Monday 13 February 2012

Review: Love in Mid Air - Kim Wright

A chance encounter with a stranger on an airplane sends Elyse Bearden into an emotional tailspin. Suddenly Elyse is willing to risk everything: her safe but stale marriage, her seemingly perfect life in an affluent Southern suburb, and her position in the community. She finds herself cutting through all the instincts that say "no" and instead lets "yes" happen. As Elyse embarks on a risky affair, her longtime friend Kelly and the other women in their book club begin to question their own decisions about love, sex, marriage, and freedom. There are consequences for Elyse, her family, and her circle of close friends, all of whom have an investment in her life continuing as normal. But is normal what she really wants after all? In the end it will take an extraordinary leap of faith for Elyse to find--and follow--her own path to happiness. An intelligent, sexy, absorbing tale and an honest look at modern-day marriage, Love in Mid Air offers the experience of what it's like to change the course of one's own destiny when finding oneself caught in mid air.
Genre: Fiction, Pages: 320, Published: Feb 1, 2012, Publisher. Allen & Unwin, Source: For review

My thoughts:
I read this one slowly, it was just one of those books that had a way that you took your time with it. It also made me think about things.

Elyse is unhappy. She tries to talk to her husband, but he can't see what's wrong. Their marriage is in trouble and he is blind to it. Because what would the town say!? And so she has an affair. Now this is not something I usually like. but here it makes sense and it gives her power. It makes her happier and it makes her want to leave this crappy marriage. This also made me think as the author says that the best thing women do is staying. They stay, no matter what.

It's a tale about trying to save a marriage, forbidden lust, finding yourself again and about friendship. What she would do without her friends I do not know. They are rocks in her life and she complain to them about her bad marriage, and to some, about the affair. The reader also gets to see the marriages of the friends, and not everything is rosy there either. But every woman is different and can handle different things.

It was a good book and it felt so real. She tried her best, she did the wrong things, but at the same time the right things. And she really did try. It's a book with scenes from a life.

I can't say why it made me think about so many things, but it just did, love, life and everything else. It was a book where I wanted the heroine to find herself and therefore save herself.



  1. I really liked your review! This book has been on my TBR list for what seems like forever. I need to get a copy and read it!

  2. I love those kind of books! They are generally the ones that take me weeks to read and not because they are hard to read but I want to stay with them!

    Great Review!

  3. Sounds good. Great review!

  4. You've got to give your girlfriends credit. I couldn't live without mine. They are rocks, and I'm glad when I read books that show what a great support system they can be.

  5. Mary
    I hope you enjoy it if and when you read it :D

    Well it took me a lot longer than usual, 3 days, and that included a weekend where I did nothing ;)


    They are the best, sure they can be the worst too, but they are still there

  6. I think it is nice when a book makes you think. Not quite sure this is my cup of tea, I have to get married first I guess ;)

  7. Mari
    Lol, it did make me think that marriage is so hard, which is silly cos me being with my boyfriend is the same thing without the paper to prove it

  8. Same here. 14 years this summer without a ring but I reckon we have the same up's and down's as any married couple.

  9. Mari
    We are just babies learning to walk compared to your 14 years :) but yes the same ups and downs

  10. Nice review! The books that make me think are the ones that I want to savor and not rush through it too.

  11. Sssh, you make me feel old! To my defence we've been together since the day before my 15th birthday(so I'm not that old ;)).

  12. Mari
    Whatever you say old woman ;)
    And bf and i just met late :)

  13. Nina
    It was just everything :) Some things you need to think about

  14. It's great when you find a book that really gets you thinking!

  15. So does she stay with her husband? Now I'm all curious:)

  16. Honestly, I do love books that make you take your time. In fact I usually enjoy those over the ones you devour. This one sounds like a perfect book for a snuggle and read.

  17. i usually steer clear of cheater books..but your review has me intrigued.

  18. This actually sounds kinda intriguing - normally I wouldn't look at book like this but I'm am interested! Thanks! :)

  19. I love it when books are really real and hit home. Sounds like a goodie!

  20. it's not the type of book i would normally read, but it sounds really good. i know what you mean about having to read some books slowly!

  21. Wow, this one sounds really good. I agree, I don't like infidelities in books, but it sounds like the author makes it work here.
    It's nice when a book can make the reader think about life. Great review :)

  22. This book was just okay for me. I understood that Elyse was unhappy but felt she should have done something besides start an affair.

  23. I love it when a book makes you think something entirely different. You really got to see why she needed to save herself!! Sounds like a good read.

  24. Liked your review very much!

  25. Excellent review! This book sounds really good. I'm off to see if I can get it for Nook!

  26. It seems like a very good book - I am really tempted to find and read it! Thanks for a very personal review!

  27. Huh...sounds like a thought provoking book! I love books that make you think like that. It does take longer to read, but oh well. =)

  28. Chris
    I do like that, and it just mentioned things, that are so normal, yet I have not come across it often

    Oh I am not saying that, but I can spoil it if you wanna

    I am not sure about the whole snuggle up and read. Well, if you got many hours before you :) I do love fiction now and then

    I am the same, but here it makes sense. And no one gets hurt

    Good to hear. I like books that surprises me

    Same here. I need normality now and then

  29. Carrie
    Some I read fast, some I want to read fast and some I read slowly. I never know why

    She does make it work, and it is not cos I like the heroine and dislike the hero. It is just that they are both unhappy. One is just showing it more

    True, she should have done something else, but then again if the affair gave ger courage then that was good

  30. Staci
    It was, I enjoyed it, even if it sure made me think of strange things, lol


    I hope you get it

    Ohh, tempted ;) Perhaps cos I never mentioned romance ;)

    Aye, it takes longer cos of that, but it i worth it

  31. Sounds like it feels like a full live of a book. :) Thank you for the review.

  32. Great review B, not sure this will be my kind of reading, but I can understand why it will make you think.

  33. Aurian
    I like a good thinking book, nothing heavy, just life

  34. I read this one a while ago and I really enjoyed it. It does make you sit back and really think about things. I think that's why I liked it too. I can say that the story is still in my mind after all this time.



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