Thursday 21 September 2017

The corner of always and forever - Lia Riley

Tuesday Knight's dream of Broadway stardom has flopped, leaving her unemployed and brokenhearted. Ready to quit kissing frogs and make her own happily-ever-after, she takes a job as a princess in Everland, Georgia's historical amusement park. 

Mayor Beau Marino lives an unenchanted existence-all work, no play-which is fine by him. After his marriage ended in disaster, the last thing he wants in his life is more drama. But Everland's new free spirit has a talent for getting under his starched collar. 

When the town's beloved but bankrupt park might be shut down, Tuesday and Beau face a choice. Can they join forces, save the day-and each other? Or will their fierce battle of wills destroy any chance of a fairy-tale ending? 

My thoughts:
I wanted to read this one after book 1 because the couple seemed like a disaster to happen, in the best possible way.

Beau works and works and works. No time (or will) do do anything else.
Tuesday is a whirlwind who jumps in puddles and plays a princess at an amusement park.
He is a mountain, she is a river. Oh they are perfect for each other. He needs to live, she needs a bit of structure in her life.

Yes like I said, these two are opposites. He went through a bad marriage, she has failed relationships behind her. She wants forever, he wants a boring workaholic. But obviously they fancy each others pants off. There is lightning and they fall in lust and love.

But there is also a sidestory where they will clash over something, and then there are people from a nearby small town who tries to ruin the chances for Everland to grow (long story, will not spoil the details ;)

Romance,  gossipy ladies in a small town, dogs and new friendships being made. A cute story 

Obviously really cute

Ebook, 350 pages
Expected publication: September 26th 2017 by Forever
Everland, Georgia #2
Contemporary romance


  1. His left hand position on the cover. o.O

  2. Awww that does sound like a good romance!

    For What It's Worth

  3. I do love those cute romances and this author is great at writing them.

  4. oh got to love when that happens from book 1 that you get sucked into wanting to know about the other characters :D I love small town romances, going to check it out

  5. Sighs...workaholic men...I know how that goes...

  6. I love gossipy ladies in small town. Well not in real life but in romances like this, they're cute lol

    1. In reality I would detest them but here they are a lark

  7. A disaster waiting to happen, but in the best possible way? I wonder what that is like :)

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  8. Yeah stop kissing frogs, girlie! I like that name Tuesday.

  9. This totally sounds adorable. I love his name is Beau! He's a regular Prince Charming.

  10. Sounds like a good light romance with character development. Perfect!

  11. This sounds really cute and fun.

  12. I didn't request this one but it sounds like I should have. I thought the first one was okay but this one sounds even better.



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