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Review: The Darcy Connection - Elizabeth Ashton

The Darcy Connection by Elizabeth Ashton

Genre: Historical romance
Published: 2008
Pages: 304

In The Darcy Connection, Mr. Collins of Pride and Prejudice is now the Bishop of Ripon, living with his wife, Charlotte, and their two daughters, who have reached marriageable age. The elder, another Charlotte, is extraordinarily beautiful, and her parents hope her looks and connections will ensure a brilliant marriage. Her sister, Eliza, while not as handsome, possesses a lively intelligence that, in Mr. Collins's opinion, is too like her godmother, Mrs. Darcy.

In London, Charlotte's beauty wins her many admirers, despite her small fortune. But Eliza's wit and attempts to interfere in what she considers an unsuitable marriage for her sister infuriate her family and Charlotte's suitor -- until Eliza herself meets her match.(fantastic fiction)

This was, well it was a nice read now and again. But mostly I just now and then saw characters I knew, there was the "Mr Wickham" "Mr Darcy" "Lizzy" "Jane" and "Mr Collins. She could have tried more to give them voices of their own and not mould them after Austen figures. Just because it's an Austen sequel does not mean every character have to be the same.

This story is about Mr Collins and Charlotte's daughters, Charlotte and Eliza (that is Jane and Lizzy). Eliza is in love with a neighbour and Charlotte is stunning and will therefore surely catch a good husband so she is sent away to town. And Eliza too because she should get away from the man. And here the story unfolds. Sure some things they do are not like in P&P but I still feel like the characters are borrowed and while reading it I said out loud to my friend who was driving, - Ok "Mr Wickham" just came in and so on.

Still it was a nice story. One sister is careful with her feelings, she is called ice-cold, while Eliza is witty and just like Lizzy. Even her dad says so. There will be guys, everyone likes the ice-cold Charlotte, while Eliza is called provincial (oh yes by our "Mr Darcy"). But of course we all know how that will end. Charlotte was more of a surprised in her love affairs. The author got me there, and I saw something of her mother in her too.

I can't say if Austen fans will enjoy it, I mean it was a short read, romance, some troubles, regency England. I enjoyed that even if there could have been more of things and things could have been better. If I compare it to the only other sequel I have read, Mr Darcy Vampyre, well the latter one is way much better, oh and funnier. But other than that is was funny to read it, and especially because it was Mr Collins daughter I was reading about. Now that was funny.

The author does try to be Austen like, but now, it does not work. She should have found her own voice instead of mimicking. But like I have said before, nice enough, and it took now time at all to read it.


  1. I haven't read either sequel, but I think I would enjoy it just to follow the characters.

  2. Sounds like one I'll be passing on. With so many "Austen" books out there, it doesn't sound like it makes it to the top of the list.

  3. Mr. Collins is one of the more entertaining P&P characters. It would be interesting to see what his daughter is like.

    Diary of an Eccentric

  4. DC,
    You should go for Mr Darcy Vampyre, that one was a hoot ;)
    And yes that is why I like to read them, well ok 2, but still to find out what happened next.

    Nope, there are better ones. This one was just fun cos it was Mr Collins daughters. haha

    I would have liked Mr Collins to have some room in this one too, sadly not. But at least we got to see his Daughters. How one turned out a stunning beauty and the other one like Lizzy I do not know

  5. Thanks for your insights on this one and your honesty. I think I will pass on this one!

  6. Staci,
    Perhaps, though if you come across it in the library then do borrow it, that is what looting is for ;)

  7. Great review. I think I might skip this one, though. It jsut sounds okay when I have so many good books sitting on my shelf and on my To get list :) LOL!

  8. I've seen so many of these Austen books. I need to check one out.

  9. I will duck my head and say that I have never read Jane Austin's work... but I respect your words about this book. What I do not understand is why would try to be like another author. Okay, it is a sequel, but like you said... it does not have to be the exact thing... Change it up!
    Thanks for the insight Blodeuedd! Hope you had a great "Cuddly" night!

  10. Krista,
    Yeah I know, those just ok books are good, but well my TBR are huge and some goes first.

    Check out a fun one :D Like teh vampyre one, that one was just crazy lol

    Oh I have only read P&P, and honestly *hides and whispers* I prefer the movies ;)
    Thanks Cecile, it was a nice cuddly night, so much better to be indoors where it's warm and nice
    Have a great weekend!

  11. I think I'll stick to Mr. Darcy as the vampire. It's got more bite! I know, bad pun.

  12. Alyssa,
    Haha, good one. Oh yes Mr Darcy vampyre was so cool

  13. Mr. Collins daughter alone makes it worth a try. Thanks B!

  14. I've read several reviews for this book, and while the author is supposed to be Austen-like, I agree about finding her own voice. (I read this review on Goodreads)

    Dottie :)

  15. Jenny,
    My thought exactly, how would Mr Collins daughters turn out. I had to know

    She could have, but well still a fun little book. I had such a giggle when I picked it up


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