Thursday 17 December 2009

Review: Paradise Rules - Beth Kery

This comes from an idea Parajunkee @ Parajunkees View had. So I too will put up a little warning sign. And look, now and went and found a sparkling one, lol. So people know, and hey perhaps some will come over faster ;)

Paradise Rules by Beth Kery

Genre: Romance
Pages: 336
Published: October 2009

She didn’t believe in paradise…

To most people Hawaii’s crystal blue shores are an inviting opportunity to escape reality. But for Lana Rodriguez who grew up there, the picture-perfect vacation getaway disguises the bitter truths she escaped years ago, and not without some emotional scars. Now a successful blues singer, Lana’s returning to Waikiki with a different outlook on the past, and a bold defiance when it comes to men, romance, and sex. This time, it’s on her terms.

Until she found it in him.

Local celebrity, businessman and island god, Jason Koa, may be every woman’s dream. For Lana, it’s not exactly love at first sight. Though their start is rocky, they can’t deny the passions they arouse in each other. Jason refuses to become Lana’s pawn. It’s time to show her who makes the rules on this island—and in the bedroom. But will Jason’s attempt at breaking Lana’s shell reveal secrets that neither are prepared to face, or will they allow themselves to get swept away by a tidal wave of desire?

Oh, oh, what can I say other than my fingers burned cos of this book. Yes it is one of those books that puts fire to the room. Very hot, scorching.

These two dislike at first sight, but at the same time there is lust at first sight. And that will soon lead to some hot Hawaiian nights. Jason wants her to let loose. She seems too rigid, uptight, and bitchy now and again. This surely comes from the fact that she hates the Islands. Why, well we will learn that later but it is pretty obvious that she is hiding some deep secrets. And he, well he does come off like somewhat arrogant but hey it is still smoking between those two and he clearly wants to be in control.

Here is a lovestory that does not want to be a lovestory. He does not need some non-Islander looking for a fling coming in and trying something, she just wants sex. But then things are never that simple, the attraction is clear and something else is sizzling underneath too.

And while those too are working things out, something else will happen too, that might drive them apart, and what about that haunting past?

Ok hot is the word of the day, yes very hot. I will never look at Hawaii the same way after this. Jason is a true alpha, dominant and controlling, and gorgeous. Lana let go of some control and finds that she likes it. He is also nice, and he who can talk about his childhood tries to get her to talk about it. He wants to fix things, and I melt away there. He has fallen. Great romance between two very different people in a way, and there is one thing at the end that I like and find really sad. But you just have to look for that yourself.

I like Kery's style, it is easy flowing and the pages moves fast forward, and never gets stuck anywhere.

Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: Very nice, and I so wanna go there at once.
Reason for Reading: Own copy
Final thoughts: If you are looking for a hot read then this is it.


  1. I know a friend that will want to get her hands on this "hot" book. I'm loving that explicit sparkling sign!!!

  2. Oh Yay! I was out Christmas shopping yesterday and bought this for myself, LOL! Looks like I made a good choice ;)

  3. I so want this one. Sounds so good.
    Yummy alpha male and an island. *sigh*
    I should really stop reading blogs till Xmas. I won't stand a chance with my book diet this way.
    Great review hon!

  4. Staci,
    Lol, I was googling the sign and then I found the sparkling one and had to get it.
    Oh I am sure she will find it hot enough.

    Hehe, if you want the book going up into flames then yes good choice ;)

    Lol, pretty hard to stay away but yes books keep popping up everywhere and I keep going want, want, want!

  5. Brilliant for a cold winters day. Thanks for sharing this with me and a lovely weekend to you.
    Warmest regards,

  6. Simone,
    Indeed a good book for these cold winter days. Sure makes me wish for summer

  7. They're calling for lots of snow this weekend where I live. This book looks like the perfect antedote to all the snow shoveling I will be doing!

  8. DC
    I do think so, better to dream away to Hawaii when there is too much snow outside

  9. I think it's about time for me to read another "hot" romance. This one sounds good.

  10. Carol,
    Oh it was hot hot, and then some more

  11. Sounds like just the book for me :)
    Thanks for your wonderful review!

  12. Janna,
    Lol, I do think just might be the book for you ;)

  13. Hi B!

    Beth sure can write a hot story, lol!

    I love a good romance, and this one has it all, alpha male, strong heroine, and a good love story.

    Thanks for another great review!

    Dottie :)

  14. Hi Dottie,
    Oh yes she serves up one hot story!
    I am glad I finally got to take a closer look at her books.
    Thanks D



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