Tuesday 31 January 2012

Review: Deliver me from darkness - Tes Hilaire

Series: Paladin Warriors #1
Genre: Paranormal romance
Pages: 368
Published: February 7, 2012
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Source: For review

He had once been a warrior of the Light, one of the revered Paladin. A protector. But now he lives in darkness, and the shadows are his sanctuary. Every day is a struggle to overcome the bloodlust. Especially the day Karissa shows up at his doorstep. 

She is light and bright and everything beautiful—despite her scratches and torn clothes. Every creature of the night is after her. So is every male Paladin. Because Karissa is the last female of their kind. But she is his. He may not have a soul, but he can't deny his heart.

My thoughts:
I read this book in no time, the pages just kind of flew by. There was passion, there was drama and there was this ease over it all which I appreciated. 

Roland then, he is your good guy, who is sadly bad, but does not want to be. While Karissa is your good girl, running from the baddies. And one of Roland's old buddies brings her around to keep her safe. Which she does not like, considering Roland is bad and all. They are meant to be and nothing can stop that. 

I needed a bit of fated love where the man goes all mine! Where they are totally wrong but that pull of true love gets them together. Where things might be rushed, but hey, it's love. And here I liked it. 

There was something light over the language here which worked well in this rather dark world. The Paladins, the good guys, do not seem that good when all comes down to it. And the bad guys, well they are evil. There were side-characters too around and I hope Logan finds love, I would like to see more of a certain vamp girl, and a certain paladin grew on me. I'd read more of this light yet so dark paranormal romance. 

It's a promising start to a new series. True love, evil vampires out to get you and secrets that will keep you entertained. 

Oh you know me, I want to see a head


Tes Hilaire is stopping by tomorrow, and there will be an interview and a contest to win this book :)


  1. Sounds good Blod, and oh that cover is yummy.

  2. Maybe his head would scare us...

  3. In my paranormal romances, I always like when the guy goes all "mine", though in real life I probably wouldn't find it nearly as amusing:) I'll be checking this series out!

  4. That damned elusive head! *shakes fists* WE WILL SEE YOU ONE DAY!

    Ummm...yeah...sounds like a fun adventure! I'll check this out. I need a good fantasy novel, because Silver Wolf is taking FOREVER to come to me. Bleh. GREAT review though.

  5. Naida
    I am glad you think so

    Well..he is described as goth so he must be darn scary ;)

    Lol, yes in real life if someone saw me and then went all mine I would call the cops

  6. Carole
    It is out there somewhere, hiding..taunting us. Like a unicorn.

    Now that does not sound good at all :/

  7. Sometimes, this kind of story is just what we need. And, boy, do I agree about the head!!

  8. Dana
    the heads costs money :/

  9. Ohhhhh secrets! I like secrets and even better i like Vampire secrets!

    My fake men can get all Alpha with their "mine" "grrrr" "mine" but the real men better never try that LOL

  10. lol, the heads are too costly whereas the abs...practically cheapo! A dozen a penny!

    True love, evil vampires out to get you and secrets that will keep you entertained.

    Hmmm...do you want to hear something goth scary? I don't like the sound of this book - not at all. A perfect suggestion for a negative review...hmmm...

  11. I definitely enjoy fated love and alpha males in paranormal romance hehe, so I think this one is for me :P

  12. Oooh! I'm always looking for new series that have vampires in them. Since I love the cover of this one, I'll be checking it out.

  13. It sounds like you really enjoyed this book so I might have to think about it!

  14. The cover doesn't appeal to me but your review does make me want to know more! :)

  15. Felicia
    Oh no, they would just dare...ok bf are allowed to go all grrrr mine if he want to...once ;) But he never would do that. And it would be creepy, lol.

    Lol, abs for all is the motto ;)

    Hey hey, nothing of that in here. No fluffy sweet books for you.

    There is just something about the whole MINE!!!!!!!!!!!! and fated love that makes me go all awwww

  16. Missie
    I am glad you do, I just, yes miss the head

    It was nice and relaxing

    Oh you know me and covers ;)

  17. Ooo, sounds sweet. ;D LOL! Thank you for the review!

  18. It wasn't until the last sentence that I realized this was about vampires! Call me *clueless*

  19. Nice review, and I would love to start reading this series, if it wasn't for the name Paladin.
    I already read a series about the Paladins of Darkness, written by Alexis Morgan, and I love it. I could not enjoy this new series with similar title names and covers and Paladins in it.

  20. I really should read a romance soon. I've been rather mystery heavy lately.

  21. Roro
    Thanks :)

    I do like that, perfect for me that day

    Well...it's about a guy who is a vamp, but he was not always, and all the other vamps are bad. So not truly about them ;)

    Aha, while I on the other hand has not come across any paladins before so it worked well for me

    I have noticed ;)

  22. Well, that hot man on the cover can deliver me from anything!! Whew! Sounds great!

  23. Sounds like a great read and one that I would definitely enjoy. I'm adding it to my TBR list now!!



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