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#FitReaders Check-In: May 20, 2016 and 2 reviews

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What do a cynical former Marine and a sheltered former Olympic contender have in common?


Absolutely nothing.

He has a girlfriend and she’s never been kissed.

He’s sullenly sarcastic and she’s earnestly empathetic.

He can’t stop thinking about her.

She knows she should keep her distance.

Nevertheless, when opposites ...more

My thoughts:
I have only read one book in this series, but I enjoyed that one. And this one is the prequel to book 4. That is, this novella takes place 15 years earlier than the events in that one. It is tadaa, an origin story. The story of how Greg and Fiona met.

Fiona was a hermit, until her roommate dragged her out. She is a virgin, unkissed and had had cancer.
Greg is a former marine, older, and has a girlfriend.
They talk.
There will be a breakup.
There will be a new romance.
And then they lived happily ever after.

It was cute. I did like the way they argued but at the same time, damn, ok so this dorm is filled with smart kids who argue their points? Eeeeh, that was quite a discussion,

Anyway, cute.

Kindle Edition, 194 pages
Published November 21st 2015 by Caped Publishing
Knitting in the City #4.75'
Contemporary romance

When Lila Moore inherits her grandfather's house, she finds herself in a small Midwestern town where margarine is never an acceptable substitution for butter, a coveted family recipe can serve as currency, and the friend who will take your darkest secrets to the grave will still never give you the secret to her prize-winning begonias. 

Lila is charmed by the people of Auburn, from the blue-eyed lawyer with the southern drawl to the little old lady who unceasingly tries to set Lila up with her grandson. But when strange things begin to happen, Lila realizes some of her new friends are guarding a secret like it's a precious family heirloom. It's a dangerous secret, and it has come back to haunt them. Lila is caught in the middle, and her life may depend on uncovering it. But even if she can, can she stay in Auburn when not everyone is what they seem, and even the house wants her gone? 

My thoughts:
I did not expect the mystery that turned more into romantic suspense in some ways, cos it got to be really dangerous. There was also this sort of paranormal thing, and then not. Hidden in a corner, and it was good, but not what I expected.

Lila inherits a house and so begin our story. Like why did her granddad leave? What was up with her aunt's marriage? Should Lila go on a date with Max who annoys her or a certain sexy lawyer? What about those gossiping ladies, what are they up to?
Btw, gossiping ladies rock!
I never did find out why someone was an asshat.
The townspeople are really nice.
Lots of baking.
Slow building romance.
Why is the pond strange?
And what is the big mystery?
*music of doom*

I enjoyed it.

Kindle Edition, 216 pages
Published 2014
The Obituary Society #1
Contemporary romance /womens fic /rom sup


  1. What a lovely view for a walk!

  2. Great pictures as per usual. :-)

    I really like the sounds of the first book. Great reviews.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

  3. You take some of the most serene pictures on your walks.

    Oh, that Obituary Society looks good. One of these days I will read a Penny Reid.

  4. I am so envious that you have such beautiful sights along your walks. Nice pics! Though that goose's neck is bent in a way that the perspective makes it look so weird :)

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  5. Wow, I can imagine that where you live must be so beautiful, because those pictures you took make me want to transport myself there, if only for few minutes.

  6. It's nice to have cute and the second looks nice too

  7. I'd probably try The Obituary Society.
    Always love your pics.

    1. I hope you do :D There was just a freebie of book 2 around too

  8. Is that a baby swan I see? That is so awesome!

    I don't like it when I can't tell if it's paranormal or not.

    1. Omg I totally missed that!!! I must go back

  9. You must have some great areas around you for walks...your pictures are always so lovely! Hope you have a great week!
    ~Kristin @ Always With a Book

  10. You must have some great areas around you for walks...your pictures are always so lovely! Hope you have a great week!
    ~Kristin @ Always With a Book

  11. Beautiful pics and the reads sound good.

  12. You always do so well with your walking each week. I wish I could do that :)

    The Obituary Society looks good.

  13. You certainly made me curious about that second book! And I would go for the lawyer ...

  14. I need to read the Ninja one. I think I have it on my Kindle. I like that series.

    Karen @For What It's Worth

    1. They are amusing and I should read more

  15. Ah, beautiful scenery for your walking/biking. And both books look good!

  16. Very consistent workouts this week. And no more snow!! Yea!!



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