Saturday 30 September 2017

Saturday Movie Review: The Promise

Set during the last days of the Ottoman Empire, The Promise follows a love triangle between Michael, a brilliant medical student, the beautiful and sophisticated Ana, and Chris - a renowned American journalist based in Paris.

Director: Terry George
Writers: Terry George, Robin Swicord
Stars: Oscar Isaac, Charlotte Le Bon, Christian Bale 

 2h 13min | Drama, History / 2016

My thoughts:
Some movies have to be watched. Those who deny history are doomed to repeat it. I picked it up cos it was a Bale movie, and then I saw 1914 and Armenia and I knew it would be sad. And of course it made me cry.

It seems some certain people tried to give bad ratings on IMDB since they still claim the Armenian genocide is a lie. Oh you know, 1.5 million just died from nothing. I had to check, it seems the Turkish government still deny it happened. And that is why you have to watch this movie. For those Armenians who were massacred. But ok, I will not get all political. Back to the movie.

Michael wants to become a doctor and goes to Constantinople to study. There he falls in love with a married woman. A fellow Armenian married to a journalist. Another drunken role for Bale, he does them well, he is in the background and does not take too much room so to say. And Isaacs performance was which made me cry so he is good.

Of course it's a heavy movie. People are killed because of whom they were born as.

Watch it.

Here is an article about the denial and they mention this movie


  1. It seems like watching and learning abut history still doesn't stop you from repeating it. At least that's what it feels liek right now. *sigh*

    I'll have to look for this one.

    For What It's Worth

  2. Hmm... I still can't comment from Safari, but now I'm trying Firefox. I'm really at a loss why I can't comment.

  3. I didn't even recognise Christian Bale on the cover of this, he looks so different! But I do like his acting! This looks like such an emotional film, so I will definitely try and give it a go when I'm in the right mood for it!

    1. I have seen him in a few bearded ones lately

  4. I haven't seen this one. Sounds like a good movie.

  5. I do love more historical themed movies so I am looking forward to this.

  6. Sounds good but very sad. Did you read Chris Bohjalian's The Sandcastle Girls? Same subject.

  7. This sounds like a powerful movie. Thanks for the recommendation.



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