Wednesday 29 November 2023

Audio: Hooked on you by Kate Meader

By: Kate Meader

Narrated by: Pippa Jayne

Series: Chicago Rebels, Book 4

Length: 9 hrs and 41 mins

Release date: 11-21-23

Publisher: Tantor Audio

Contemporary romance /to review

The third sister finds love in this one. But she has a harder time. She has gotten closer with her half sister, but she is still in her soul an outsider that does not know much about hockey. She is a cancer survivor, and she is still finding her way.

Bren St.James has had a rough time. A divorce. Trying to overcome his alcoholism. And doing his best for his team.

They have this constant banter and annoy each other. But then Bren needs help and Violet steps up to help him care for his two kids while he is doing his best to win the Cup and make the Rebels great.

They get closer, but there is some drama in the background. Like her having had this plan of selling her part of the team and leaving. And him hiding some secrets of how bad his drinking problem was.

But hey it is a romance. They get hot and heavy and find their HEA.

Good story. Truly a book about these two.

Nice narration. Both characters have accents that sets them apart from the rest. You always know where you have them

Violet Vasquez never met her biological father, so learning he left his beloved hockey franchise — the Chicago Rebels — to her is, well, unexpected. Flat broke and close to homeless, Violet is determined to make the most of this sudden opportunity. Except dear old dad set conditions that require she takes part in actually running the team with the half-sisters she barely knows. Working with these two strangers and overseeing a band of hockey-playing lugs is not on her agenda… until she lays eyes on the Rebels captain and knows she has to have him.

Bren St. James has been labeled a lot of things: the Puck Prince, Lord of the Ice, Hell’s Highlander... but it’s the latest tag that’s making headlines: washed-up alcoholic has-been. This season, getting his life back on track and winning the Cup are his only goals. With no time for relationships — except the fractured ones he needs to rebuild with his beautiful daughters — he’s finding it increasingly hard to ignore sexy, all-up-in-his-beard Violet Vasquez. And when he finds himself in need of a nanny just as the playoffs are starting, he’s faced with a temptation he could so easily get hooked on.

For two lost souls, there’s more on the line than just making the best of a bad situation… there might also be a shot at the biggest prize of all: love.

Tuesday 28 November 2023




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11/28/2023 Which books are you looking forward to reading this Winter? (Dec-Feb)

Ack. This  question again. You all know I have no idea what comes out when. And if something comes out I will wait for the PB

12/5/2023 If you were stranded on a desert island which book would you want with you? 

12/12/2023 What were your favourite games/toys when you were a kid?

12/19/2023 Which phone apps can't you live without?

12/26/2023 What are your favorite books/audiobooks that you read in 2023? 

Tell Me Something Tuesday is a weekly discussion post where bloggers discuss a wide range of topics from books and blogging to life in general. Weigh in and join the conversation by adding your thoughts in the comments. If you want to do your own post, grab the question and answer it on your blog. Feel free to leave your links in the comments if you are participating.

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Monday 27 November 2023

Carole's Monday. Napoleon

Title: Napoleon
Length: 2h 49m
Released: 2023
Genre:  Historical Fiction, Action/Adventure, Biography
Rating: R
Where I Got It: Theater 

An epic that details the checkered rise and fall of French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and his relentless journey to power through the prism of his addictive, volatile relationship with his wife, Josephine.

The moment I first saw the trailer I KNEW I had to see this in theaters. There was no other option for me. The cast....the director....the subject matter? Yes. 

This is about the infamous Napoleon Bonaparte. We get to witness his rise and fall politically and with Josephine. While he conquered the world....Josephine conquered his every waking thought. 

The reviews of this are SO polarized. Which is fitting for Napoleon. In his life and even today he is either loved or hated. Makes sense the film would settle in the hearts of people differently. 

Personally....I ended up LOVING this movie. It was really good. I will admit that it was a slow, slow burn...........but it oddly fit. I loved watching the tension rise and rise until everything shattered at the Battle of Waterloo. Damn, that was a scene. 

The cast was brilliant and I loved watching them. I honestly couldn't take my eyes off Napoleon and Josephine. They were captivating in their portrayals and if they don't win SOMETHING I would be utterly shocked.

Lots and lots of people are mad since there were some liberties taken like the first scene with Marie Antoinette. Many claim Napoleon was not there. we know 100% for sure? Who knows. And yes I could spot a couple of historical inaccuracies but you have to take Hollywood historicals with a grain of salt. The creators will change things and for lack of a better phrase...butter up the screen. Now there is a fine, fine line to be careful of and I found that they did a good job on that line. Historically accurate enough for History Nerds like me to enjoy it, but still have it be entertaining enough for people like my husband who is meh about history. *chefs kiss* Very nice. 

But yesssssss I loved it. It was good. I wouldn't mind a re-watch one day. I think it's going on the Apple Streaming Service (boo), so I may have to buy it on DVD one day. 

5 stars for sure. I for sure recommend this BUT be warned that there is a lot of blood. It is a war film at the end of the day.

Wednesday 22 November 2023

Audio: Born to be badger by Shelly Laurenston

Book 5 in the Honey Badger Chronicles series

Author Shelly Laurenston

Narrated by Charlotte Kane

Publication date Nov 28, 2023 by Tantor Audio

Running time 11 hrs

Paranormal romance /to review

There is one way to describe this book: Crazy.

This is not a series you jump into. Even I had to keep my wits around me when it comes to this one because the action is non stop. The craziness never calms down. There are so many freaking badgers around.

You really have to read them to get them. It is a shifter world. Honey badgers are bad ass mofos. They never back down, they never die. And they all seem to be insane

Tock gets involved in some craziness together with her friends. She meets a hot tiger named Shay (but, yes that takes a long time to evolve into something.) Timewise no, but book length yes. So no real romance before the end when they get hot and heavy.

Danger, fights, food and lots of shifters and you have this book. It is a crazy ride. And at the end, well the next one will be intense

Good audio. She kept up the crazy pace in a good way

Emily "Tock" Meyerson-Jackson is on a mission to rid the world of shifters trafficking humans for hunting and cash. And now that she's narrowed down her suspects to a brutal coalition of male lions, nothing will get between this honey badger and her prey—not even a dog-loving Tiger with absolutely no time management skills. Doesn't matter that Shay Malone is ferociously adorable. With a war brewing between cat families, Tock doesn't have time to lounge around with a football-playing tiger shifter. But when she realizes the coalition is also responsible for the death of Shay's father, she's forced to partner up with the flirtatious feline . . .

Revenge is most definitely on the menu for Shay and his tiger shifter brothers. But when it comes to Shay's alluring partner in crime-solving, so is seduction. Tock might be a bad ass of a honey badger, but she's awfully cute when she's flashing her fangs, which she's pretty much doing all the time these days. Good thing revenge is a dish best served hot. Because when it comes to Tock, Shay knows just how to turn up the heat . . .


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