can't keep up with her blood lust. And one thing that are true to the dragon myths, yes treasures. They do want them and in this book the pick up the golden eagles that the French has, if they win a fight that is.

The humans in the story are great also, but they don't get much time in this one. This one truly is about Temeraire and his fellow dragons, and the interactions between Will and him. I love those, true friendship.

This is a fun series with friendship, even some romance, action, war, adventure and having a look at what the world could have been like. There is something for everyone in it. And I truly enjoy these books. She sets a good pace, and you' re right there fighting next to them and wanting the dragons to be more appreciated. Have a look at this series, it's something different.

The others books in this series are:
His majesty's dragon
Throne of Jade
Black Powder War
Empire of Ivory

and book 6's working title is Tongues of serpents

Saturday 23 May 2009

"Hot In Here" - Sophie Renwick (ARC)

Hot In Here by Sophie Renwick

She wasn't his dish-until someone turned up the heat

Genre: Contemporary romance
Publication date: June 2nd 2009
Paperback: 288 pages

"I like my women the way I like my recipes: fast, easy and full of variety.”

Bryce Ryder in known as a playboy who dates sexy women and change between them like he changes his socks. His career is in jeopardy after a article in a magazine where he has been quoted saying certain things. He may be from a wealthy family but he wants to make it on his own and has started a successful restaurant, and has his own cooking show (Heating it up). A show watched by home wives who doesn't take kindly to his words and image. He needs to be saved.

In steps Jenna McCabe, his long time friend who owns a PR firm and she is known to be good at it. If anyone can help him it's her. What he doesn't know is that she has been in love with him for 10 years and for her 28th birthday she has promised herself him with a ribbon around. But that will be hard since he was badly hurt in the past by a woman who took half of what he owns, and he is not the commitment guy these days. Now is the time for Bryce to finally see her as the woman she is, and not just same plain girl and hopefully she can keep him too.

You remember what your mothers told you about playing with your food, well after this you will look at it another way. Yes food is sure meant the be played with and it gets played with a lot in this book. He is a wonderful chef, she loves his cooking, mix in with some sexual tension built to explode and what we have is something that boils over. A warning for people who think food should only be eaten from a plate. Because it will get hot in here. This book is steaming.

There will be more books in this series about the Ryder brothers. We quickly meet Tyson, and I can't form an opinion about him, but he will be around later. We see more of Trey and Jenna's sister Sarah, and I sure want to read more about them. They can't seem to stand each other, but at the same time... Yes it will be fun. These two has seen that Jenna is in love with Bryce, and Trey wants his brother to open his eyes too so they set off scheming on how to get them together. But those kinds of plans are a sure bet to fail because love can't be built on lies and deception.

There is also a third sister Emily, she does sound interesting, and I have my ideas on what she is up too. Her we will see more about in the other books I am sure. The McGabe farm is another set stone in the story. Here they grew up and Jenna has wonderful memories of her and Bryce there. It's also a part of the story how her family struggles to keep the farm as they risk to loose it, and everything on it will be destoyed.

I like the theme of friends becoming lovers and learning to know each other in a different way, and look at each other in a different light. They seem so right for each other and I wonder why they didn't get it sooner. But love is blind, and Bryce needed to learn to look past things. I am sure glad he did because they are sweet together, and I get the little jealous streak that comes out of him when he sees her with someone else. Then we do see that he want her, and he begins to admit it to himself. Admit that he may always have felt it. I do like Jenna, she is not a plain girl, she is Strong ans sweet, and Bryce is sexy and I wouldn't mind him cooking me something.

And there is sex, food sex, and a lot of others things that weaves into the story perfectly. It doesn't feel like there is sex for the sake of sex. No, it's there for a reason, and there is so much more than just it too. There is the story about them both, the farm, and their siblings. The book has a story to tell and it's being told.

It's a great story, and because of the way it's written it leaves you wanting more about the Ryder brothers and the McGabe girls.

Other reviews of the book can be found here: Lea @ Closetwriter, Vampfangirl @ Lovin Me some Romance and Barbara @ Happily ever After

received a copy for a review

Wednesday 20 May 2009

Violet on The Runway - Melissa Walker

Violet on The Runway by Melissa Walker

A wallflower in the spotlight can do two things: wilt-or blossom...

Published: 2007
Age group: YA

Violet Greenfield is your average high school girl, well she would love to be just that, average. As it is now she is too tall, too plain, juts your typical wallflower who secretly wishes to be friends with the It-girls of her high school.

Then one day she is approached by Angela Blythe from Tryst Models in New York. She is told that she could be the next it girl of modeling.

"If it's up to me, Violet Greenfield, I'd say you're the next Kate Moss-but, you know, taller and without the PR problems...I hope!"

