Saturday 30 April 2016

#FitReaders Check-In: April 29, 2016 and It's in his kiss review

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Sun I spent 2 hours at the garden/food/book fair. Let's count that as a 30 min walk. Since yeah I mostly walked.
Mon 4 km bike. 30 min walk
Tue 8 km bike. 1 h workout class
Wed 4 km bike, 1 h walk
Thu 4 km bike. 30 min walk
Fri 1.20 h walk, 4 km bike
Sat 1 h walk

It snowed again. Then it melted away. The days are getting longer :D


Who do you turn to when things go wrong?
Your best friend. Obviously.

Sephy King’s worked flat-out to make her new lingerie business a success, only there’s a tiny snag – the marketing photos for the launch party are a disaster.

Luke Jackson will help her, won’t he? They just need to strip off, model gorgeous, sexy underwear together and take more photos! So what if the stunning body he’s been hiding makes Sephy’s eyes pop out? And when he holds her, she suddenly wishes they were in her bedroom…alone? He’s her best friend.

Then Luke asks Sephy for a return favour: to pose as his fake fiancée to get his parents temporarily off his back. It’s a risky strategy – but she’s sure she can pull it off.

Until he kisses her…

My thoughts:
Luke and Sophy are best friends. Then she asks him to pose with their underwear, and suddenly all they can think of is sex. Yup, that happened fast. All he can think about, all day long, all night long.

I did like their friendship, and how sweet he was with her kid. But I could not really see these two as lovers, they lacked chemistry. It felt a bit forced at times. How they suddenly wanted each other and could not think of anything else.

And Sophy was so, I know I want to hit characters over the head a lot, but Sophy, sheesh woman, take the help they are offering!!! That stupid woman would rather be homeless than ask for help. That is not being brave and doing it on your own. That is being a stupid cow.

So their dance is mostly them being stupid. Well, not Luke, I liked him, I understood his issues, but hers, nah. Not hers.


Kindle Edition, 241 pages
Published April 21st 2016 by HarperImpulse
Romantic fiction

Friday 29 April 2016

Victoria Roberts post and Giveaway

8 Little-Known Facts about Victoria Roberts

Thank you so much for having me here today.

I never read a single romance novel until my thirties.
Oh, the horror. But yes, it’s true. My dear friend had her face buried in them, and I teased her relentlessly because who would ever read such a thing, right? One day, she had enough of my jesting, slammed one of those books on my desk and said, “I don’t want to hear another word until you read one.” That book was a Scottish historical romance. Imagine my surprise when the story had a plot, beautiful descriptions of the Highlands, and those alpha-male men in kilts. You know what happened from there. I’m still writing them. And that friend? She’s my critique partner and cherished friend.

My first book signing was with Nora Roberts.
 If it wasn’t bad enough I was a bundle of nerves with my first release, my first signing was with   Nora Roberts. I was lucky enough to attend one of Nora’s signings at Turn the Page Bookstore and was happy that I “sold out.” My little lad sat kilted up beside me and I’ll never forget the proud look on his face.

I’ve never been to Scotland.
This is sad, but true. Everything I’ve learned, obsessed about, has been through books, the internet, and my dear Scottish friends across the pond. I know one day I’ll have the trip of a lifetime. 

I do not have a single drop of Scottish blood.
But…I’m Scottish at heart. On the other hand, my husband is exactly like the Ancestry commercial. He’s always been told he’s 100% German, but not according to his DNA! We discovered he’s 50% German and 50% Scottish. Do you know how happy that made this Scottish historical romance writer? In fact, he recently bought his first kilt for my next event.

I’m learning Gaelic.
Before ever reading Diana Gabaldon or watching Outlander, the Gaelic language has been a very important part in my writing. Readers can find bits of Gaelic in all my books. As an author of this particular genre, I thought—and still think—it’s very important to keep the Scottish heritage alive. I like to honor that tradition in my work. My kids also know Gaelic greetings, and my German—now Scottish—husband just rolls his eyes at us.

I rode my husband’s motorcycle on a drag strip.
Call me crazy. In your twenties, you think you’re indestructible. I was no different. My husband had a Honda Nighthawk at the time, and I ran it on a drag strip at 70 MPH. It wasn’t long before that inner voice asked, “Are you crazy?” Yeah, that was the first and last time I ever tried something as foolish.

 I have a custom Ace Frehley (from the band KISS) Les Paul guitar.
Prior to becoming a romance author, yours truly had been playing the electric guitar since 10th grade. Oh, yes. I drove my poor neighbor’s crazy with my Marshall amp too. *grunts like Tim “the tool man” Taylor.

