Tuesday 24 January 2012

Review: The Man who Rained - Ali Shaw

Genre: Fiction/Fable
Pages: 304
Published: January 2012
Publisher: Atlantic Books
Source: For review

When Elsa's father is killed in a tornado, all she wants is to escape — from New York, her job, her boyfriend — to somewhere new, anonymous, set apart. For some years she has been haunted by a sight once seen from an aeroplane: a tiny, isolated settlement called Thunderstown. 

Thunderstown has received many a pilgrim, and young Elsa becomes its latest — drawn to this weather-ravaged backwater, this place rendered otherworldly by the superstitions of its denizens. In Thunderstown, they say, the weather can come to life and when Elsa meets Finn Munro, an outcast living in the mountains above the town, she wonders whether she has witnessed just that. 

For Finn has an incredible secret: he has a thunderstorm inside of him. Not everyone in town wants happiness for Elsa and Finn. As events turn against them, can they weather the tempest - can they survive at all? 

The Man Who Rained is a work of lyrical, mercurial magic and imagination, a modern-day fable about the elements of love.

My thoughts:
I read this first book, The Girl with glass feet and was smitten. He made me believe it all could be real. That in some parts of the world there was still magic that was not truly magic, it was just life. It's not like paranormal books where you just read it but do not believe. Here, here it is different. Perhaps men can rain, and perhaps rain can come to life.

His prose is lyrical and it sucks you in, it holds on to you and it also made me feel scared. This is a town filled with superstitious people who kill that of rain and thunder. While on the mountain there lives a strange man called Finn, who is our man who rained. I feared for him.

The story is about Elsa who comes to Thundertown to start a new life. She is nice and curious and meets Finn. Who is mysterious and sweet. He shows her a world that seems to exist only in these mountains. It's a book filled with magical realism and feelings of longing, love but also hate of the unknown. And here it truly shows. That which you do not know you fear and think is dangerous. Only some give it a chance and find that we are all alike in the end.

The book is great, the writing, the story, the people in it and the world he creates. It's a place were sunbeams come to life.

It's a book I recommend because it is so real and still so magical. I can't wait for his next book and see what he comes up with then. It was simply enchanting, heartbreaking and lovely.



  1. You've made me want to pick this book up!

  2. I loved The Girl With The Glass Feet! I want to read this one too! Wonderful review.

  3. This sounds wonderful! It looks like I need to check out the author in general and not just this book. I'm happy you really enjoyed it and I hope to see more reviews for this author later. :-D

  4. Sounds similar to the experience of reading a Charles de Lint book!

  5. gotta love a good book that blends reality with magic well. =D

  6. I definitely need to read this series! I need a little 'magic' in my life :o]

    Fantastic review, I'm off to see if I can get The Girl with the Glass Feet!

  7. I have The Girl With The Glass Feet at home but have not picked it up. This isn't a series right? I love the cover of this one. Great review. Wish I was reading it right now!

  8. Bermuda
    I hope you do!

    Then I am sure you are going to enjoy this one too :D

    Hopefully there will be more books soon, well in a year or two :)

  9. Chris
    I really should try his books!

    It feels real, not like fantasy, or pnr or anything like that

    I hope you can find one of them cos they are truly lovely.

    No series, so it's just to jump in and read it

  10. This does seem like a totally unique series---where the magic is just part of life --not magically there!

  11. I love a book that has both realism and magic! Sounds like fun!

  12. Lyrical prose paired with just the right amount of fright! Wow! Sounds bone chilling good.

  13. It amazes me that writers can still come up with new ideas for stories. This sounds very unique.

  14. Hmm I'm not sure about this one. I wasn't huge fan of The Girl With The Glass Feet. But maybe if library get's it...

  15. If the story and the writing is as good as The Girl with Glass Feet then I will definitely be reading this one!

  16. Felicia
    That is what I love about the book, it is just real and like yes that happens, who knows :)

    It was so lovely, a must read

    I just had this impending sense of doom since one of the townies is a real meanie

    I have sure never come across a book like this one before :)

    Yes, if you liked that one then you will like this one :D

    Oh...:/ Well it is not for everyone

  17. I was kind of disappointed by The Girl with the Glass Feet and the way the author handled that fantasy elements but I did enjoy the writing and I think I might enjoy this book if I go in with the right expectations.

  18. I also loved the Girl with Glass Feet. You know I hated that ending though I loved the book. ;)

    Oh I hope it doesn't have the same ending. I crave my HEA! Oh even if it doesn't... I'll probably have to pick up this one as well!

  19. I have heard about The Girl with glass feet. This one sounds great too. Nice review.

  20. A great review my lady, you persuaded pretty much everybody, me included! Thanks!

  21. Simcha
    It's like the first book so if you go in with those expectations then you hould be ok.

    omg, the ending! Can you understand why I was freaked out while reading this book! ;) I will not tell you, but read, it is worth it.

    And as for the Girl ending, it was the only possible way

    Thanks, I hope you try it :)

    Such a good and different book

    *gasps* I did? You're welcome, lol

  22. I would have never heard of this book without you, so I must give a big thank you. I really want this book now.

  23. Ooooo this sounds so great! Love when a world feels real and possible and makes you believe in it wholeheartedly:)

  24. Sounds like a great read. I haven't heard of this one before, but I'm liking the sound of it.

  25. I had no desire to read The Girl With The Glass Feet, but this one sounds like one to get lost in.

  26. Ryan
    Then I am truly glad that I introduced you to it :D

    It just seems so and I love that feeling, I want drops of true magic around

    Then I am glad I made you hear about it

    No? Well then perhaps this one is for you :)

  27. I've wanted to read The Girl with Glass Feet for ages. Now I want to read this one too. Nice cover as well!

  28. Darlene
    Do read either one :D They are just so lovely

  29. Lyrical prose and an enchanting story?!? I really must keep this one in mind. I adore the cover.

  30. I totally love the whole magical quality to this one and now I'm very very intrigued by it and The Girl With The Glass Feet!

  31. I'll have to try The Girl With The Glass Feet, these sound delightful. Magic and reality that combination reminds me a bit of Sarah Addison Allen's novels

  32. Wow Blodeuedd, I have never heard of this author or this series, but you sure made me put it on my wishlist! Sounds awesome!

  33. Anna
    It is very lovely and simple :D Sometimes I just adore such covers. And yes try his books!

    Read them both ;)

    And I have to try her novels :) Though here the magic is kind of more than just little there and here ;)

    Yay, good to hear that

  34. I love books that are magical and seem real at the same time. I'm sure it isn't easy to do. I think it speaks to the strength of the writing.

  35. Alexis
    He is a truly wonderful writer and it is he who makes the world so real, not many can do that considering all the weird stuff going on



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