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Review: Jane Eyre - The Graphic Novel

Genre: Graphic Novel, classic, historical
Pages: 144
Published: 2008

Script adaptation: Amy Corzine
Artwork: John M.Burns

Jane Eyre is a plain, determined and intelligent child. Orphaned and poor, she is adopted by her Aunt and Uncle Reed. The death of Uncle Reed allows her unpleasant aunt to send her away to a grim charity school, where she continues her harsh upbringing, but is given the education that finally frees her. Once old enough, she becomes a teacher and takes the role of governess in a large manor house, where she falls in love with her employer. But Rochester is hiding a secret that, when revealed, forces Jane to choose between following her head and her heart. Both critically acclaimed and immensely popular, Jane Eyre dealt with concepts of class discrimination, morality, equality for women, and freedom of choice. Designed to encourage readers to enjoy classical literature, Jane Eyre The Graphic Novel stays true to Brontë's original vision. The book includes 125 pages of story artwork (by the legendary comic book artist, John M. Burns) and fascinating support material detailing the life of Charlotte Brontë.

In the end I wasn't that impressed by this one. The artwork worked fine for me. Though I do feel that Rochester was too handsome, and St: John was too plain looking.

I love Jane Eyre, the book is glorious. But here it fell short for me. In this version they had crammed in all that "old" long speech in the speech-bubbles. And honestly it was just too much. I'd rather just read it in a book. But they have a different version were they have toned it down, I do think that would have worked better for me. Now it was just those big bubbles and sometimes I didn't know how to follow them, when they moved back and fort.

I prefer the book very much to this one.

Though I do like this idea of making Jane Eyre to a graphic novel, and keeping with the real language. That is admirable.


  1. Oh, that makes sense about cramming in the traditional dialogue not working so well.

  2. I havent read Jany Eyre yet, and I like the idea of a graphic novel version. Too bad this one fell a bit flat.
    Great review :)

  3. Look at you with another graphic novel review! I admit I don't really go for the classics-converted-to-graphic-novel-format books that seem to be so popular these days. I appreciate the idea but... well, some books are classics because of the language and I think stripping them down can really lessen their impact that way.

  4. That totally stinks that it just didn't work!! Bummer..I would so love to read a great Jane Eyre graphic novel!!!!!

  5. I think I'd have to agree with you. Redoing the classics as graphic novels takes a reader's imagination out of the equation. I want to imagine my own version of the characters.

  6. Interesting to have Jane Eyre as a graphic novel. I haven't read any graphic novels yet.

  7. I'm not so sure about the graphic novel but you sure made me want to pick up my copy of Jane Eyre. I have never read Jane Eyre before.

  8. Interested, I didn't know Jane Eyre could be read as a graphic novel. Cool review! But yes, I'm sure the original is the best.

  9. Chris,
    It was just too much, sad really.

    I know, it should have been great. But I do recommending reading he book, I loved it

    Lol, I know! I went back today and got Pride and prejudice, of course soon I will have read everything there, bummer.
    Very true, the whole stripping down part does not work, a classic is a classic for a reason.

    Well, perhaps you would love it, one never know :)

    I just sat there and shook my head and said that is not Mr R.

  10. Yvonne
    I had to check out what everyone was talking about, and they are fun, oh and good on those days I want to write a short review

    Read it! ;) We were supposed to read it over 4 weeks in uni, but of course I and 3 others fell in love and finished it at once

    The original do tend to be be in any form. You should see, there re graphic novels of everything it seems these days

  11. LOL about Rochester being too handsome!
    Sorry, this one didn't work for you, hon. :D

  12. Janna
    sadly he was..I mean I didn't mind ;) But he is not supposed to

  13. I like the idea, but don't think I really want to read a classic turned graphic novel.

  14. Carol
    It was very strange, but well I wanted to give it a go

  15. After reading Wuthering Heights, I don't think I can cope with another Bronte book! I like the idea of a graphic one, but as you didn't enjoy it then maybe I shall avoid the Bronte's for awhile.

  16. Vivienne
    read it, please! It is made of awesome and not as depressing as WH, I promise

  17. Ohhh, interesting. I haven't seen this one and Jane is one of my favorite books. Might have to check that out.

  18. With the olde English? God bless your eyes. The pictures are beautiful though. Thanks for the review.

  19. I think that the book to graphic novel approach doesn't work for every classic, and the same goes for adding paranormal elements.

  20. Lori
    It's fun to read for the fun of it, cos I do love Jane Eyre

    Aye the olde English, and they talk, talk, talk

    I agree, it worked with Pride and P I just finsihed, but not at all with thsi one

  21. Clearly the emphaiss of this one was on the artwork rather than getting in a good amount of the plot into the book..

    Pity as this is such a loved book..


  22. EH
    I love Jane Eyre, but didn't feel the love in this one :(

  23. EH
    Sighs, I love Eyre, but I didn't get that feeling from this one



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