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Review: Miss Darcy Falls in Love - Sharon Lathan

Series: The Darcy Saga # 7
Genre: Pride and Prejudice variation
Pages: 304
Published: Nov 1, 2011
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Source: For review

Noble young ladies were expected to play an instrument, but societal restrictions would have chafed for Georgiana Darcy, an accomplished musician. Her tour of Europe draws the reader into the musical life of the day, and a riveting love story of a young woman learning to direct her destiny and understand her own heart.

My thoughts:
This book is part of a series, but it works wonderfully as a stand alone novel, as the other books have been mostly about Lizzy and Darcy, and in this one it is Georgiana who takes the stage. So this is fully her book as we do not even get to meet Lizzy and Darcy. Sure you can read all the ones before, but you can also enjoy it as it is.

I do love my PP stories, but I love the side characters just as much, and it was wonderful to see Georgiana fall in love, and with a man who fits her so well. She needs someone like her in certain aspects and I did like the man who at last wins her heart.

And that ism truly what this book is about, Georgiana is in Europe, meeting new friends, longing for home, and then meeting someone new, and not just one man. No, there is a choice to be made. But we all know which man she will pick. Or hope she will pick. They are both good in their own ways, but I do think Gerorgiana played a bit with the one man's feeling (not knowingly), but afterwards I felt really sorry for him and hoped he would find love again.

Lathan is known for her sensual books, but this one is again different since it deals with Georgiana, and her being unwed, well we can't have anything like that going on. There the book differs from the other books in this series. It is more romantic and longing.

It was a wonderfully sweet book and as always it was fun to meet everyone again, or at least hear about them since Lathan truly has worked on this series, and wanting to give everyone happy endings. And I do like hearing about them all.

A good book in this series, and an equally good book that can stand on its one. Lathan is a true romantic.

It fits the vibe really well


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  1. I'm glad it's a stand alone because after reading your review I really want to read it!

  2. oh how i love all thing Jane Austen..will check this book out. Wonderful review :)

  3. I love Pride and Prejudice and would love to read a book that features Georgianna. Wonderful review!

  4. I have heard this one was good. Nice review ;)

  5. I am longing to read this one! It sounds lovely.

  6. I am glad you liked it so much. I am not sure I would like it. I am going to say hi on that other blog.

  7. Books in a well written series can usually stand alone. This sounds like a good one.

  8. Mary
    It works so well alone :)

    Me too, love love love :D


    It was sure fun, I have read one about her before but the more the better

  9. Naida
    Thanks :) it was a fun one

    I do adore everything JA, it is just so fun!

    You know, I am still totally dying from writing the wrong name. Of course I know my Ggreek mythology, damn those Hs! I must go die now

  10. Another Austen variation, yay! :)

  11. Bermuda
    I do like that about them :) Of course I will rather read from the beginning but somethings things happen. Of course here I have read books before this one

  12. Janne
    I am obsessed, that is a fact ;)

  13. Awesome! I would love to read more about Georgiana and see how she does with a little romance of her own:)

  14. I am still totally dying from writing the wrong name. Of course I know my Ggreek mythology, damn those Hs! I must go die now

    Nah, you cannot die. Firstly, after the death you will meet Hades for real and he is not a nice guy, secondly you must write your next erotica flash fiction. I won't let you die before you write that. Thirdly everybody makes mistakes. *hug*

  15. Hm... Okay, I'm curious. I think I'm just going to check out that author!

  16. I just finished this one last night and absolutely enjoyed it!

  17. Sweet, wronged Georgianna - she deserves a happy ending of her own!

  18. I can't believe how many books there are that spin a new twist on P&P! I think I should read the original before falling into any of these though. But I loved the movies. Does that count? ;P

  19. I'm glad Miss Darcy got her own book! I wish Jane Austen gave Miss Darcy her own happily ever after, oh well. Great review!

  20. Lovely review. I'm quite interested in this one as a stand alone.

  21. I haven't read PRide and Prejudice yet. I know.....I'm ashamed.
    I wanted to challenge myself to read more classics this year but then I get overwhelmed by my TBR pile. *sigh*
    Next year!

  22. Interesting - a P&P varation fovusing on Georgiana! I like that. I wonder if there exists variations dealing with Mary Bennet. Do you know of any?

  23. Irena
    I know that Colleen McCulloguh wrote one and I hated it. Did not finish, Darcy and Lizzy were not happy, Jane was a broodmare

    And I have seen a new one around, should come in December from Penguin

  24. Nice review -- I've been eyeballing this one because I've got a soft spot for Georgiana -- I'm glad to see she gets her time in the limelight!

  25. I love reading about the side characters and finding out how things went for the. And the author does sounds familiar so I'm sure I read one of her P&P books before.

  26. Jenny
    She so deserves it afte that Wickham did a number on her. What an ass he was

    Ana you have not forgotten *swears* I will see what i can do Madame

    I hope you do :)

    It was so fun, and different than the rest in the series for sure

    She so does

    That counts! Cos I have onyl read 2 of the books *whistles* yes I know, I am the most horrid JA lover ever. But I have seen all the movies, even crappy 80s ones.

  27. Carole
    I wish that too, but we can only dream, and be glad that someone does giver her a HEA

    It works well like it is so I do recommened it

    Tell em about it, I have not read all either! But my TBR pile is killing me, and library books that I want to read cos I told the library to get them

    She is very deserving and she gets such a wonderful guy too, awwwww

    She does have a few before this one so who knows

  28. I might actually read this one, as I am curious what happens to mr. Darcy's little sister after he has married and she has grown up.

  29. So glad to hear this is a standalone novel. I stopped reading this series after the first book, but I definitely want to give this one a try!

  30. Aurian
    It was truly fun, I always wanted to see her get a HEA :)

    It was definitely different than the first one :)



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