Wednesday 2 August 2017

Audio Review: Tangled in Texas - Kari Lynn Dell

Thirty-two seconds. That's how long it took for Delon Sanchez's life to end. One minute he was the best bronc rider in the Panhandle and the next he was nothing. Knee shattered, future in question, all he can do is pull together the pieces and wonder what cruel trick of fate has thrown him into the path of his ex, the oh-so-perfect Tori Patterson. Tori's come home after her husband's death, intent on escaping the public eye. It's just her luck that Delon limps into her physical therapy office, desperate for help. All hard-packed muscle and dark-eyed temptation, he's never been anything but a bad idea. And yet, seeing him again, Tori can't remember what made her choose foolish pride over love . . . or why, with this second, final chance to right old wrongs, the smartest choice would be to run from this gorgeous rodeo boy as fast as her boots can take her. Contains mature themes. 

My thoughts.
Delon and Tori had this thing in College. But she thought he only wanted a good thing, and he thought a princess like her would not want a guy like him. Oh you silly children!

Now Delon's future is at stake after an accident. He has some issues to deal with there cos he wants to ride again but can't. I say that is a good thing, cos that sport sounds way too dangerous for my taste. Stay away from the broncos Delon! Anyway, he was a nice sweet guy.

Tori is the daughter of a senator, but she wanted to go her own way and that way takes her to Delon since he needs psychical therapy. I liked her, even if her story was sad. She was a widow and well it was just sad. But it was good to see her work through it and try to move on.

There is tension, romance, and family. Her family, his family, his extended family, they all have their parts to play (oh and his brother should get a book.)

I enjoyed the ride.

Narrator Johanna Parker
I liked how she did the voices, she had a nice low voice for the men and it never felt strange. And her women voices were good too. She got the Texas thing right, well at least in my head it sounded good ;) I liked listening to her and that is all I need.

can I get a hell yeah!

Audio CD, 11 h 43 min
Published July 4th 2017 by Tantor Audio (first published February 7th 2017)
Texas Rodeo #2
Contemporary romance
For review


  1. Oh a second chance romance! It sounds like a good story too. Poor girl! I'm glad she's getting her second chance at a HEA! :)

  2. I loved the first book in this series and the third. I've not read this one yet but it's on my reading list for this weekend.

    I'm glad you enjoyed this one.

    Simply Angela

  3. Oh yay I was thinking about getting this one now it looks like I need to

  4. I love a book with great romantic tension, and I adore bull rider heroes.

  5. Sounds good. I love Johanna Parker. I listen to several series that she narrates. Glad you enjoyed.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

  6. That does sound good. Great review.

  7. Romance and ponies! Oh, wait, broncos! Ding dong dell, kitty in a well...;p

  8. I always appreciate a narrator who can do both male and female voices well.

  9. This sounds like a lovely second chance romance. Glad you enjoyed it.

  10. Hell yeah, that is a niiice cover.
    Sounds like a good book too!

  11. This sounds good and I do love a handsome cowboy :)

  12. "Conclusion: I enjoyed the ride." - Haha, I see what you did there :D You're right, rodeos are fascinating to watch, but I'd be worrying my head off about anyone I cared about involved in the sport.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. Hehe ;)
      OMG YES! I would never let bf do it, I would be all I will leave you!

  13. Yep bucking broncos can do damage. Sounds like some good tension in the story, one I'd read for sure.

  14. Sounds good! Agree on the cover :)

  15. I hope to start this series soon. I have heard so many great things. I do like Johanna Parker as a narrator.

    1. Then i am sure you will enjoy this series too



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