Sunday 22 January 2012

Review: Contingency Plan - Anita Ensal

Series: The Neighborhood #1
Genre: Contemporary fairytale
Pages: 29
Published: Dec 2011
Publisher: Musa Publishing
Source: For review

Sharon’s running out of time and money. She’s got a plan for how to save herself and her two children after their deadbeat dad and the rest of their family have deserted them. But what will her contingency plan do to her soul and the souls of her children?

Mr. Mann carries burdens most couldn’t -- the visible, odd arrangement of connected boxes on his back, and the hidden guilt for deeds done long, long ago. The end may be in sight, but not a happy one if Sharon chooses the wrong path. Someone’s contingency plan will be put into effect, but whether it leads to a happily ever after or dark despair will require intricate maneuverings by the white witches of the Neighborhood. But even they can’t stop a good woman from going wrong.

My thoughts:
I meant to review another book today, but I got a few pages left, and well then it was perfect to take on this short story. And who can say no to a Gini Koch book in the first place, since that is her hiding behind that name.

This was a short tale about Sharon who is down on her luck, she got nothing except for her kids. But the is kind, and she tries. They meet the strange Mr Mann and their luck is beginning to change. But the question is, will she pick the right way or will things to dark again? And that is what it is about. 

There is also a bit of romance at the end, because every fairytale needs a HEA.

I do not want to say too much since it is short and I would just spoil it all, but it was a nice little tale. Even when there are struggles, there might be something good lurking behind the horizon.


  1. Will wait for your final verdict :)

  2. I didn't know Gini had written under a different name!

  3. So Gini's decided to write under an alias? Well, well...I am intrigued!

  4. Well, this is a new author for me whichever name she uses. I'll look for her now.

  5. Hmm not sure what to make of it, certainly sounds interesting.

    Thanks for stopping by mine (so many books, so little time), if you want to read The Unit by Ninni Holmqvist and don't mind waiting a few days I can post it off to you (you can then do as you wish with it, it will be yours). It is well read and ok condition. Just email me your addy (email on my profile or you can use any of the contact forms). All I ask is you let me know it has arrived and what you thought of it, let me know.

    Have a great day.


  6. Cherry
    I have no idea when that will be though :=)

    She has written a lot! ;)

    She is rather sneaky it seems.

    Oh try Gini's alien series, they are awesome :D

    Really? Omg, that would be so cool :D Though I am international, anyway, will email you tomorrow cos time for bed over here

  7. I have no clue who this author is!!

  8. I love reading stories about plucky single moms, especially if they have their HEAs :)

  9. Mhmmm. I wonder why she decided to go under a new alias....well...if I was an author I would have a couple.

  10. You are not telling anything at all! Difficult to know if I would like it or not. Soon I will be starting the Gini Koch books. And I know she uses a lot of pennames, 6 or so regularly.

  11. I'm with Staci - never heard of the author. Glad it did have a hea though. There's enough depressing stuff in real life. It's nice to escape to something else. Glad you enjoyed it!

  12. Gini Koch? Really? Very cool. I still need to try her other works, but I've heard nothing but exciting things.

  13. Chris
    It was :)

    Gini Koch? Aliens? Martini?

    She was good, she did her best and was rewarded for it :)

    She does have a couple, I guess for all genres.

  14. Aurian
    I fear if I say a single thing it will just spoil the entire story. And I can't really say whether you would like it or not. Cos if I tell more, then you will already feel liek you have read it.

    True, too many depressing things in life as it is :/ But sometimes there is escape

    Aye, she has a few of them ;)

  15. This sounds like an interesting little story.

  16. This sounds adorable and I do love a modern fairytale!

  17. I have to say I'm enjoying the short stories lately. And I do need to read one of her books. :) Thank you!

  18. Naida
    it was nice and short, just what I needed

    I do love them too, I do watch Once upon a time ;)

    The short ones can be so good when you are in a hurry

  19. Don't shoot me but I still haven't read G.K. yet!

    I do have the books though but I heard I will be sucked in so I am thinking springish read :)

  20. Felicia
    WHAT!? *goes ballistic* A travesty, you must read her books



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