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Review: The last Honest Woman - Nora Roberts

The last Honest Woman by Nora Roberts

Genre: Contemporary romance
Pages: 251
Published: 1988

What was she hiding? When Dylan Crosby came to grill Abigail O'Hurley Rockwell about her infamous late husband, he expected cool white mink, icy diamonds. What he got was dusty dungarees and womanly warmth. Why would socialite Abby pretend to be a hardworking country mom? Worse, why did he believe her loving lies? (Good Reads)

I put this book up on bookmooch, someone wanted it and suddenly I quickly had to read it. It wasn't anywhere near the top of my TBR pile (not even in the same house actually), but it's not like I could ever part with a book I hadn't at least tried to read.

It was an easy and sometimes sweet read. But I did get annoyed at Abby now and again. Yes she wanted to portrait her husband in a good way, and therefore she tried to lie to the writer who was writing her late husbands biography. But why keep it up when he knew she was lying and not to mention when he thought the worst of her. Some things I can understand why she wanted to keep hidden but others made no sense since they really had nothing to do with the bottom line of things.

And Dylan was kind of an ass too, he thought the worst of her, well do your background check and stop judging people from some photos from the past. he is supposed to write this great biographies but he only thinks the worst of people. How is that a good way to start?

So we have two idiots that drove me crazy now and again. And then her famous siblings showed up, it seems they have books of their own too. Not that I got that interested in reading them.

Ok I did not hate the book even if it may seem like that. It was a sweet lovestory, it's just that the man characters were real stubborn. But I read the sweet parts, and I got the true story behind her marriage. That made a good story.

And her kids were adorable, almost the best part of the book, at least the best people of the book. They made up for idiotic adults.

It was an ok book, not bad, and not good. An easy book to read, I did not have to think much and it sure took no time at all to read it.


  1. This sounds like most of Robert's books...idiotic main characters - yet lovable, quick reads

  2. I had no idea that Roberts wrote some books for Silouhette! Glad you got it read before you mailed it out!!

  3. This made me giggle: "So we have two idiots that drove me crazy now and again." :) La Nora has sure written a lot of books. I'd never heard of this one.

  4. I am so glad that I stumbled across this site... I am a huge Nora Robert's fan! Love that she writes books that would appeal to most women. I can't wait to read this book, but not until I finish the book I am reading... "Mystic in a Minivan" by Kristen White. What a book! Kristen also has a way of writing just for women.

  5. Sounds okay. I never read any books of Nora before, but I think i'm going to pass on this one.
    Thanks for the great and honest review. :)

  6. Parajunkee,
    Lol, good line, i guess I now know what Roberts is about.

    I think she wrote for whoever, but then harlequin must have asked to use her trilogy or something...not sure. It did say something somewhere.

    Hehe, well they were idiots ;)
    Yeah, and this was my first one ever. She did not impress me.

    Gotta love idiots.

    Hi :D happy to see a new face.
    Hm I must check out White, and see what she is all about. I do like finding new authors.

    The title said honest so have to follow the title. But yes i am sure she has better ones

  7. I haven't read any books by this author, and I'm not sure they're my cup of tea. However, mindless reading is necessary once in a while, and I'm glad you were able to have a relaxing read despite the idiotic characters.

    Diary of an Eccentric

  8. Love this honest review - this is why I started interacting with other bloggers!

    Stubborn H/H make me crazy too.

  9. I never read a book by Nora Roberts and I have to say I think I never will. All her books sound exactly like you said in this review.
    Made me laugh a little!

  10. Anna,
    very true, now and again I fine myself in a dire need of mindless reading. And it was an easy ride even if they were idiots.

    Lol, yes gotta have that. I am sure others do love the book, but for me it was just not my cup of tea.
    Oh they are the worst sometimes.

    Hehe, really, so I hit Roberts right on the spot it seems. Well then I guess in teh future I can say I have read one and that is enough

  11. I haven't read any of her books either... I'm not really sure I would like them. I think I might skip this title for now. Thanks for the wonderful and honest review :)

  12. Oh, and I don't know if you seen my reply to your comment on my blog, but I love the new picture :)

  13. I hope you like White as much as I did. I look forward to reading some of your future posts!

  14. Krista,
    I gotta tell it how I feel.
    Glad you enjoyed it.
    Thanks, I wanted a change to I slaved over this one on gimp, I am not very good. And yes I might have had some help from my bf over a silly little pic, hrmpf.

    Thanks :)
    btw do you have a blog? I could not see one

  15. At least you got a chance to read it before you had to mail it off.

  16. Well, it looks like you at least liked the kids! Not every book can be a winner, I guess ;-)

  17. Well, it looks like you at least liked the kids! Not every book can be a winner, I guess ;-)

  18. Carol,
    True, it was good, and i could not part with an unread book.

    The kids were some of the cutest this year, and that is saying something. The adults, well we are all stupid now and again

  19. I do have a little blog on blogspot, but I am a little shy about posting it, so I have it set to 'private' so that only I can access it. It is sort of like my private little diary :). Maybe one day I will get brave and open it up for all to see.

  20. Becky,
    I do understand that :) We all need a private little diary. This one, well I just talk about books and nothing personal


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