First day of school and she has a business card burning in her back pocket. And guess what, she is going to go to New York and try to see if she has what it takes to make it. Without telling any of her friends she will take the big step and see if she gets hired for fashion week, because at least Angela believes in her, but is modeling all it's cracked up to be?

I got this book in a contest, and Melissa had written a short message in it how I should always dream. A good message that echoes through the book. It's not a book that portraits everything as perfect. There are ups and downs, but what I loved in it is that it stays sweet. Some YA books these days seems to have more of sex, drugs and violence than adult books, but not this book. This could be read by a teenager, a kid or an adult. And all will enjoy it. It is that kind of book.

Violet deals with go-sees, and being talked about like she is not there. It's a harsh world where every part of you has faults even if you are perfect. There are jealous models, upset friends, and learning to know who your real friends are and those that only want a part of your spotlight. She has a few bumps in her road coming and they wont be easy.

But she is a strong girl, and I really like her. I would love to be friends with her, she is funny, strong, kind (well all these things for the most part). She does get a bit full of herself but I forgive her. It's only to be expected.

Great old friends too, bitchy models warning, the high school clique girls who annoys me, funny aunt, and a romantic interest in view. A bit of everything and everyone can be found in this book.

It is a great and funny read. And when it ended it left me hanging and I wanted to know more. What would she do next? I wanted to know.

The other books are:
Violet by design
Violet in private

Thursday 14 May 2009

Spirits unveiled - Amanda Cummings

Spirits Unveiled by Amanda Cummings

~A thousand years have passed, the old ways forgotten. One clan remained, hidden away, passing down the knowledge, so that one day, when the time was right, peace and prosperity could reign once again, uniting the clans.~

In a land where people carry within themselves an animal spirit lives four clans; Bear, Wolf, Hawk and Tiger. Darien, leader of the Wolf clan, finds himself captured and imprisoned by his enemy, the Bear clan. Emotionally battered her entire life, Raina, daughter of the Bear clan leader, fears a forced marriage to a horrid man looming in her future. A plan forms--free the prisoner in exchange for his protection to find her safety. Inexplicably drawn to each other, Darien struggles with his inner yearnings. They are from rival clans. Yet with every touch, every heated kiss, he is unable to deny what his body craves. Secrets and visions are revealed and hope lies within Darien and Raina if they can only embrace who they truly are, for the Spirits have destined the two to make right a terrible wrong that took place a thousand years ago.

Steamy Fantasy Romance
from 2008

Taken blurb there when I wanted to give it justice.

A little lost for words here when I know the author. How do I normally do this again, ok I will start from the beginning.

Raina have lived a horrible life with an abusive father, and now she is going to be married to a total creep who stalks her every move. Demarius sure has it coming for him, but books needs bad guys and him and her father are perfect in those roles. No one could like them.

In comes Darien, a captured leader who now will face torture and an eminent death by his enemies hands. Raina feels something at once for him, and I can feel that connection. They should be together, but everything seems to be against them. Her father is feared by all, and how could Darien's clan then ever accept her?

It's a wonder that Raina isn't all messed up after her years, no she still has her spirit intact and Darien brings it out in her. He is a wonderful alpha, and I really do like him. Strong and still so loving. She is a great heroine who always have had something bigger before her than the life she has lived. I kept hoping they would get a HEA.

I can't forget the supporting cast, her friend Taryn for instance, who I at first see just as another minor character but then she comes to her own and I get really intrigued, and Darien's friend Alon. I shouldn't forget him. There is also Gavin that is the leader of the hawk clan, and I could see him in a book of his own *hint hint*.

It is a book that has a bit of everything, a lot of romance and sexual tension, danger, some fights, oh and I do like fights. Great characters and an ending that left me wanting more, especially something about the Tiger clan. I do see myself reading more.

Check out Amanda's blog where you can read the story

Thank you Amy :) Sorry it took a while though, I am bad with ebooks, they take forever to read, I really should get a laptop, or a e-reader, lol, ok shouldn't think about shoppping now.

Sunday 10 May 2009

Lost in a Good Book - Jasper Fforde

Lost in a Good Book

I just love Fforde, he is the strangest author I have read, and his books are a pure delight. This is then the second Thursday Next novel.

It's some months after the end in The Eyre Affair, and Thursday is happily married to Landen. She is now the Medias darling after having given Jane Eyre a happy ending, and everyone wants to know about her. Life seems to be good.

She is still a literary detective, and when a a new Shakespeare play emerges she is sent to investigate. But the big corporation Goliath still has it in for her, Landen disappears when someone mixes with the timeline and actually he died when he was just a little boy. This together with some strange circumstances shows that someone has it in for her. Can she save Landen? Keep Goliath of her track and see to at that the characters in novels behave?

