Friday 18 August 2017

Idle Hands - Tom Fletcher

Desperate to cure his son Billy of the disease Idle Hands, Wild Alan must find a way back into the Pyramid from which he was exiled. But, trapped in the barren wasteland that is the Discard - the area surrounding the Pyramid - there isn't much he can do alone.

Bloody Nora, the mapmaker, has her own reasons for wanting to get into the Pyramid; she believes that the secrets of Gleam's history can be found in the Pyramid's vaults. And she has worked with Wild Alan before.

There are more secrets there than either imagined: those vaults hold the key to destroying the Pyramid's tyranny, but saving Billy and uniting the Discard against the Pyramidders is going to be far from straightforward.

My thoughts:
I really do not know how to explain this book. Weird dystopia fantasy? I mean how to even explain where it takes place. There is this pyramid where people work work die. Then there is this swampland where people eat moss and, you know what. This is a book better read than explained. You have to see it to believe it. It really is the strangest land, and I wonder why it is like that. We get some more hints in this one. Freaky fantasy? Oh I must read my review of book 1 and see if I called it something.

Alan is trying to save his son who has a disease called Idle Hands, a freaky one for sure, but then the whole world is freaky. He has to go back to the place he escaped from to save his son. Honestly what are they doing at that place!

He has help. A gay biker who was discared for being day (told you the pyramid people are weird). Nora who makes maps and knows the Pyramid are hiding some.

I really can't say a lot about the plot, spoilers you know. There is adventure, danger and freaky stuff. At times the book might just be too weird for me.

I need to know those hidden truths! I need to know about the world and the pyramid. Oh those secrets. Secrets drives me crazy, cos I want answers at once.

And I check and I did not know how to explain the world then either. I will just call it the future? gone to hell ;)

Hardcover, 400 pages
Published July 27th 2017 by Jo Fletcher Books
Fantasy / Dystopia
For review


  1. Oh I have a love/hate relationship with stories I have a hard time describing. You did a great job it sounds like something I might like.

  2. "The future gone to hell" is definitely a good description of this world!

  3. Secrets & adventure NEED!!!!

  4. WHAT DID I JUST READ???? I'm thinking one needs to start at the beginning?

  5. I love weird diseases. This seems really good.

  6. Freaky future gone to hell? Sounds very interesting! Hope you enjoy the next book, too! :)

  7. Thought you did the review well for avoiding spoilers. Those types are the hardest to write lol

    1. Anything I said could be a spoiler, real tricky this time

  8. I got this one too earlier this month. Having read the first book, I know what you mean by weird!

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  9. Sounds...interesting. LOL. And I am curious by that disease.

  10. I love wierd books! I am going to have to check this one out. Great review!

  11. Sounds maybe a little too weird for me.



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