Wednesday 6 February 2019

Audio: A brother's price - Wen Spencer

Narrated by: Travis Baldree
Length: 9 hrs
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 2019-01-29
Language: English
Publisher: Tantor Audio

My Thoughts:
This book was really good, it turned everything you knew upside down, and I did go all weird at one point, then I righted myself. No, not weird. We are just learned to think such in our male society.

If this had been reversed it would have been a 80s romance. With dubious content and everything. But it is not.

For every 20 women there is one male. SO yes they are the price in this world.
They are owned by their mothers, their sisters, their wives and can be sold and bartered. (nothing new there, that is the fate of women still.)
Since there are so few men sisters share a husband and guard him well. Even if it is outlawed there are still men taken captive by women who need a husband. Raped to get them with child or sold to a Crib so they can service woman after woman, hour after hour.
The men take care of the babies and cook. Women take care of the farm, the businesses or fight wars. Men are soft creatures. They are not thought to read or write. What could would a man have with such silly ideas in their heads.
They are the ones that needs to show of their assets and wear pretty clothes to catch a good family.
A man must be a virgin on his wedding night. Else he is ruined.
A man will marry at 16. His brides might be much elder (like that is anything new, girls have married older men for ages). But that is weird some of you say. Why? Then it should be weird for women to marry anyone older. 

Yes see, I liked how it played with all those things. The 16 marrying someone 28 was the one thing that I found strange, before I realised that the only reason I thought that was strange was cos he was a man. If this had been a historical fic book and the bride 16 then I would not have blinked.

This was a marvelous world! And a dangerous world where I would not have wanted to be male. It was a scary world for men filled with rape threats and scary women lusting after you.

I have talked on and on about the world! Ok SO Jerin meets a princess who takes liberties and he is all in love. His family guards him like hawks and they are all trained to fight. Jerin has a great home actually, he was thought to read and write and got to play outside with the girls. But he is to marry soon. And the elder sisters wants a husband so Jerin needs to fetch a price.

There is adventure, and Jerin falling in love at every turn. Dangerous plots at the capital and scary woman wanting the pretty young debutante.

I could not fall back asleep so I listened for like 4 hours one morning to find out how it worked out for poor Jerin, and you know what, like the romance it would have been if he had been female, everyone gets HEAs

Interesting listen. Hard to out down

I did feel he made Jerin a bit too old, but on the other hand it worked for the life he led. Since there is like one other male present then he sure does a lot of female voices ;) Men are like I said scarce in this world.

Nope. Where is his pretty long hair that got braided with pretty things in it and bows. And his clothes that shows what a catch he is ;)

In a world where male children are rare, a man is a valuable commodity - to be sold to the highest bidder....

It isn't easy being the oldest boy in a house run by women - especially for Jerin Whistler. The grand-matriarchs of his clan are descended from soldiers, spies, and thieves. That's partly what's kept their family alive in the wilderness. But it also means Jerin's doomed to marry the girls next door - a fate he's convinced is worse than death. But Jerin gets in even worse trouble when, in the process of a daring rescue, he falls in love with a royal princess who's as high above his station as it's possible to be.    

Ren knows that Jerin is too far below her class to be an appropriate match for her and her royal sisters. But then she hears rumors of a long-held Whistler family secret - one that might provide a way for them to finally be together. Unfortunately, she still has four sisters to convince. And that's before Jerin even comes to the capital - where simmering political tensions will threaten not just their love, but all their lives....


  1. I think this would bother me just as it would if it was in reverse (gender wise) but it's an interesting concept to get you thinking.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

    1. It's meant to bother you :) And by showing a male in that position, well I guess it shocks more even though it shouldn't

  2. wow that's a long review there! Not a fan of the cover

    1. The cover is just so wrong! He is all male, psawh

  3. I can see you enjoyed it, but don't think it would appeal to me, I don't like anyone being taken advantage of like in this book - even though its rife in our world I know. So I guess it makes you evaluate.

    1. He is no gentleman in distress and can hold his own, I also think that he in 20 years he will have changed the world

  4. This sounds like a totally bizarre and mind-twisting read, but I love books that do the gender flip thing and make you think.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. If this has been a woman then we would have been all yes this is normal, which is horrid

  5. What an odd sort of story. I don't think I can wrap my head around it. Glad to hear you enjoyed it! :)

  6. The cover does seem to not represent the characters loll

    1. I think they got scared to go that extra mile, same with the paper cover

  7. Sounds like historical fiction but in reverse!

  8. So this is a basic gender swap of the real world. LOL and :-( at the same time. Sounds interesting. Great review.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Books of My Heart

    1. Yes! A historical fantasy romance wrapped with a weird bow



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