This is an alternate reality novel that takes place in 1985. Wolly mammoths migrate every year through Britain, The Crimean war has just ended with a small village given to The Russian Empire, Time-line guards can jump in time and Thursday's uncle has invented a way to travel into books. She has a pet dodo, and there are also neanderthals after a failed experiment. the taxes on cheese are enormous and literature is big, I mean big. And Thursday is to be put on trial in Kafka's book because of the alternate ending to Jane Eyre.

This is such a strange book, you have to read it to understand, but once you do you are truly sucked into this weird book. Their alternate world is funny, and they sure take literature serious, all forms of literature. The government even has a special branch that looks into crimes with literature, and they also have branches to do with lawns, and vampires and such.

Thursday is a great heroine and I really like her, and I was happy that she ended up with Landen, whom she served with in the Crimean war. But now he sadly died at the age of 2 and no one but her remembers being married to him. Her dad, a renegade Time Agent is always funny to see, not to mention her uncle Mycroft who is this kind of mad scientist in a way. There are a bunch of great side characters that make up the book, and Fforde is sure great at creating them.

He is also great at creating funny and strange stories that seems to make perfect sense in the world were they are taking place.

This is actually the 3rd book I read, I happened to read the 4th book after the 1st, and that worked too. But it is of course much better to read them in the right order cos the story line continues and isn't always resolved. There will always be big bad guys, its not a sweet story where she takes them down in one book and continues on the next bad guy. Now this book needs it's big corporation.

Read them, they are funny and I hope you will like the strangeness in them.

Friday 8 May 2009

Exile's Return - Raymond E.Feist

Exile's Return
Conclave of Shadows, book 3

This book is no longer about Tal Hawkins from the previous books, this book is about the man he defeated, Kaspar, the duke of Olasko. And Feist's fantasy saga continues.

Kaspar has been sent by magic to the continent of Novindus instead of giving a death sentence. The former tyrant who murdered Tal's village seems to have no goodness in him, but this will change. He is caught by nomads but manages to escape and then start the long way home in order to seek revenge on Talk Hawkins. During his trip he will work as a farm hand, and slowly come to grasp the reality of his own people.

But there is a dark power lurking in the shadows and the aim is to destroy Midkemia. The Riftwar or the Serpent war will not compare on the madness that would be unleashed.

First, it was years since I read King Of Foxes, I have no idea what happened, or in the first book Talon of a Silver Hawk. I wanted to get the book in English but since it took forever I saw that they had it in Swedish...big mistake.

I love Feist's books, I have re-read Magician every summer for 8 years, and it's the book I would take with me to an deserted island. But since I loved his books I tried them in Swedish, and the translation is bad. The translator writes them in a way like they are addressed to teens and kids. Which in this book is strange cos Feist gets into this philosophical discussion with a god, and it shouldn't be written so lightly.

And yes I do love the cover, but then again it shows the market it's aimed at, the market all fantasy seems to be made at when it comes to Swedish books.

If you have read it, do say and let me know what you thought. I have a hard time knowing if it's the translation that makes it so very boring, or if it's actually the book. I do have a hard time saying anything about this book.

Well Kaspar redeems himself and I find myself liking him, then again I was never a big Tal fan. And we get to see Pug again and I do love Pug. The book leaves it open, or wide open for more and there is more. There is a war to be fought once more. I just hope I don't have to read that was in Swedish.

But this one, yawns, yes Kaspar lears to be good early on, and the rest of the book that contains his trip is I guess supposed to be exciting with dangers, and such, but it never grabs me and i have a hard time feeling for anyone. Never has a review been this hard.

Wednesday 6 May 2009

Shopaholic Ties the Knot - Sophie Kinsella

First *sighs*, my internet connection is missing in action. No idea what's up so here I am a the slow, and bad library computers. Gotta cut it short today...oh and the cover for the book will come up I use my bf's computer since, photobucket is a banned site here. I miss the internet :(

Shopaholic Ties the Knot by Sophie Kinsella

Becky and Luke is now living in New York, and Becky has landed a dream job, she is a professional shopper at Barney's. Also, she does get a discount on what she buys there. Not to mention all the other "bargains" New York has to offer. Luke is building up his company, and trying to connect with his mother.

The her old flatmate Suze announces that she is getting married, and they are off to a wedding in Scotland. Where Becky catches the bouquet and inside there is a question..and yes the answer to that question can be seen in the book's title.

Luke ice-queen society mother is planning an extravagant wedding at the Plaza, while Becky's mother home in England is planning a sweet garden wedding. Both at the same day, both thinking their wedding is the only one. What is she to do?

Becky is in a sticky situation in this book, she wants to please Luke's mum even though she dislikes her. But Luke wants to re-connect. And back in England the wedding plans are in motion and she doesn't want to upset her own mother.

There is shopping, but more hidden in this book. She does go a bit crazy over certain tings back in England and that is hilarious as always.