I’m writing a novella with my 15-year-old daughter.
We started this project when she was 14-years-old. She wanted to write something with me and even came up with the idea herself. We’re very proud to announce that Snakes in the Garden is now available for pre-order.

Giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway

Kill or Be Kilt by Victoria Roberts
Highland Spies, Book 3
ISBN: 9781402292064
Release Date: May 3, 2016
Genre: Historical Romance

About the Book
It’s been three years since Lady Elizabeth Walsingham ended her childish crush on Laird Ian Munro, the fierce Highlander who scared everyone but her. She’s a grown woman now, heading to London to find a proper English gentleman. But when the wild Highland laird walks through the door, she’s that breathless youth all over again.

Ian tries hard to avoid the young lass who’s confounded him for years. But now that they’re attending court, he must keep watch on her night and day. Danger is at every turn and advisors to the Crown are being murdered. Ian soon realizes the girl he’s been protecting is a beautiful lady who needs his help, almost as much as he needs her.

Buy the Book
Barnes & Noble:
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About the Author
Victoria Roberts writes sexy, award-winning Scottish historical romances about kilted heroes and warriors from the past. Prior to ever picking up a single romance novel, she penned her first young adult novella at 16 years old. Who knew her leather-studded motorcycle hero would trade in his ride and emerge as a kilt-wearing Highlander wielding a broadsword? Victoria lives with her husband and their two beautiful children in western Pennsylvania. 

Connect with Victoria

Thursday 28 April 2016

Early review: Smoke and Mirrors - Jess Haines

A girl who uses her illusions to fool the world into thinking she's just like all the other magi.
A dragon who sees through her lies.
Together they just might survive a world that wants to control or destroy them both.

Kimberly may wield ultimate cosmic power, but even a mage has to pay the rent. No one will hire her for her magic talents until she's got the credentials, so she’s stuck in a crappy rent controlled apartment with her mother, yearning for treats she can't afford at her part time job in a café, counting down the days until she graduates the secret Blackhollow Academy school for magi. Only then will she have the certificate she needs to land her dream job in a coven. The problem? She needs a familiar to graduate.

As an illusionist, she doesn't have the ability to summon or create a familiar of her own. Her only option is to convince a supernatural creature to let her bind it instead. Since having a powerful Other at her beck and call would guarantee her a place in a coven after she graduates—and legendary treasure hoards are an added bonus—she thinks binding a dragon as her familiar will solve all her problems... Because sometimes a girl needs a dragon, not a knight.... 

My thoughts:
Kim is a sorcerer, the rest of the school are magi. Sorcerers gets killed, magi prospers. She does not have it easy. And hey I get it, but just cos there are a few bad apples does not mean all sorcerers are bad.

She is also really poor, she lives in the projects with her mum. She does nothing else but study and work. She is in her early 20s, but her life is on hold. She is not kick-ass, she is normal, exhausted and very proud.

Ok let's talk Cormac now. See she needs a familiar, a professor told her to get a  dragon, that will show them! So she is sent to Cormac Hunter, and he introduces her to New York's  Others. Someone must say yes...or? Anyway, forget the hunt for a familiar so she can pass her exams. I want to talk about Cormac, yes he was all alpha. But not an alpha.hole that drags you by the hair to his cave. No, he was a gentleman, he totally started to fall and have those MINE feelings, but, he did not act in the alphahole way, he stood silently by since he knew that dragging someone by the hair would scare her. Awww, Cormac, forget about her and let's run away together.

Oh and no, no real romance here. 

The Academy, idiot students, Others (good and bad), daily life and the need for an Other to pass her exam (cos if you don't you are out). I liked being back in this world, yes, it is set in the same world as another awesome series, hint hint.

I enjoyed it, and mmm Cormac.

ebook, 290 pages
Expected publication: May 1st 2016
Urban fantasy
For review

Wednesday 27 April 2016

Eidolon - Grace Draven

In a bid for more power, the Shadow Queen of Haradis has unleashed a malignant force into the
world. Her son Brishen, younger prince of the Kai royal house, suddenly finds himself ruler of a kingdom blighted by a diseased darkness and on the brink of war. His human wife Ildiko must decide if she will give up the man she loves in order to secure his throne. 

Three enemy kingdoms must unite to save each other, and a one-eyed, reluctant king must raise an army of the dead to defeat an army of the damned.

A tale of alliance and sacrifice.

My thoughts:
I have meant to write this review since yesterday, but I kind of just wanted to say squee, and let that be it.

Book 1 was just awesome, it made me snort, and I loved how they got to know each other. She saw past him looking like a dead eel with scary teeth, and he looked past her looking like a boiled mollusk. Awww, they are so sweet. Him calling her a hag, and she calling him, yes good times :D

She is human, he is not. They made an alliance. And now the country is falling apart cos of mummy dearest. Monsters are everywhere.

