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Review: Breach of Trust - Kimber Chin

Breach of Trust by Kimber Chin

Published: 2008
Pages: 258
Genre: Contemporary romance

When a business secret is shared, can love survive?

When You Play With The Best…
For years, Anne James has played a dangerous game, secretly manipulating venture capitalist Philippe Lamont into financing her clients. She knew there would be a price to pay for her arrogance. That price, she thought, was three months of negotiated torture as his sexy Girl Friday.

…The Stakes Are High
Anne was wrong. In Philippe’s fast paced world of start up investing, the lines between business and personal blur. One misstep, one misplaced confidence, and Anne could lose her heart, her business, and her life.

This is my third story by Kimber Chin, and I enjoyed this one the most. Why, well hard to say, this one was really all business and even if I did not get everything she made me feel like I did understand.

Anne James is the grey mouse that does not want to be in the spotlight. She has been writing business plans for her clients for years and the guy she got to finance is Phillipe Lamont. He has been trying to find out who the mastermind behind those plans are for as long a time but her clients has kept quiet. Then one talks and his eyes are on her. Nobody has ever looked her over, and they have thought she was just an accountant. Well they were wrong and he wants a bit of revenge. He persuades her to work for him for 3 months, and soon they both understand that a simple revenge is never easy as feelings start to play. And everyone is not happy to see her step out on the scene.

The chemistry between those two, oh my, it was electric. And I liked that she had the power too sometimes. First I did not like that he talked about her as a sparrow, but then I grew to like it, because he meant it in a good way. And she was a brown little thing, but there is so much more beneath the surface and he saw it. And this coming from a playboy who chases blonde big breasted women. Anne was sure different from them. She was smart and a force to be reckoned with. She on the other hand knew about his playboy life and she also did not want to let anyone in. But this is a romance so things will happen and I was happy.

This book deals with a lot of business dealings, and the author is a part of that world so she knows what she is talking about, I do not know anything about venture capitalists and things like that. But she does not have it at an impossible level. She knows how to make the reader comfortable but still getting in all the crucial things and it has therefore a different tone than your average romance novel. It feels refreshing.

I have liked each story more than the other, so either she is getting better or I am falling for the style. It's a good thing. There is still things that can be made different in romance, and I also liked the bit of suspense in this one, I can't say anything but there is a sort of mystery that needs to be solved so everyone can be happy. And there is some darkness there too since everyone does not stand quietly and watch Phillipe and Anne.

Of course there are negative things too, she is a bit of a control freak and a bit cold, he rushes to an answer and does not think about with his heart, oh and that he liked the pretty blondes. He is also used to having all the power. But everything can't go smoothly now can they, there needs to be some clashes and these two can clash. They are also very good for each other and I like them as a couple.

It's was interesting read, some good characters, and a good couple. Though there was a confusing part, he spoke some French words now and again, and one I did not get. But that didn't matter in the end.

 This copy was a gift from the author, no obligations


  1. Kimber chin is definitely a new author to me. I shall look this one up.

  2. Sounds really great. Never heard of this author before. Will look her up.
    Wonderful review!

  3. OMG, I love this woman!! Blodeuedd, you are right... She is fantastic! I love all of her books and the short stories that she writes on her site. I love her style of writing. You are right when you say, you don't have to be a party of the business world to understand her tone of the story.
    I absolutely love this woman and her stories!!!
    I urge everyone to go check her out!
    Hope you had a great weekend my friend!!!
    Love to ya!

  4. Vivienne,
    I got lucky to read her first book, and then I got to read two more :) They were ebooks so sure took me awhile but worth the time.

    Cecile loves her, lol. Came across her this summer and got to read her stories. Very fun.

    Lol, yes I know you love her.
    Great comment, you should be her spokesperson ;)

    She has some wonderful stories, and how I enjoyed her little baking story she had going on recently. So sweet.
    Hope you had a great weekend too!

    So yes all listen to Cecile now ;)

  5. I've heard good things about Ms. Chin but haven't read any of her books. Nice review!

  6. Even though these aren't my cup of tea this one sounds pretty good!! Glad you enjoyed it the most!

  7. Even though these aren't my cup of tea this one sounds pretty good!! Glad you enjoyed it the most!

  8. Hi B!

    Kimberly Chin is a new author for me, I've seen her on Cecile's blog and her books sound great! You certainly make it sound great and Cecile loves her books. I've been looking for her books, now I'll have to search doubly hard!

    Dottie :)

  9. Patti,
    Thanks. She writes some cool books, oh and she is really nice too :)

    They can't be for everyone :) I did, dunno why but it was just the best one.

    Oh yes Cecile does love her.
    Her books, now I am unsure, are they out in print too? Hm, well at lest the ebooks could be found at champagne books

  10. I haven't heard of this author, but I like the fact that there's some suspense mixed in with the romance. Straight romance is just not my thing. Not liking the cover, though.

    Diary of an Eccentric

  11. Anna,
    I guess it appeals to the romance part. I like do like heads on covers, and nowadays not many have those.
    But yes a mix is always great

  12. **Blsuhes** Yes,I love this woman's writing! But I am like you Blodeuedd, she writes about the business world, but does not make you feel lost in it. And the humor is hilarious and the passion is awesome!!
    Sorry... =)
    Hope you are having a great day!

  13. Oh yes great passion, and it feels real between her characters. Love humour. And that she does keep us interested and not lost in the business jungle. Suddenly I want to take that class Anne taught.

  14. Not my cup of tea but looks good for fans of the genre!

  15. Alyssa,
    Yes surely a delight for fans of the genre :)

  16. I have been meaning to try this author and now looks like a good time...

    Thanks for this review..


  17. EH,
    Good ides, you can check out which one sounds the best :)



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