Wednesday 22 June 2011

Review: Island Heat - Jill Myles

PhotobucketGenre: Paranormal romance
Pages: Ebook novella, 140
Published: 2011

On a business trip to Bermuda, realtor Diana Holcomb's small plane goes down over the ocean, a victim of the infamous Bermuda Triangle.

Diana wakes up to find herself on a deserted island...that really isn't all that deserted. First, a gigantic dinosaur tries to eat her. Then she's captured by cavemen, and just when things are looking their worst, she's rescued by none other than a gorgeous man with the body of an Adonis and the jungle skills of Tarzan. Salvador's been stranded on the island for a very, very long time without a woman. A very, very long time. And now that he has Diana, he intends to claim her for his own... 

My thoughts:
This is one crazy book but what could you expect from the Bermuda Triangle. Diana is taking her groping client to Bermuda to find him a house, well that was the plan. The only thing she wants to do is earn money by selling a big house to him. She is smart, single and soon to be stranded on a desert island...almost deserted that is.

Oh yes this island has a T-Rex with a taste for human flesh, creepy caveman who wants to drag her by the hair to their cave and have their way with her and more. That doesn't sound like a perfect island but there is more. A hunky conquistador who does not speak English and wears only a loincloth. All Salvador wants is some company and she would be the one.

For a short novella a lot happens. Running from dinosaurs, running from cavemen, finding out about the island, and of course falling in lust with Salvador.

It was a fun and short read. It was not an island I would like to visit, but the more fun it was then to read about it.




  1. sounds like it was only ok, thanks for the review!!

  2. You had me at T-Rex. I love totally impossible story lines. Sounds like oe for the beach!

  3. Gawd, I think that is a HOT cover. I don't think I've ever read a book which has dinosaurs or cavemen. This one sounds like fun, and quite the adventure for such a short story.

  4. It doesn't seem like an island I would like to visit either :D Dinosaurs and cavemen are generally not my cup of tea.

  5. No, sorry, not something I would like to read.

  6. what a riot! sounds like a fun and crazy one. got it on my to read list ;-D

  7. Wooooooow sounds like a random book that I would probably adore. hahahah Great review. I agree with Missie, the cover is a HOT cover.

  8. Oh help, please do help me, an ugly book wants to devour my brain!!! A T-rex? Snort. I liked your review, though!

  9. This one sounds very different. A T-Rex?

  10. I kind of like the sounds of this one - it sounds like something to read when you just want fluff and nothing else.

  11. @Carrie
    It was short and different

    Lol, I know. It was kind of the island from hell, expect from Mr Hunk

    Hehe, yes it was crazy and a T-Rex, yikes, they scare the hell out of me

  12. @Misha
    Yes I would freak and get eaten after 5 seconds. Horrible island really

    We can't all like the same things :)

    I know, fun and crazy are just the best

    Well he does have awesome looking abs, ahhhh, abs. And random is the best

  13. @Ana
    Hiiiiide!!!!! I will keep you covered. I am ready

    Oh yes you heard me right. a Big bad T-Rex

    It was perfect for that. Short, nice but still some edge

  14. It sounds like an episode of Lost. I think I'd like this. I'm going to see if I can get it for my Nook.

  15. It's crazy, right?? I like it but was not expecting the paranormal stuff. LOL

  16. This book does sound crazy! But also kinda perfect for summer!

  17. Creepy caveman and T-rex aside, being on a deserted island with a loincloth-clad, non-English speaking conquistador sounds like a fab vacation!

  18. Hm... I don't know if I want to read something that says heat in the cover. *sweats* However, still the lusty parts might be fun. :)

  19. Sounds completely crazy!

  20. Whoa. A T-Rex? A caveman? This sounds like a wild book. Two things I love: The heroine's name *grins* and that smokin' hot cover!

  21. Meeting someone like Salvador on a deserted island doesnt sound so bad except for the dinosaurs trying to eat them.

  22. TRex and an loin clothed hottie? I'm in! And that cover is steamy!

  23. This does sound like a fun read. I like stories about the Bermuda Triangle, though I'm not so into dinosaurs (I leave that to my 3 yr old son)

  24. @Yvonne
    No smokemonsters or polar bears but other than that total Lost craziness, lol

    So crazy. I read about the "chickens" and just thought, oh man, something bigger is coming soon

    Crazy is good for the summer, lol

    Sounds like heaven, well yes minus scary dinosaur and icky cavemem

  25. @Melissa
    It was perfect for me. We went from too hot to cold and all around bleh. The rain never stops

    Lol, it was

    Haha, well she did have a good name ;)
    And yes T-rex and cavemen, bleh. But hottie, yay

  26. @Jenny
    Salvador was a sure plus on that island. If he had not been there, not so good. She would have gotten eaten for sure

    haha, yes, gotta love a hottie

    I like them..but only the nice ones. The scary ones like raptors, not so much

  27. Totally doesn't sound like one I would read...

  28. @Staci
    Lol, can't please everyone :)=

  29. love the abs on that cover! lol
    I like the premise with the Bermuda Triangle. Sounds good.

  30. Naida
    Lol, great abs indeed

    It was :D

  31. LOL...yep need to get this lady on my TBR list!!!

  32. Deanna
    Lol, yes I have read a lot by her lately



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