So this one is not really centered on the romance, more on the what the F will be do!? Everyone is gonna die!!!! And a bit of romance, as, oh it had me worried. Think about it, she is human, he is not. Others are not always happy with her.

The feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeels!

What I like about this one is the the lightness, the humour, the banter between them (and two others that had me giggling). The world, the feel of it. Aye, I enjoyed this one.

But I hear the next one is about another couple, which make me sad in a way. I'd love to read more, and I wish, I wish that one thing could be possible between them. That does make me sad.

But I am also happy that there will be more, and the next couple will be a hoot.

It feels like I jumped from one to the next in this review ;)

Just read it


ebook, 240 pages
Published April 18th 2016 by Grace Draven
Wraith Kings #2
Fantasy romance

Tuesday 26 April 2016

Firefight - Brandon Sanderson

They told David it was impossible--that even the Reckoners had never killed a High Epic. Yet, Steelheart--invincible, immortal, unconquerable--is dead. And he died by David's hand. 

Eliminating Steelheart was supposed to make life more simple. Instead, it only made David realize he has questions. Big ones. And there's no one in Newcago who can give him the answers he needs. 

Babylon Restored, the old borough of Manhattan, has possibilities, though. Ruled by the mysterious High Epic, Regalia, David is sure Babylon Restored will lead him to what he needs to find. And while entering another city oppressed by a High Epic despot is a gamble, David's willing to risk it. Because killing Steelheart left a hole in David's heart. A hole where his thirst for vengeance once lived. Somehow, he filled that hole with another Epic--Firefight. And he's willing to go on a quest darker, and more dangerous even, than the fight against Steelheart to find her, and to get his answers. 

My thoughts:
Ok..I am gonna be totally honest. This book is good, but not...Sanderson awesome. We all know his works are awesome (and if you do not then you should read them all!)

He still creates this awesome world with some humans having superpowers and going crazy with power and bloodlust. The earth is pretty much a wasteland, the Epics rule and destroy. He knows how to create a cool world.

Just, it's YA. Hey, before you say anything, yes of course I know it a YA series, it's still Sanderson, it is still a good book!. It's just not you know his fantasy amazing ones... I do love his fantasy ones.

And of course I would walk on glass to read book 3 at once. What?! It's SANDERSON!'s not Sanderson epic.

I have issues.

I have said nothing about the story *headdesk*

They are gonna kill an EPIC. NY is flooded. Bad guys. Meghan. All is well. What oops, revelations! 



Paperback, 416 pages
Published November 12th 2015 by Gollancz (first published January 6th 2015)
Reckoners #2
YA / Dystopia superhero

Monday 25 April 2016

Fire touched - Patricia Briggs

Tensions between the fae and humans are coming to a head. And when coyote shapeshifter Mercy and her Alpha werewolf mate, Adam, are called upon to stop a rampaging troll, they find themselves with something that could be used to make the fae back down and forestall out-and-out war: a human child stolen long ago by the fae.

Defying the most powerful werewolf in the country, the humans, and the fae, Mercy, Adam, and their pack choose to protect the boy no matter what the cost. But who will protect them from a boy who is fire touched? 

My thoughts:
Truth be told I have not a lot to say...and not in a bad way! It's just, I have said it all before. I love this series.

Mercy is kick-ass
Adam FINALLY steps up.
Jesse is becoming really kick-ass
I still want his ex to BURN
I want more Bran, I always want more Bran
I missed some others too.

There is a troll. There is politics. There are after shocks from events. There are Fae, good and bad. In some ways the book is kind of low-key. Yes things happen, but not a lot. And still the things that does take place will have a lot of impact in everything.

I read it reeeeeeeeeeeeally fast. 

The UK ones are soo meh

Paperback, 352 pages
Published March 8th 2016 by Orbit
Mercy Thompson #9, Mercy Thompson World - Complete #13
Urban fantasy

Sunday 24 April 2016

Carole's Sunday review: Ink and Ashes - Valynne E.Maetani

Author: Valynne E Maetani
Titles: Ink and Ashes
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, & YA
Pages: ebook
First Published: May 2015
Where I Got It: Borrowed friend's version

Claire Takata has never known much about her father, who passed away when she was a little girl. But on the anniversary of his death, not long before her seventeenth birthday, she finds a mysterious letter from her deceased father, addressed to her stepfather. Claire never even knew that they had met.

Claire knows she should let it go, but she can’t shake the feeling that something’s been kept from her. In search of answers, Claire combs through anything that will give her information about her father . . . until she discovers he was a member of the yakuza, the Japanese mafia. The discovery opens a door that should have been left closed.

So begins the race to outrun his legacy as the secrets of her father’s past threaten Claire’s friends and family, newfound love, and ultimately her life.

