Tuesday 7 June 2011

Review: Nightfall - Ellen Connor

Series: Dark Age Dawning 1
Genre: Apocalyptic romance (That's how I see it)
Pages: 327
Published: June 6th 2011 Berkley Trade

Growing up with an unstable, often absent father who preached about the end of the world, Jenna never thought, in her wildest nightmares, that his predictions would come true. Or that he would have a plan in place to save her–one that includes the strong, stoic man who kidnaps and takes her to a remote cabin in the Pacific Northwest. The mysterious ex-Marine named Mason owes a life-debt to Jenna’s father. Skilled and steadfast, he’s ready for the Change, but Jenna proves tough to convince. Until the power grid collapses and the mutant dogs attack–vicious things that reek of nature gone wrong.

When five strangers appear, desperate to escape the bloodthirsty packs, Jenna defies her protector and rescues them. As technology fails and the old world falls away, Jenna changes too, forever altered by supernatural forces. To fight for their future, she and Mason must learn to trust their instinctive passion–a flame that will see them through the bitter winter, the endless nights, and the violence of a new Dark Age.

My thoughts:
The authors behind this book are Ann Aguirre and Carrie Lofty, and together they have created an apocalyptic world that is going to hell, and they even manage to write in some hot passion while the beasts are howling.

Jenna lives in a world that is about to collapse. Europe is silent, parts of the US are silent, while the new government tells people everything is ok and that whatever happened there will not come here. Oh, no they didn't, that is stupid and people pay for their stupidity as horrible dogbeasts attack and kill people and technology fails and stops working. Yes the world ends in blood. But our heroine Jenna gets kidnapped before that happens. She was likeable even if she fought against him a bit too much, but then the world did end. Her kidnapper Mitch is a warrior in the true sense and he owes a debt and therefore he saved her. The chemistry is there at once and they will get to have a few hot moments when they are not fighting beasts.

There are also a few others. Little Penny who does not talk and Ange her mother who only wants to protect her. Tru a young kid who matures a lot and Chris a scientist they come across as Jenna wants to save them all.

But the best part is of course in my opinion the end of the world. Magic comes back and makes killer beasts, but magic can be good too as they find out. I liked the idea of a world changing from technology back to magic, even if it ends with a  big bang. There is also a lot of action and when it ends, well I do wonder if the world can get back on its feet.

It was an interesting world and I do want to know what happens and would like to read the next book (takes place 3 years after this one). I would recommend this book to fans of paranormal romance, dystopia and in the end just all of you. Hot passion and action is promised.



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  1. Apocalyptic romance? Lol I never knew such a thing existed. The dystopic elements might be interesting.

  2. It's always a good sign when you want to read the next book in a new series :)

  3. The world created by the authors sounds scary! I've never been able to resist a post-apocalyptic book and this sounds like an interesting read.

  4. B,

    I am sooo looking forward to reading this book. :)


  5. I'm so excited for this book! I adore Ann Aguirre and this world sounds so interesting and dark:) Definitely buying this one this week!

  6. I'm wondering if the book ended with a climax or if it ended with a cliffhanger?

  7. I so look forward to reading this one. It looks smokin' hot. Glad you enjoyed it, Blodeuedd!

  8. @Cherry
    Climax. It was all happy and good at the end, not counting the world ending that is ;) But not cliffhanger since the next book will not be bout these peeps

    Lol, well my own words. It's PNR but that did not fit with me.
    Of course the passion and romance might turn you way.

    That is a really good sign :)

  9. @Misha
    Oh it was. Those killer beasts =scary! I would totally freak and hide. But I love it

    I hope you enjoy it too!

    I would never have know that it was written by two authors. So cool and yes if you like Aguirre then I am sure you will like this one too

    I hope you like it :D And yes great covers. All the books have such great covers

  10. Usually, post-apocalyptic is not usually my thing. I do think I'd like Mason though.

  11. Oh my goodness an apocalyptic romance?! Now that is intense!

  12. The cover is really hot! I kinda like apocalyptic and the series sounds good.

  13. i'm not sure about all the dystopians but this sounds good!

