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Review: Seducing a Scottish bride - Sue-Ellen Welfonder

Seducing a Scottish Bride by Sue-Ellen Welfonder

Genre: Historical Romance Paranormal
Pages: 400
Published: March 2009

Gelis MacKenzie is one of the most desirable heiresses in all the Western Highlands. She is the youngest and much adored daughter of the indomitable Black Stag of Kintail, Duncan MacKenzie. 

But now Duncan has received an offer for Gelis's hand in marriage that he is honor-bound to accept-and it comes from the worst possible quarter. The suitor, Ronan MacRuari of Castle Dare, is the last man Duncan MacKenzie would wish for a son-in-law. Known as the Raven, Ronan is the scion of a dark clan that has been marked by a deadly curse. Ronan and Gelis are instantly attracted to one another, but they are immediately estranged. Ronan's last two wives have died abruptly and he doesn't want to see his vivacious newly-wed Gelis suffer the same fate, so he distances himself from her as much as possible. In the meantime, Ronan searches for the Raven Stone, a fabled treasure that he believes holds the power of the curse over his clan. But Gelis has fallen in love with her new husband, and she's determined to help him. Though Ronan doesn't know it, Gelis also has the gift of second-sight, and she has seen a future in which she is destined to help redeem her cursed husband.

First I do must say that the title is rather incorrect, it should more be Seducing a Scottish groom, because Ronan tried everything not to seduce her, and she on the other hand tries everything to seduce him.

I do love Scotland, and who doesn't love Scots who do not wear anything under that plaid. How they got anything done is beyond me. But ok enough with what they wear.

Ronan is dark and brooding, he has lost 2 wives and the castle and grounds are a dangerous place since there is a ancient curse over the family. I did think just like Gelis here, curse, tsk, but then it kind of changed. No there is a curse, there is magic and druids and power therefore the paranormal in the genre category too. Because else I do not know how to describe a mist snake and bull with red eyes. There is true magic here, but then the Highlands have always been enchanted.

Gelis is strong spirited, she has the sight, and the sees a raven, when she then hears she is bound to marry Ronan MacRuari she welcomes the idea, even if her father does not. She goes to the dark castle with open arms. Of course Ronan wants nothing to do with her, he is afraid of her dying, and she, well she knwo they are meant to be.

There is magic in the air, and foul play, and she tries her best and seducing him. She sure knows whats she wants and is not afraid to take it. Though someone who wants some hot romance soon must wait, and wait, and wait, the first kiss comes way into the second half of the book. But I do not mind it. It is keeping with character, even is the passion is sizzling underneath and he seems to be obsessed with her hair.

The language is pretty easy flowing, but there is something that could bother people, and which has me wondering sometimes. It is not that they like to say Scottish words, no, it is the spelling of Scottish as they said it with a Scottish accent.

A cute romance with two strong characters, some kilts, and some magic.

Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: I am not saying no to a kilt ;)
Reason for reading: My own book
Final thoughts. A nice little romance


  1. I don't tend to read many Scottish romances, but I really give them a try.

    I have an award for you, by the way.

  2. I've got this on my TBR, I wanted to read some of the previous stories first though. Nice review - too bad about the phoenic spelling, that drives me nuts!

  3. Aww thank you Carol :D
    You are so sweet. Heading over now

    I just dived right in, I am glad you didn't really need to know anything. Really should check what the rest are about

  4. Looks like a great read. I love all things Scottish.

  5. Hey B:

    Nice review as always. This story sounds like an enjoyable read. I do like the cover art!! LOL about the kilt.

    Thanks for sharing, I hope you have a great weekend.


  6. Justpeachy,
    Aye, Scotland is a bonny land :)
    Gotta love it.

    Such pretty cover art, sure his face would have been nice but hey I can stare at his butt too ;)
    Have a great weekend too!

  7. I do love the book cover - nice colours - it goes well together. Sounds like a good romantic read. Had to laugh at your 'and who doesn't love the Scots who do not wear anything under that plaid...' Now there's a thought to ponder! :)

  8. You give me so many great book ideas for my mother!

    I'll never forget the old woman who told me they wear nothing under those kilts. She must've been 70-something and I was about 10. I was so embarrassed. LOL

    Diary of an Eccentric

  9. Sassy,
    Lol, I am glad I made you smile, that is what i am here for.
    But yes a good romantic read, with a lovely cover that sure helps me appreciate the book

    Haha, oh I would have died on the spot. Too bad they do wear things underneath now, hehe, nah, poor men, I would haev frozen to death

  10. LOL, Sweetie,

    ((((I do love Scotland, and who doesn't love Scots who do not wear anything under that plaid. How they got anything done is beyond me. But ok enough with what they wear.)))

    This is all I had to read to know I want to buy this book! I'm getting me shoes on now! ;-)

    Happy holidays!

  11. Hi Hawk
    Lol, oh I am a sucker for Scots, and kilts. I mean the accent will melt me into a puddle, even if it is a 80 year old man ;)

  12. I love these romances, I love this genre, and I love kilts LOL Great review!

  13. Marissa
    Aye it be a great genre, hm not so good with that Scottish or old English, lol

  14. It's definitely hard to write accents, brogues, and have it sound a certain way to the reader's ear. I haven't read this author before, but it sounds like a story that I would love. I love the Scottish highlanders, kilts and all (p.s. - did you know they're bare under there?) LOL Another to add to my impossible list!

    Dottie :)

  15. My Dottie, you are sure going through all reviews here :D I can hardly keep up with you.

    Mmm what is not to love about the highlands, kilts, accents, they all make me melt.
    Hihi, gotta get bf to wear a kilt ;)

  16. Oh B!

    Now that sounds interesting...think I could talk the hubs into trying one on???

    HaHa! I could just see his eyes bulge!

    Dottie :)

  17. Haha,
    Do try, bf do know I want him too, and he did say yes once ;)

  18. That's funny about the Kilt, Dottie and Blodeuedd! My hubby actually did a make shift kilt one time for me. It was very funny and I have pictures. The last time he hung a shelf in my library, he went downstairs for a few minutes and came back upstairs with one of our plaid throw blankets wrapped around his waist so that it mimicked a kilt! He does try to please me sometimes and I do love him for that! It's those little things...

  19. Awwww that is the sweetest thing ever. What a guy, hold on to that one :D A true keeper, but then you know this and have for a long time.

    Hm, maybe I should give some hints to my bf after this

  20. I know! What it is about men in kilts???? LOVE THEM.

    I try this one anyway because I can ususally get past the Scottish accent written into dialogue anyway. Thankd for the good review Linda!

  21. Jenny
    They are just great! Wish i lived there in those days ;)
    It was not everywhere, and it was old language there too, so should be no prob at all :)



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