This was a book club choice picked by someone in the group. However, I have had my eye on this for a while. There were so many mixed reviews, that I avoided it. I am glad someone picked it, so I can finally get myself to read it.

Old secrets, old hurts, old lies, old tradition, new discoveries, new dangerous, new love, and a new beginning. There was a lot going on, but at the same time nothing going on. Poor Claire and her siblings. There is something not being talked about and things being swept under the rug and they can feel it but their step-dad and mom will not talk about it. Did the parents really think they could hide the truth for so long? There is something fishy and Claire wants to know. 

I certainly did enjoy the ride, but.....I wanted more. I know, I know. There is already a lot going on. However, with  the summary and my good guessing talent, I managed to unravel the big secret. When it came true, I felt like it wasn't as climatic as it should have been. Honestly, I felt like there was something missing in he mystery. I did not LOVE this book like I waned to. It was simply decent.

After all the truth came bursting out, the story should have ended. After everything was disclosed, the tears, the apologies,and the hurt was out in the open, there should have been a couple of chapters to tie everything together and ended. However, it dragged on 100 more pages. I was still slightly intrigued hoping more would come to the surface, but meh, nothing really did. 

I am glad it was a short read. Only about 290 pages. It was a quick read and I managed to get it done after a couple of sessions. It is YA, but at times it did not feel like it was. There was a nice balance and it wasn't at all cheesy like YAs tend to be. The parents didn't disappear and were a part of the story/plot; that made me happy. 

The best part of the book, for me, were the characters. The mystery was meh. The thrill was meh. The action decent. The characters had me decently invested and I wanted to know them. I wanted to know why and what would happen to them. I think that is the only reason I kept reading honestly. I do recommend this to those looking for a quick read with some interesting storyline and characters. Not the best book of the year, but worth a read. Out of five stars, I stamp this with 3.

Saturday 23 April 2016

#FitReaders: Weekly Check-in April 23 2016 and The Jester

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Sun 1.15 h walk
Mon 4 km bike. 30 min walk
Tue 1 h workout class, 1 h yoga, 4 km bike
Wed 45 min walk, 4 km bike
Thu 30 min walk, 4 km bike
Fri 4 km bike, 30 min walk
Sat 1 h walk, 5 km bike

Sad. Only one more class this spring :/ And no summer classes this year! Booo.

Winter came back. Just for a day. Nothing new, last year it snowed in May. But hey look, first spring flower ;)
But more snow promised on Monday.


Stop me if you’ve heard this one. A thief, a candlemaker, an ex-mercenary, and a pig farmer walk into a trap…and what happens to them is no joke. When Riyria is hired to retrieve a jester’s treasure, Royce and Hadrian must match wits with a dwarf who proves to be anything but a fool. Difficult choices will need to be made, and in the end those who laugh last do so because they are the only ones to survive.

This is a standalone short story of 7,200 words, originally published in the Unfettered anthology. No prior knowledge of The Riyria Revelations or The Riyria Chronicles is required to enjoy it to its fullest, making this a perfect introduction for new readers or a chance for Riyria veterans to spend a little more time with old friends. The Jester is a story of adventure, bonds of friendship, and a recognition that the choices we make dictates the future we find. 

My thoughts:
This was a freebie on audible. I must say I have started to like audio books, but they are so damn expensive. Nope, wont buy that when print is cheaper. I do not even buy hardback! I wait a year on the PB instead.

Right. A short story with Royce and Hadrian in a tight spot. There is humour, and a good little adventure. I can't say a lot really. They were like stuck in a cave most of the time trying to get out. It was good, and I have missed these guys.

Audible Audio, unabridged Audible download, 33 pages
Published January 17th 2014 by Audible Studios
Riyria #2.5, The Riyria Chronicles

Friday 22 April 2016

Outlaw Cowboy Excerpt and Giveaway

Today I have an excerpt from Outlaw Cowboy and giveaway ;)

Would you rather change the past or be able to see into the future?

As much as I was obsessed with the show Quantum Leap (which, if you don’t know was about a man who could ‘leap’ through the past and change things), I’d hate to mess with the course of things that way. I’m not sure I really want to know what’s coming either, but I think it’d be preferable to possibly screwing up the world!

An Excerpt:

I know. I’m not comparing, Delia. I can’t.” He shook his head as his gaze returned to hers.

If she looked closely enough, she could probably see her own reflection, but getting any closer than this already too-close cab of his truck held zero appeal.

But if you had something that was yours, that made you who you are, that gave you a reason to get up in the morning, wouldn’t you do everything to keep it? Wouldn’t you fight to keep the thing that made you feel like you weren’t a complete waste of space?”