  14. HA! Trust no one and be self relient. or have a good escape plan :) Great review B

  15. I love the categories you come up with. Yesterday, ice punk; today, apocalyptic romance. What will tomorrow bring??

  16. Wait a minute... which beasts are howling? Human or other?


    I think the cover is kind of sexy. Thanks for letting me know about this book.

  17. @Carol
    Dunno why I like when it all goes bad, perhaps cos it's nice to read about but I would never ever want to see it happen

    Finding love when the world ends, I would say so :)

    It's dark and almost zombies..almost since they are creepy dogs but you get the picture

  18. This book scared me - in a good way! LOL. Can't wait for the next one!

  19. @Carrie
    Perhaps cos this is a bit different and there is no big government standing behind saying what you should do like in dystopia books

    I am sad to say that tomorrow is just normal PNR and UF on the table ;)

    I would say so. That plan..I need a plan, lol

    Lol, oh everyone is howling, but mostly the man eating dogs

  20. @Mandi
    Oh yes it would make one kick-ass movie. I kept thinking of the dogs in resident evil

  21. Oh I just have started seeing this book around the blogosphere. I so need to read it. This one sounds so good. I like the cover too! :)

  22. Still not my cup of tea but I'm glad that you can't wait for the next one!

  23. Hhhhh, it figures I was just thinking and talking about this book with others on another site about a week or two ago. I really would like to get this one as well. And then you go and review it. ;D Sounds like one I think I need to get as it is already on the want list. :) Thanks for the great review.

  24. *cries* I think I may be one of the only people who didn't connect with this one. I hate when that happens. It wasn't a bad book. I enjoyed their vision quite a bit. I have to sit on it for a few days before writing my review. I liked yours though. :)

  25. Apocalyptic romance? interesting!
    and I like the cover.

  26. The combination of genres in this one is enough to tempt me! Great review! :)

  27. I also like the idea of technology changing back to magic. Although, one way to look at it is that technology is humanity's attempt to imitate what is magical.

  28. €Melissa
    hot cover and yay heads! No headless bodies running around here.

    I do want to know if the world makes it

    Hihi, I am always there hiding in the corner and jump out with a book, lol. But if sounded interesting then do give it a go

  29. @Naida
    Oh yes, the end of the world as we know it

    It was hard to pin it down to one genre since it had a bit of everything

    I like that too :D Let's just hope that if it happens then it wont happen like this. And smart, it does look like that

    Don't be sad :( I guess you felt like I did with Dragon Bound. Good but I just did not fall liek everyone else. And yes sit down and think about it

  30. I do like end of the world books. I haven't read one in ages though. Glad you liked it - now you just have to wait for the next one!

  31. I'd love to give away a copy of NIGHTFALL here if anyone's interested. Blodeuedd, would you permit me to reward your commenters?

  32. @Ann
    That would be fun so of course I would permit that :D I hope you see this now. Took me long to moderate since I was gone most of the day yesterday ;)

  33. @Darlene
    It comes out already in September! :D

  34. Well Blodeuedd you know I'm in for the book from Ann! :D lol. I have to get me one of these.

  35. This book is so far up on my wishlist. First the cover is wonderful and seriously who could at least resist the blurb alone. Want.

  36. I've seen a few other people talking about this series. It sounds good but I don't know if I'd put it on my TBR list right now.

  37. @Melissa
    Lol, good luck. I do think you would enjoy it

    I know, so awesome! Both cover and blurb. I think I have a bit of a covercrush

    Read a few reviews and see :)

  38. I'm not into dystopian worlds, but you really make this one sound worth my wile! I do want to try it.

  39. @Aurian
    Well if you go by strict dystopia definition then it's only a tiny bit of that ;)

    It was fun :)



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