Saturday 7 April 2012

Flash FictionFriday on Saturday

Every Monday Dottie over at Tink's Place posts a picture and then on Friday (Flash Fiction Friday) we post a story to go along with the picture. The story has to be about 350 words, give or take.

by Blodeuedd

One had to die this Easter and it would not be him.  He had hunted the bastard for years now, following the scent all over the world. From mansions to tiny houses where they left boots outside to welcome the evil creature. Not knowing what they were letting in. Tancred lived at the edge of society; humans would never know he was real, or that anything was real. But the furry shit had been sighted one time too many and if it happened again all hell would break loose. Humans were not ready, so not ready. They were monkeys still in his eyes. But he had a job to finish. With a sigh he jumped over the hedge and stared at a little girl clapping her hands in joy when she found a present. No, he was not here. He had moved on and so would Tancred. That was the story; he was always one step behind.

When he had first been given the assignments he had thought it was a joke. He was used to assassinating goblins and bridge trolls, but the Easter Bunny? But then when you went dark you went dark, and the Easter bunny had been a very bad bunny. More than one corps had been left behind with a present of chocolate eggs next to it. Humans called the serial murderer the Easter Bunny. Tancred laughed when he first saw the headline; those darn idiots were spot on and did not even know it.

But he was patient and he moved and sniffed around. The trail was back. He took out his sword and jumped over a fence. There! The Easter Bunny was looking around with suspicion but relaxed and took out his little basket with candy. The eyes glowed red in the dark and the little fangs glistened with blood.
Now I have you, Tancred thought quickly shot a dart at the bunny, but the bunny staggered around and Tancred swore. So he came out and with one sweep the head was down. The Bunny was dead.

A scream echoed in the village and he swore. He looked at the little girl and with a stroke of his sword she was dead too. No witnesses. Lights were being turned on and he took the dead bunny, made sure the blood was gone and left the little girl dead next to the chocolate eggs. The serial killer struck again. He did feel bad, but then again, she was just another ape.


I am evil I know. Good is evil too

And someone new joined in :D Yay! Welcome Carole Rae


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  1. A great story and yay for a new participant!

  2. That picture is creeeeeeepy. O.O

  3. The pic reminds me of Drizzt...

  4. Thank you so much for posting the link to the giveaway! <3 <3 <3 Happy Easter! =)


  5. YAYY! I knew the Easter Bunny was eviiiiiiiil. If the chocolate didn't get you, he would. lol. Great story! I really liked it and didn't expect it. :) Thanks for the small little spotlight there. *blushes* haha

    1. Hihi, yes either the chocolate or him, that evil little bunny!

      happy Easter :)

  6. Very interesting story! That Easter bunny is evil, but somehow I don't like the hunter either :P Happy Easter :)

    1. No, I can't say either of them are really good in the end

  7. Hahaha, turned out to be the Easter bunny! That was great =)

  8. I can so see the Easter Bunny being an evil thing!! Fun story!

  9. Great story!! I didn't get around to one this week. :(

  10. Great story, and what a turn of events.

  11. ROFL!!!

    This has now become my fave Easter tale. You are so evil... I just love it!

    1. I am the queen of evil ;) I must write something nice for next time, but it's no fan.

  12. bahaha you evil Easter Bunny killer ... loved it!

  13. OMG I looooove it! Evil Easter Bunny!! LOL *applause*



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