She should look away. She should get out of the truck or demand he drive her to her family home. She should do anything but keep his gaze and let his words wrap around her heart and squeeze.

She didn’t have a thing that made her who she was, or a reason to get up in the morning—at least not once Steph was out. Yet she’d always kept plowing ahead, because no matter how bleak things were, she knew who she was. Strong. Resilient. And she knew, deep in her heart most of the time, that once she did her duty to her sisters, there would be something waiting for her on the other side.

She hadn’t planned on it being jail, but even in her darkest moments she knew even that would be a temporary thing, as long as she could get Steph safe first.

All the crap Caleb was complaining about was easier, but somehow sadder, because he didn’t know how to go on without this beautiful, amazing piece of land that made her feel an aching kind of hope.

Hope. Somehow, it kept her going. It kept people like them going. And all of Caleb’s was tied up in something that could be taken from him.

I’m not expecting sympathy,” he said, his voice hushed and his eyes on hers.

She felt herself lean forward, as if there was some force pushing her there. Him or the sun disappearing in his eyes.

I just want you to understand why I did what I did. Helping you isn’t an easy choice for me. It threatens my only chance at this. But I want to do it anyway.”

She couldn’t swallow the lump in her throat, and her eyes burned. It shouldn’t make it better and it shouldn’t make it understandable. It certainly shouldn’t make her forgive him for trying to kick her off Shaw.

But she saw his battle, and that thing inside of him so lost he couldn’t find a center without the beauty that surrounded them, and that seemed more depressing than getting up every morning ready to fight. Thinking the only thing that made you worthwhile could be so easily taken away seemed worse than working to save people you loved. At least, at the end of the day, she knew she’d have her determination.

He cleared his throat. Christ, Delia. Why are you crying?”

I’m not crying.”

He reached out and touched his thumb to an unruly tear trailing down her cheek. She had a handle on the rest, but that one escaped and now he was touching it. Her.

Why were they so close? Why was she letting him be this close? Letting him touch her? She should push him away. Knock that stupid hat off his head while she was at it. She should do everything but lean into that gentle touch. It was a lie, a distraction, anything but something she could believe in or allow.

But somehow their mouths were close, and her heart was beating frantically against her chest, pushing her even closer to him. With his mouth a whisper from hers, her body completely warm for the first time since she’d woken up in the Shaw house this morning, he didn’t press his mouth to hers. He shook his head.

I can’t do this with you.” But he didn’t back away, and when his eyes searched her face, they didn’t seem to mean that at all.

But here you are,” she managed to croak out, sounding not at all like the cool, unaffected, kick-ass woman she’d like to be. Here she was, letting him swoop in, letting him touch her and affect her. I don’t trust you,” she whispered, because she had to put that between them. She had to remind herself.

Good. I don’t trust myself.”

Why? Why did she feel sorry for him? He had everything, including all the power. But sympathy softened her heart against her will, because the jackass didn’t know himself at all, and that was damn sad.

She’d rather be stupid than sad. She’d rather feel than run away from it. So she did the stupid, feeling thing to do.

She leaned in and pressed her mouth to his.

Rafflecoptor Link: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Title: Outlaw Cowboy
Author: Nicole Helm
Series: Big Sky Cowboys, #2
Pubdate: May 3rd, 2016
ISBN: 9781492621270

Ever since his father's accident, Caleb Shaw vowed he'd mend his wild ways, and he means to keep his word. He’s a changed man. A better man. And he knows he should want absolutely nothing to do with his crazy old life...or the maddening temptation that is Delia Rogers.

Because Delia? Is nothing but trouble.

Delia’s been stealing her sisters away from their violent father ever since she was old enough to fight back. But now with the police on her trail and all her bridges burned, there’s nowhere left to run but back into the arms of the one cowboy she knows she shouldn’t need. Caleb has always been too good for her, no matter how bad he claimed to be. Yet when close quarters turn into something more, Delia and Caleb are forced to decide what really matters: mending their reputations or healing their wary hearts...

Nicole Helm writes down-to-earth contemporary romance specializing in people who don’t live close enough to neighbors for them to be a problem. When she’s not writing, she spends her time dreaming about someday owning a barn. She lives with her husband and two young sons in O’Fallon, Missouri.

Visit Nicole’s website for more down-to-earth contemporary romance!

Buy Links:

Thursday 21 April 2016

Eagle in Exile - Alan Smale

In AD 1218, Praetor Gaius Marcellinus is tasked with conquering North America and turning it into a Roman province. But outside the walls of the great city of Cahokia, his legion is destroyed outright; Marcellinus is the only one spared. In the months and years that follow, Marcellinus comes to see North America as his home and the Cahokians as his kin. He vows to defend these proud people from any threat, Roman or Native.

