Saturday 7 May 2016

#FitReaders Check-In: May 6, 2016 and Jenny Pox review

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Sun 1 h walk
Mon  4 km bike, 40 min walk
Tue  4 km bike, 30 min walk
Wed  4 km bike, 30 min walk
Thu  6 km bike, 30 min walk
Fri 4 km bike, 30 min walk
Sat 21 km bike

A pretty meh week, I must do better this week


Eighteen-year-old Jenny Morton has a horrific secret: her touch spreads a deadly supernatural plague, the "Jenny pox." She lives by a single rule: Never touch anyone. A lifetime of avoiding any physical contact with others has made her isolated and painfully lonely in her small rural town.

Then she meets the one boy she can touch. Jenny feels herself falling for Seth...but if she's going to be with him, Jenny must learn to use the deadly pox inside her to confront his ruthless and manipulative girlfriend Ashleigh, who secretly wields the most dangerous power of all.

* * *

Not recommended for readers under eighteen.

My thoughts:
This book had such a bitch in it, how can anyone be as evil as Ashleigh, that bitch needs to burn. Trust me, if you read it, you will hate her so much. Hate her until your lungs burn from hate. Damn, what an evil manipulate asshole.

Now how to make this quick.

Jenny can not touch anything. When she does, it turns bad. Everyone also bullies her, cos kids are cruel.

Ashleigh is the Queen Bee, and the most seriously fucked up bitch ever.

This whole town needs to burn.

Jenny hooks up with Queen Bee's boyfriend...

Oh that shit is not gonna happen.

F, all these people are effed up

It was good, just, omg Ashleigh was so evil! Also Jenny, Jenny, how naive can you be?! 

I just read that not for readers under, I thought this was YA? I would not call it adult.


ebook, 214 pages
Published July 22nd 2010
The Paranormals #1
YA /paranormal romance


  1. I love those pictures! Is that a pheasant in the first photo, peeking over the grass?

    And sometimes age ratings can be bizarre...

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. Yes :D I like them :)

      So weird, sure the kids had sex and lots died, was so YA

  2. Oh, I have Jenny Pox on my Kindle. I forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me. Oys, this Ashleigh sounds like she needs to go down.

    Love the pictures from your walks and look at your guy out enjoying spring. :)

    1. I have had it for ages on my reader too :)

      He sure does!

  3. I remember seeing this one a lot

  4. You had some very pretty bird pics this week. For me, if the main characters are under 18, I call the book YA. I've never heard of this author.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

    1. Thanks :)
      She was in HS so, yes they were under

  5. Gorgeous pics. I've got to get back to regular exercise. It's starting to show, ugh. Have a good week.

    1. Sometimes that push to do something is so hard

  6. I think I have this book sitting on my Kindle. Doesn't really sound like me. Beautiful swan! And weird other bird. As always lovely photos!

  7. Such beautiful and peaceful pictures!

  8. what beautiful pics you have here!!!! And great progress you have on staying fit. Every little bit helps.

  9. Love the pictures! Not so about the book. Lol.

  10. Sometimes a "meh" week is what you need to get though the week. At least you were moving!

    That book sounds utterly awful.

    1. That is true!

      Haha, I read it for the craziness, it was so crazy

  11. Nice review B, sometimes it is good to hate a character so much.

  12. I grabbed Jenny Pox awhile back but still haven't read it!! And YAY you're rocking the exercise again :)

  13. I love that Luci pic at the end :-)

    Jenny Pox was odd. That chick was REALLY evil.

    Karen @For What It's Worth

  14. Swore I commented on this....gah. Blogger.



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