Friday 3 December 2010

Review: Be mine - Kelly Daniels

A Fall into the night novel

Genre: Paranormal romance, suspense, thriller
Pages: 268, ebook
Published: November 2010
Guest review by Lis

Stubborn and independent, Elle Galligan wants to be left alone by her crazy ex-boyfriend, Lukas, who continues to terrorize her, each time more viciously than the last. With no choice, she seeks out the one man she’s turned her back on from the past—only to be thrown into the unknown.

Successful Prince of Darkness, Larik deWolf, spots trouble the moment Elle calls him. In an ongoing war with Elle’s shapeshifting ex, Larik is left with no alternative and vows to protect her from the evil stalking her, only to draw Elle closer into the mysterious world he hid from her. As danger strikes, history deems to repeat itself. When attraction binds them together, Elle threatens his supernatural abilities and control. Larik finds himself opening up his heart to the one woman he’s tried not to love, but will she accept his secrets or continue to fight fate?

Alright, so I've been staring at the screen for a full 10 minutes now, trying to find a way to start this review. Some scratches, eye rubbing and hair twirling later, I still don't quite know to start this review. The fact of the matter is, no matter how hard I tried, I didn't like this book. The reason is not so much the writing. The author, Kelly Daniels, actually did a not so bad job for a first time author.

Only she fell into the trap so many e-authors tend to do. Well not just e-authors either, authors ingeneral from genres far and wide too. She wrote a book around the all time favorite subject in the history of romance books, be it male-male, male-female, male-male-male, a female in between or an alien, dragon, wolf or whatever. What am I talking about...stalkers. Yes. It should be a sub-genre by now. Why there are so many stalker-romances I don't know. It might be the easy get together of characters or the strong protecting the weak from the extremely creepy. I don't know.

For me it has become a major turn-off these days just like the Big Misunderstanding. It is too common in romance. Too easy to write. An easy simple subject just to get characters together in bed. So when Elle - after she discovered her paranormal creepy jackass stalker ex-boyfriend is back on the prowl -  fell (complete with waterworks and dramatics) into the arms of the very handsome, very strong and very protective Alarik deWolf better known as Larik, I sighed a deep heavy sigh and muttered “here we go again.”

What follows after that is our typical stalker romance story. To me it was pretty basic and lacked originality. However, judging from the writing, I believe this author has potential. It's not a complete write-off. She just needs to be a little more original in her plot. Little less stalker and little more oomph.  I really hope her next story is something better that I can give a better review.

However, not everyone is like me (rooting for a strong independent woman who can kick her own ass and doesn't need a man to do that) so if you like reading a story with a strong handsome man in full-on protective mode to read in front of the fire place and shiver in delight when he rescues the damsel in distress from the big bad stalker, then this book is definitely for you.

Thanks Lis!


  1. Ooh i don't do stalkers. Had too many of my own! Will avoid this book.

  2. Not sure this one is for me but I do like the cover. Thanks for the honest review Lis.

  3. No, it doesn't sound like a book for me, but I appreciate the honest review. I like a kick-ass woman. :)

  4. I do hate it when you know exactly where a story is going from the get go- always a bit of a bummer! I'm with you, I want to root for a kick-ass female!

  5. I don't like stalker-romances, but I hate it more when the woman actually falls for her stalker.

  6. I like kick-ass heroines as well; if the girl needs protection I also need protection from that book. No Twilight again, once burnt twice shy, end of the story. Thanks for an avesome review (as always).

  7. This doesn't sound like it's for me haha I like strong and independent heroines! :D

  8. sorry you didn't enjoy it, thanks for the honest review.
    I dont like stalker romances.

  9. Not my cup of tea but I love to read your reviews!!!

  10. Hey honey, I wanted to pop in to wish you a wonderful weekend! I hope your week was great but your weekend even better! Hugs to you my dear friend!!!

  11. Vivienne
    What, real ones? That is too scary.

    It is cool dark and good

    Kick-ass is never wrong, at least in Uf :)

    But then that can be said about many stories, or like with me and movies, I always do know what will happen.

    Oh yes that is so freaky when that happen, I will take crazy stalker following her and someone else kicks his ass any day over that

  12. Ana
    Do not mention that horrid book in my presence, sparkling vampires *shudders*


    She does give it as she sees it

    She is so much fun isn't she :)

    Thanks sweetie :D I hope you have a kick-ass weekend too!

  13. Hi Lis!

    Well, sometimes a good read can be found in the oddest of places, and sometimes I like the full-on protection mode, my favorites are the kick-ass heroines, but I've been known to enjoy the other! I do love the cover, so I may might this one a try! Thanks for the honest review!

    Dottie :)

  14. oh no, i hate it when a book is disappointing. better luck with your next book :)

  15. Dottie
    I am the same, I enjoy kick-ass, but I do enjoy when the man rescues her too


  16. I love stalker books and will most certainly be getting this one...

    Thanks for the heads up...


  17. EH
    Good :) I would not mind being rescued from that creepy stalker

  18. I find that it's hard to find really original romances and most of them follow the same few themes. Have you ever read The Seduction by Julia Ross? I think that's probably my favorite romance novel, and I was thinking that I should recommend it to you because I'm sure you would like it. It's my go-to romance when I'm in the mood for the genre and I just finished reading it again, just now.

  19. Simcha
    I am gonna go and have a look at that one right away

  20. Vivienne: Ohh real life stalkers are a little less fun than the literary ones. At least you can put those away!

    Darlene: the cover is not so bad! And you're welcome.

    Melissa: that is the thing. These are easy, quick to write plots that lack originality. Thanks though. Sometimes it is hard because you know the effort and author put in a book.

    Amused: yes, that comes with reading lotsa lotsa books. Sometimes it is hard to be surprised, even if a book is good!

    Carolsnotebook: thank god I never came across those!

    Anachronist: Oh don't even get me started on twilight. Gah. Girlpower ftw ;-) Thanks! :_)

    Melissa: hihi me too. Though i feel bad i couldn't give a more positive review.

    Naida: me too. I always feel bad when I have to let an author down.

    Staci: thanks! :-) That is always good to hear!!

    Cecile: have a great weekend too!

    Dottie: while I didn't like this book, this might just be the book you are looking for. I truely hope you enjoy it! :-)

    Carrie: Same here! There will always be another good book! :-)

    Erotic: hahaha yeah! I'm glad I could interest you. Like I said to Dottie, this just might be the book you are looking for. I hope you enjoy it! :-)

    Simcha: yes. Especially lately. When I first started reading the (erotic) romances, there were some really good one. Nowadays it seems like the genre is flooded with badly edited books (not related to this review) and it gets harder to find the ones you want to read again and again. They are out there thouhg. Like M.L. Rhodes' The Draegan Lords. That's my go to book. The book you mentioned doesn't sound familiar, I'll be sure to check it out!

  21. Sorry this one didn't work out for you. I like women to be kick ass women :)



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