After successfully repelling an invasion by the fearsome Iroqua tribes, Marcellinus realizes that a weak and fractured North America won’t stand a chance against the returning Roman army. Worse, rival factions from within threaten to tear Cahokia apart just when it needs to be most united and strong. Marcellinus is determined to save the civilization that has come to mean more to him than the empire he once served. But to survive the swords of Roma, he first must avert another Iroqua attack and bring the Cahokia together. Only with the hearts and souls of a nation at his back can Marcellinus hope to know triumph.

My thoughts:
Alternate history, Rome never fell, Rome sure conquered. Rome is a machine. Rome is scary. And now Rome wants America. But as we saw in the last book the 33th Legion was destroyed by the Cahokians. And Gaius, well he brought new things to the people he came to like.

But Rome does not give up that easy.
And then there are the Iroque that are at war with Cahokia.
And then there is the thing we learn at the end, ohhh, intrigues. I can not say more about that, but interesting take.

I should be writing this review, but I really had to go google Cahokia and the mounds. To really get a look at them, since I know so little about the Native Americans along the Mississippi.

Back to fiction then. I really got to know everyone, and liked them. And I am very anti-Rome, we all know what they want. It's an interesting read, how things were, and could have been. yes of course he mixes fact and fiction. This is an alternative history after all. But it makes it fascinating.

The book is about making a life in a new land. New friends. New ways. But also the danger of the past. Hint hint, Rome is coming back.


Paperback, 400 pages
Published March 25th 2016 by Titan Books
Hesperian Trilogy #2
Alternative history
For review

Wednesday 20 April 2016

My perfect mistake - Kelly Siskind

What happens in Aspen is definitely not staying in Aspen. . .

A girls’ trip to Aspen was exactly what Shay needed to forget about her toxic ex-boyfriend. She’s got her girls, pristine slopes for skiing, and hot guys everywhere. Of course, her epic self-rediscovery goes completely to hell when a wild (and deliciously hot) skier knocks Shay on her ass . . . and war is declared. 

Kolton doesn’t know what it is about Shay that makes him lose it. Not just his cool—although she does have an unholy gift for that—but his restraint. When anger gives way to explosive chemistry, they’re both shaken with the intensity of it. But somewhere between lust and hate, Kolton and Shay realize they could have something real . . . if they don’t kill each other first. 

My thoughts:
These two really love to hate each other. They truly rub each other the wrong way...*coughs* and the right way.

Shay is coming out of a relationship with The Dick, and what a dick he was. Asshole! He destroyed her self worth and now she wants to take it back. Btw, I sure wish I could eat like her, she can eat and eat, junkfood after junkfood and not show, sigh, lucky girl.

Kolton owns part of a edgy brand. He has been in a funk and needs a woman, well so his friends say. And Kolton, aww, he was all good, after a while we get to see more of his reasons why he wants things as they are, and srsly, it just made me like him more.

Yup, they love to hate each other. They can not get enough of each other, AND they live on opposite side of the country. They are doomed. Right, we all know they will end up together, but the way there was long, and even when I wanted to hit Shay over the head, I so saw her reasons. It was tricky, I can not say more, but life can  be tricky sometimes.

A slow building romance, but with passion from the start. I enjoyed it.


Kindle Edition, 340 pages
Published April 5th 2016 by Forever Yours
Over the Top #1
Contemporary romance

Tuesday 19 April 2016

Cuff Me - Lauren Layne

Vincent Moretti is one of the NYPD's top homicide detectives-and one of the most eligible bachelors in town. His family, however, thinks he should date his longtime partner, Jill-a sassy, sexy, smart-mouthed blonde who drives him absolutely crazy.

Behind the quiet authority, tough-guy demeanor, and dark aviator glasses lies a man with a big soul-and a hard body that can soften any girl's heart. After years as his coworker, Jill Henley has given up hope that anything could happen between her and Vin. Besides, loving him would break all the rules. But seeing Jill with someone else triggers feelings in Vincent he never knew he had. Now he'll have to stop playing good cop/bad cop-and find a way to convince her to be his partner for life. . . 

My thoughts:
Vin and Jill has been partners for years, and they are both idiots. His family loves her. He obviously has feelings for her, and she for him. But this is the story of two idiots who can not see what is in front of them. And hey, that is the fun part!!

Vin, aww, I did not know how guarded he was at first. But he, awww, he was a sweetie. He so wanted but did not dare.

Jill just wants love and would settle for second best. But I get it and why she went for the nice guy who proposed, but the guy that did not rock her socks off.

The book is about the dance between these two. And there is the murder case they are investigated, made me think of Castle. Not that they are alike but you get the point.

A good romance that takes time. A good mystery to solve. And it did make me want to read more about this family. 

