Sunday 27 June 2010


I have been away celebrating Midsummer this weekend, oh and most importantly bf's 30th birthday, congrats cutie!

Pics removed...

Since I did this thing for Easter I will make a post about Midsummer too. First there is Midsummer Eve (on a Friday) everything closed and it's a holiday. And then Midsummer Day on Saturday and the day after on Sunday.

We always put up small birch trees by the door (I had to choose this pic, look at it, freaky.) This to welcome people.

Many people have a summer home or know someone so they go out to the archipelago or a lake to celebrate there.

You eat, drink and have fun. One thing that is common to eat is the year's first potatoes.

This goes on for a while cos this is Midsummer, it is light outside all night here.

There are many traditions with love, and finding love. One is to go out at night, and pick 7 different flowers, speak to no one and put those flowers under your pillow. And that night you will dream about the man you are meant to be with. Depending on where you live there are different ways to do it, climb 7 fences too, pick 9 flowers, pick 5, put 7 stones in a ring etc.

Midsummer fires are popular, but that is more a Finnish thing. Just as the Maypole thing is a Swedish thing so we are caught in the middle, and here we had neither.

Truth be told this is the real Midsummer ;)

In Theory                                     In reality, lol


  1. wow the birch tree pic is crazy! is that your own tree?

  2. That's cool. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow, your Midsummer sounds so cool! And that birch tree is totally special, it's creepy how much like a woman it looks.... Great pic, really. Thanks for sharing!

  4. That birch tree is amazing. It looks like a woman (if we're going to venture into mythology - a dryad, a nymph of the woods).

    Lovely photos all around (especially of the sun and water).

  5. Hi B!

    I guess since no one here celebrates the summer solstices or a midsummer holiday which is too cool btw, wish we did something like that here, the 4th of July is our summer celebration. Most take it as a very serious celebration, Independence Day (even named a movie after it). There are parades, fireworks, barbecues, and other assorted family, friends, and community get togethers. We usually spend it out of town, away from the fray, except this year. The kids are in the local parade. So, I'll be hanging around watching the fireworks and vacationing sometime after that. Have a great time sweetie! It sounds like a lot of fun!

    ((hugs and have a wonderful holiday [happy b-day to your bf]))

    Dottie :)

  6. Carrie
    Sadly not, if I had found a tree like that, wow..but we do have one tree with a butt and boobs in our yard.

    I am glad you enjoyed it.

    I just saw it, and had to show it. Such a cool tree, and very fitting for this holiday

    You are right, if there ever was a dryad or nymph that would be it. We can always pretend that is what it was :)

  7. Hi Dottie
    I thought you might enjoy this :)

    4th of July sounds like a good holiday for sure (I always did like a barbecue.) We did have one now too, some meat, and the bfs' dad smoked a salmon..if one says it like that.)

    I have seen the parades on tv, we do not have anything like that here, not at all. Well those May 1st parade, but that is so different, and a totally different meaning.

    I hope you will have a great time then!

  8. That last picture tells the truth about Finnish midsummer celebrations. I personally don't like Midsummer celebration, I just think that most people use it as an excuse to get drunk. The only reason I tolerate it is the fact that the summer theatre always premieres here on the Juhannus aatto. :D

  9. How wonderful! I love hearing about traditions so thanks for sharing!

  10. Wow, that tree is SO COOL! Happy birthday to your bf! And Happy Midsummer!

  11. Interesting holiday. I enjoy learning things like this. Happy Midsummer and happy birthday to your BF :) HOpe you all had a wonderful day.

  12. Oh Blodeuedd! This is awesome. You know I love learning things about your culture! And I sure do love this celebration!!!!
    Hugs to you honey!!!

    And happy birthday to bf!!!!!!!! Hugs to you for your birthday!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  13. I loved reading this and the reality made me laugh!!!

  14. LOL that birch sure looked like a lady.

    We have a tradition for Midsummer fires here in Norway as well, we celebrate it on the 23rd of June.

    Congratulations on your BF's 30th birthday!

  15. Milka,
    Yeah, sadly that is the truth, drinking and more drinking. But I grew up in a family where we never drink so we had the more traditional thing, of course that is not said about all families, but at least they didn't get drunk this weekend cos cos they drank.
    Wohoo summer theatre.

    You are welcome, it is fun to share :D

    I know, so cool! I am just gonna stick to my believe that a wizard turned a woman into a tree ;)

  16. Jenny
    Thanks! We had a lovely time, and it was kind of nice weather too, only kind of, but still good.

    Thanks Cecile!!
    I am gonna keep this thing going, more traditions to come..well a few, we honestly do not have that many weird traditions

    Haha, yup ;) At least there was only rain at night this time.

    On the 23rd, never heard about that, but sounds nice :)

  17. I spent Midsummer here in Helsinki. The city was pretty empty, but quite a big bunch of people had found their way to see the bonfire. My husband's parents came to visit and they stayed the whole weekend with us. We had the option to go to Central Finland and spend the holiday there, but there were so many relatives at my parent's summer cottage that it was better to stay here :)

  18. Happy Birthday to your BF. I love when you share about the holidays you celebrate.

  19. I know nothing about Midsummer so thanks for posting this. And a happy b-day to your bf.

  20. What a unique holiday -- love the whole tree thing. Please keep posting about your holidays and traditions -- I really enjoy these posts.

    A Belated Happy B-day to your BF!

  21. How fabulous. I think we all should celebrate Midsummer's Night.

  22. Sounds like a lot of fun. And very magical! :)

  23. Maija,
    Lol, too many people in a crowded place can be too much. We always spent it at home, even though we could have gone to my parent's summer cottage. But then again, we were already in the countryside.

    I am glad you enjoyed it :D

    I will tell him blogland says congrats.
    Spreading the word about Midsummer :D

    Yay, I am so glad you all appreciate it. I will definitely keep on posting these things

    I am with you there! It's nice to celebrate it, especially here hen we have no night

    You never know what could happen

  24. Bloudeued -
    I love your posts like this.. thanks for!

  25. I loved reading this :-) Thanks so much for sharing your traditions.

  26. That's awesome, I didn't realise it was a celebrated holiday, how cool. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos, and the cartoon at the end cracked me up!

  27. Shellie
    Then I am glad I started doing this :D It's fun to share something else once in a while too

    I am very glad it's liked, we and our funny traditions (we do seem to have a thing for bonfires)

    Thanks Naida!

    Oh yes, a nice little holiday (wohoo, day off) Many start their summerholidays after it

  28. OMG that is a freaky tree!

    Sounds like you had a fantastic day, and so did bf - I bet! :)

    A tree with butt and boobs in your yard? How cool is that? LOL Great selling feature...Not that you need to move quite so soon, but when you do, well, it will all be that little bigger all over. LOL

  29. Fantastic pic of the birch tree. I love birchs but sadly in FL we do not have any. I remember how enjoyable your Easter post was and now this one is right up there. Please continue with your holiday posts as I find them most intersting.

  30. Sassy,
    Lol, sadly it is my parents that have the butt tree ;)Right there when you walk up to the door

    When they have been this well received then I will certainly continue with them :D



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