What I love about these books is that it would be so easy to dislike Becky. But the way Kinsella have written it I end up loving Becky instead. Sure she spends a lot of money on idiotic thing, but she is clearly addicted. And she is sweet, and kind, and funny. Hopefully they will do something about that addiction though.

The book is funny, and it's always nice to see her in action. Not to mention that she really seems to enjoy her new job. I miss Suze, cos neighbor Danny is not the same thing. The frosty ice-queen is a good mix in, and I would like more Luke. I feel like I don't really know Luke. Still he seems like a cutie.

The next one, Shopaholic and Sister, well I thought about reading it at once but I will wait until I have shopaholic and baby.

I think this is enough chick-lit for a while ;)

Sunday 3 May 2009

Shopaholic takes Manhattan - Sophie Kinsella

Shopaholic takes Manhattan by Sophie Kinsella
Book 2 in the shopaholic series

Rebecca Bloomwood has a great job as a financial expert on a TV morning show. But even though she earns more, now she spends more. Her flatmate Suzy tries to keep check on her spending but Becky is rather good at hiding things in her closet.

Her boyfriend, Luke who runs a PR agency wants to start a new branch in New York, and the plan to go over to check out the town. How could Becky say no to this, because everyone knows that foreign money is just like Monopoly money. She is ready to hit the big stores in Manhattan and shop until she drops. But then the big bomb falls, and her shiny new world falls to pieces.

Now I can compare the movies and the books better because the 2 first books makes up the movie. In this book there are a lot of things that are in the movie, too bad no more Finland talk :(

Becky is still shopping and trying to hide how much she really spends. The debts grows again, and there is a new man at the bank and he is not happy. She also in debt to stores, and the credict cards are not happy.

Becky is hilarious as usual, and she sure has problems. The foreign money is like monopoly money sure puts her in trouble. She doesn't confront her problems and buys the weirdest things like cut out letters in woods because she can't say no. She buys it all.

At least she has Luke and is happy. But he is busy with his work, and I do wonder how he doesn't see that she cna't stop shopping....

But the book is funny, and cute. The shopping episodes are hilarious and you have to love her. I can't help it. And the book left me wanting more, and yes I am reading the 3rd book now and will start on the 4th after it.

It is great chick-lit that doesn't disappoint. And if you want you could read this before the first one, but in the end it's more fun to see what she was up to in book 1 and what happened there.

Friday 1 May 2009

Invisible - Kimber Chin

Invisible by Kimber Chin

Millionaire Hagen Rayner has 14 business days to find the deed to his great uncle's estate, and if he doesn't find it by that time he will loose it and everything inside it to his cousin. But it isn't as easy as that, in his uncle's will he states that Hagen must take a woman with him. A certain Meave that Hagen sees as his uncles gold digging mistress.

Maeve Delaney knows how to make people disappear, and by doing it means cutting all ties to the past. That also mean the broad shouldered annoying man she is forced to work with to respect the last wish of a man he was kind to her.

Hagen dislikes her at once because he thinks that she must have been his uncle's mistress, which of course isn't the case. But the dislike is there until he slowly gets to know her, and I do understand why he would think so, and I don't mind it. She doesn't really explain what her relationship was with Birger either. She sees this as a forced companionship and she wants to get out quickly.

I read that it is said to be Mystery/Contemporary Romance. And that fits, it's a mystery with suspense and a lot of romance and tension thrown into it. Because the tension sure grows between them and I am waiting for it to explode.

Maeve comes across as both insecure and so strong at the same time. She has things in her past that is haunting her and she finds it hard to trust Hagen. She is often described as a pixie, and I can see her good in my mind. I really warm up to her. And I keep wishing for her to trust and let go, and perhaps be happy.

Hagen is this big guy with Danish blood, they sure make an interesting match in my eyes. I do come to like him, but as Maeve is insecure I get insecure to, cos among the first pages we meet a woman from his past. His cousins wife who I sure don't like her, a bitch without a doubt, just as his cousin is a creep and idiot.

The hunt for the deed takes them everywhere and puts them in danger. There is mystery and there is suspense, and don't forget about the romance. Then there is passages that make me ache and feel for them.

Hagen didn’t have a choice. Worthy or not, he was all she had. He wouldn’t fail her again. Hagen sighed with acceptance, lying down beside her. Maeve shimmied on top of him, and he wrapped her in his arms. “Keep me safe,” was whispered into his bare chest.

Kimber did ask me if I though Nikolay (you'll meet him in the story) should have a story of his own, and to this I say yes. I forgot about it as I read but then when I looked back I started to really like the idea.

It was like a scene out of a freakin’ Russian Good Fellas. Men in expensive European suits eating salt herring and smoking cigars, young bouncy waitresses with short skirts and long, long legs.

And he is said to be gorgeous so yes :)

received a copy for a review


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