Paperback, 384 pages
Published March 29th 2016 by Forever
New York's Finest #3
Contemporary romance

Monday 18 April 2016

The Immortal Throne - Stella Gemmell

The emperor is dead…long live the emperor! 
The fervent hope of the victorious rebels and the survivors of the uprising that liberated the City from tyranny is that the accession of Archange to the imperial throne will usher in a new era of freedom, peace and stability. If only that were so... 
As the the City struggles to return to something resembling normal life after the devastation brought on by the rebellion, word arises of a massive army gathering to the north. No one knows where it has come from or who leads it, but it soon becomes apparent that its sole purpose is to destroy the City and annihilate all - man, woman and child - who live within its battered walls. And while warriors go forth to fight and die on the battlefield in defence of their homeland and all that they believe in, bitter family feuds and ancient rivalries, political and personal betrayals, and mindless murder surface within the palaces and corridors of power: it seems the City is under siege - from both without and within . . . 
With this new novel, Stella Gemmell brings the astonishing story of the City to a spectacular climax and confirms her place as a master of the genre.

My thoughts:
Just amazing. This was great fantasy, beautifully written and what a tale it told. I read like 80% in one day, I could not put it down. I was immersed in it.

In the last book the Emperor was killed and the aftermath left the City weak. This is a messed up place and I like it for that. They are fighting on many fronts and they are sending out every man and woman they can. Which in turn is stupid because their numbers are dwindling. It's a City on its last legs. Constant warfare, a blockade at sea. And Immortals fighting among themselves.

My favorite POV was Rubin, a son of the 7 families, spy, loyal to Marcellus, and sent on missions that will probably get him killed. He still had hope, I liked him for that.

Then there was Em and Evan. The orphan and the soldier. She had something others wanted, and he was loyal to the bone. And yes so many others. Valla who becomes a bodyguard. Members of the 7 families; the Immortals. All playing their part in defending the city, and the city's destruction. 

The book is really about the City and those who live there, and I also found out why they live there. Why it was created and at the end, was this the end? Yes, everything fell into place *coughs* in one way or another. But the aftermath, there are still stories to tell, and I would love to read more, but I am happy with the ending I got.  Still, I need more. Gemmell is a great writer.

It was masterfully crafted. And a tale I could not stop reading. I recommend it, but you really should read The City first. Lots happened in that one. This is fantasy after all and they should both be enjoyed.

Did I mention that it was great!? It was great. 


Hardcover, 576 pages
Published March 24th 2016 by Bantam Press
The City #2
For review

Sunday 17 April 2016

Joint Discussion: Dawn of War - Tim Marquitz

This month Carole and I will be discussing "Dawn of War" by Tim Marquitz

Author: Tim Marquitz
Title: Dawn of War (The Blood War #1)
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: ebook
First Published: July 2011
Where I Got It: My shelf (Amazon Freebie)

For hundreds of years, the bestial Grol have clawed at the walls of Lathah without success. Now armed with O'hra, mystical weapons of great power, they have returned, to conquer.

Witness to the Grol advance, Arrin can abide his exile no longer. He returns to Lathah, in defiance of death, with hopes to save his beloved princess and the child born of their illicit affair. He finds her unwilling to abandon her people. At her behest, Arrin searches for a sanctuary for them only to be confronted by the Sha'ree, a powerful race long thought gone from the world. Through them, he learns it is not just the Grol that threaten the land.

Empowered by a magic never before seen, the savage nations spread chaos and ruin across the realm. With Lathah under siege, and the world on the brink of cataclysmic war, Arrin must strike a deal with the Sha'ree to take the fight to the Grol, or forever lose his one true love: his family. 

B: We do have the worst luck, it would be one thing if I loved, you hated, but we sure have picked many meh ones...though waiting your judgment now…

C: did not hate it. I am so happy I didn’t hate it!!! However…….it didn’t shock and amaze me. It was simply….okay-ish

B: Omg whaaat. Well ok that still proves my point ;) We can’t pick good or amazing ones, just ok ones. Oh poor us. But let’s get to the book then.

C:Lets….so…..where shall we begin?

B: Hmmm, honestly I do not have a lot to say. I thought it was  a messy piece of..not goodness *coughs* The world-building lacked. Too many races of cats, wolves, blah blah blah. Too many people I can not remember. The only guy I remember was the one who got a princess preggers, oh and some guy who had some kind of artifact. I only remember that he had something, his whole story I skimmed

C: Ugh. I have to agree. It was a bloody messy. Too much going on. I was honestly confused on who was on whose side. Who was who. I honestly wanted to just focus on Arran (or however you spell it) and that princess he knocked up X amount ago. I think it would have been WAY better if we just focused on his story and his exile and whatnot.

