Friday 24 June 2011

3 short Reviews: More Jill Myles Novellas

I am doing a 3 in 1 today since all these are so short.

Foreplay by Jill Myles
Series: The Succubus Diaries 0
Genre: Paranormal romance
Pages: Ebook 9
Published: 2010

How did Jackie Brighton get turned into a succubus? She can’t remember – all she knows is that she woke up in a Dumpster. This short story tells the tale of that night, and sheds a little light on her masters’ motivations..
 My thoughts:
I can't say a lot about this story since it is only 9 pages long. But you get to see how she became a succubus. And how Zane seems to have reasons for the change and how Noah just falls in the trap. And a bit of Jackie how she was before.

All in all a nice short story to red before book 1. Or afterwards if you want to. You will get a few answers and it is just fun to read more about these characters in the end.  And it just makes me Team Zane even more (but then I am always on that team). He is the best.

So if you are wondering how Jackie woke up in a dumpster with bigger boobs then read this book

Zane's Tale
A succubus Diaries Short
Pages: Ebook 12
Published: 2010

Zane has a few changes in his life...but is the vampire happy with his choices? Or does he regret the path he has chosen and the succubus he has left behind? 

My thoughts:
Be still my heart, this novella was only 12 pages or so but it still packed enough for my heart to break over Zane. I love him, Team Zane!

This story takes place between book 2 and 3 and he has given up Jackie but in this we see how tormented he is because he had to give her up. And deep his love for her is. It is quite heartbreaking and it makes me love him all the more (and think Noah is so boring and that she should dump him). A short tale but an insight into Zane's heart that you do not want to miss. So one last time, Team Zane, wohoo! I sure hope they get together soon again.

And of course this one should not be read before book 2 because then you will miss why he left her.

These two can be bought on their own or together with Slave to Her Desires (reviewed that one last week. Together they form a nice little Succu-Bundle. 


 And now to something that has nothing to do with Succubi.

Shimmerlight by Jill Myles
Genre: Paranormal romance, time-travel
Pages: 40, ebook
Published: 2011

Chloe Sorenson's just started a brand new job at Ms. Muffet's art gallery. However, no one told her that the latest auction piece - a sculpture of a handsome Roman soldier - comes to life. Think it's hard to explain to your boss why you're fondling a statue? Try explaining to the statue why you're holding his, uh, fig leaf. Chloe never thought that touching the statue would turn him into a sexy, aroused man, but she's not saying no to this delicious Roman soldier. The curse requires that she touch him at all times? Such a hardship... But there's a problem in their lust-fueled relationship; she's falling dangerously in love with a guy that cursed to be hard as a rock - literally - unless she can somehow free him. And the statue of Titus just went up for auction. If she doesn't do something, he's going to be out of her life and trapped for all eternity...

My thoughts:
This story is a companion novel to Mirrorlight. They are both perfect to read as stand alone though. The only thing that connects them is a mysterious woman named Muffin and time-travelling.

In this one Chloe works for mysterious Muffin building a website at night. And then she finds a statue and fondles it, lol, yes she admires it and wonders what is under that leaf. And then he comes to life. You can figure out what the do next. Because this is one hot and short novella. They have fun with each other all while she tries to figure out how this can continue. He is a statue from another era. No happy ending in store for them. At least this is what she thinks because in the end this is romance and we all know they will live happily ever after. How is the question.

Short and really hot is what this lovestory has in store for you. A perfect short read for a lazy summerday.



  1. So if you are wondering how Jackie woke up in a dumpster with bigger boobs then read this book.

    I must try Jill Myles' novellas - they seem like light, entertaining reads. Moreover I haven't read anything with a succubus.

  2. I really like Jill Myles' writing - I'll have to check these out!

  3. If this evening you feel cold you might think about those books I suppose and feel instantly hotter ;p. Not my piece of cake, though.

  4. Wow, those are really, REALLY short!

    Happy Friday!

  5. These short novellas are fab sometimes aren't they to use in between longer books.

  6. Gotta confess, I have Foreplay by Jill Myles in my iphone but never really gotten around to reading it... maybe I ought to make time :)

  7. I haven't read anything by Jill Myles, I think I need to fix that asap. I've heard good things about her Succubus series, and now I really want to meet Zane:)

  8. I stopped by from the blog hop.

  9. I think I would like that last novella :)

  10. Oh I have the first book here but didn't know it was only 9 pages! Still glad I have it as I need to read this series. Plus I like the way you say succu-bundle. It sounds dirty! lol

    ... and for the Fri fic... wait what? Is that an HEA? Sorta? Does she find happiness with him? I need to know. Wait don't tell me... no, I wanna know!

  11. What fun! Short and engaging should start writing these types of start selling them!!

  12. Wow all seem very good! I'll have to check them out! ^.^

  13. @Melissa
    Lol, yes I realized it when I wrote it ;)
    The first 9, Zane 12 and then the last one is longer.

    Ok, wanted to answer this comment first since you are dying for some info on poor Miss without a name.

    Alas you can think of in two ways. Either he does what he always does, sucks them dry. Drains them of blood and wears them down as the toys with them. Body and soul.

    Or he falls madly in love with her and they live happily ever after :)

  14. "So if you are wondering how Jackie woke up in a dumpster with bigger boobs then read this book." - OMG! This fetching sentence is all they need to put for the book's synopsis; I'm sure it'll fly off the shelves in no time!

  15. @Misha
    They are so light and funny and I just adore them cos of that :D

    She is so funny

    Lol, well at least you are trying fluffy books over the summer and liking them so I am happy

  16. @Chris
    Oh yes so very very short

    For that they are great :) A short thing to be happy about while waiting for the next book

    It would not take that long so I say give it a go ;)

  17. @Jenny
    I love her Suc diaries! You must read them and Zane, oh Zane, I can feel his love

    Hi Cozy :)

    I think you just might will

    Lol, I should? Well ok :D Just as long as someone reads them too

  18. @Carole
    I hope you will

    Haha, you should see the trailer for book 1! I saw it and just had to get book 1. It is pure gold

    I am glad I showed them then, yay

  19. Nice short story reviews.
    Shimmerlight sounds like a quick steamy read.

  20. I have got to try her novella's. Thanks for the reviews.

  21. Shimmerlight sounds so hot which makes me want to read it.

  22. @Naida
    Steamy yes, quick, yes ;)

    I sure hope you do since I think they are great

    It was hot hot

  23. *sigh* you are so evil to answer my question with 2 possibilities! ;) I'll choose the one where they fall in love. Hey, I'm a softie!

  24. LMAO Ok have not anything about this series and I am so curious to know why anyone would wake up in a dumpster with big boobs.

  25. Melissa
    Choose that one :) Since I never wrote an end then the end is all up to you.

    Haha, I will not tell you ;) You must read it find out

  26. Looks like Ms Myles is good at writing both contemporary and paranormal romances. Why I haven't read anything by her yet is beyond me!

    *slaps self*

  27. great mini reviews! I need to give this author a shot, she sounds so awesome! =D

  28. Missie
    Yes I do wonder the same thing ;) You best start reading her books at once

    You certainly need to try her stuff!!



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