B: I agree, I did feel it was ok at first when we read about him, and I would love to have had more of a shocking reunion, and them finding their kid or something. But then, then came the boring guys, then came the cat people, then came whoever was fighting the cats. Then came the Uberwolves who did not like the lesser wolves and I was all wtf is going on? And then it went downhill for me. It really took away from that feeling I had first when it actually was good and then only ok, but then blerhhggg.

C: Yes, yes. Maybe the next book will be better and more focused. I think the author tried too hard to do world-building, which ended up in making me confused about the world. The beginning had me intrigued, but like you when the rest of the peeps showed up I was meh about it. However, I can see potential if the author calms down. LOL

B: I sure hopes he calms down, and not that the people attaching the cats are in fact eagles or something like that and then they all venture to  find the horses….

C: Gah. Just so much. But speaking of those eagle people, I was really grossed out that they hang their dead people up in the trees so “their spirits can fly” or whatever. Just….yuck. All I could imagine was a line of trees with nasty rotting dead bodies looking at me. 0_0

B: Lol. *me trailing through the woods* Damn, not another leg hitting me in the head* This forest sucks! Ok, let me think, ….what did you think of the evil prince? He was so overly evil for no reason, and not really evil at all. What a loser.

C: Yeah. I didn’t get why he was so evil and a total ahole. I didn’t get why they wouldn’t let the princess and that Arran guy be together. It’s not like they married that chick off to some king. They married her off to a congressman or something another. No one really, super special. SO who cares if she gets with their top warrior dude? Seriously!!!!

B: I am still confused about the world, so who could she have married? A cat, wolf, those hippie people`? But yes at least some Duke from the city, also confused about that country and if it was a city and nothing else. Big alliance there. Sheesh, at least Arran could have kept you all safe, but whatever let her marry someone else who seems to be a nobody. Oh and why is the king in a weird coma still?

C: I have no idea about what was up with the King. They mentioned it like once and didn’t elaborate. Maybe it's in the next book? Or he’s just old and has Alzheimer's or something. No idea. But nothing made sense. However, I must admit the war scene at the end entertained me a little bit. LOL That was the only thing that made sense to me war and death. xD

B: I seriously can not even remember the end...I had spaced out by then and was all, I am SO over this book. Can’t it just end. Can’t everyone just die? The only thing that intrigued me a bit were those uberwolves who was all, these lesser wolves sucks ass, but now we are scared of them.

C: It was kinda funny how they scoffed at them one minute and then realized they were kinda scary and they should be scared of them. But yeah, the war scene at the end literally lasted like 10 pages roughly. I just wanted more Arran!! He was dumb sometimes and his loyalty to that stupid kingdom annoyed me, but I liked him and wanted to know more about him. 

B: Ok I remember. Lame. I hate wars that are over in a second, give me blood, give me gore, and a red sun rises. Awww waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!!!!!!!!!!!!! That city fell in second, that country before fell in like hours from what I remember. The people are really bad at their jobs, even if the wolves have magic.

C: They were fools. I’m glad the city fell. I hope one of those goul things ate that prince guy. 

B: I shall not trust you, you are exiled. Oh man, hold a grudge much? And why have you not gotten some lady preggers yet. Silly prince. Maybe he lost his privates in a fight or something.

C: Or maybe he was in love with Arran. And he was poed that Arran likes his sister. HAHAHA. 

B: Oh shit, you made me snort! Bf thought I was crazy cos I was talking at him and writing and then snort. But yes that would actually make sense, I KNOW it’s not like that, but in my mind that sure spices things up.

C: Hahaha we are too funny. BF thinks I’m a nut because I keep laughing. But yesssss that would make it interesting. Sooooo anything else to add? I know that it was not the best, but some parts entertained me. I’m glad I didn’t hate it like I thought I would after the first boring part popped up.

B: I am still thinking about the prince and feeling sorry for him now since he is madly in lust with Arran. Poor guy, for 15 years he has suffered and thought of his beloved Arran and then Arran comes back and is all where is she? Poor prince, his hope died that night...ok yes I am done now ;) It had ok parts, but was too messy for my taste and I totally skimmed all other parts than Arran’s. I would not read more.

C: Sadly, same here. I do want to know if Arran ends up with the princess or….maybe the prince *waggles eyebrows*. XD XD

B: *snort* He will definitely end up with the princess...or the cat lady? But I think princess cos her hubby dies, they find their kid and the prince dies and she becomes Queen and then they live happily ever after.

C: Sounds about right sadly. BOOOO! The end?

B: The end. And next we will by THE GODS read that YA book and by LOKI it must be good or I will go mad.

C: Eekkkkkk excited. *fingers crossed*


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