Wednesday 13 February 2019

Audio: Governess gone rogue - Laura Lee Guhrke

Audio CD, 10 h
Published January 29th 2019 by HarperCollins
Series: Dear Lady Truelove #3
Historical romance
Thank you Harper for this audio!

My Thoughts:
Another Justine Eyre narration. Ok so I do adore her narrations, and I know I have listen to her a lot lately, but it is really by accident! But ok if I do see her name it does sway me towards the book, so maybe I choose books without knowing it.

Also look at that cover, short hair! They really got it right, I am impressed. Yes, our plucky heroine cuts her hair, pretends to be a man and becomes a tutor to two wild boys. I would have run screaming, but she sticks it out.

Our handsome hero has his hands full and he works WAY too much. I mean man please take it easy. You are going to an early grave. His life is all about his work as an MP.

For some reason she looks 10 years younger as a man, weird.
He does not really see her a lot so that works with him not noticing what she really is, and when he does get a clue he starts to notice more. 

There is a secret in her past that will come back to haunt her and I wanted to slap someone over it.

Fun, a bit of teaching and some passion.

Yes Justine Eyre is really good. I so enjoy when she does historical romance. She gets everything just as I want it

Like I said, look short hair! Just as in the book

Dear Lady Truelove . . .

My twin brother and I need a new mother, though Papa insists he'll never marry again. Must be nice, brainy, and fond of cats . . .

Lady Truelove may be London's most famous advice columnist, but James St. Clair, the Earl of Kenyon, knows his wild young sons need a tutor, not a new mother. They need a man tough enough to make his hellions tow the line, and James is determined to find one.

Miss Amanda Leighton, former schoolteacher and governess, knows she has all the qualifications to be a tutor. And while female tutors are unheard of, Amanda isn't about to lose the chance at her dream job because of pesky details like that. If Lord Kenyon insists on hiring a man, then she has only one option . . .

Jamie isn't sure what to make of his new employee, until he realizes the shocking truth-beneath the ill-fitting suits, his boys' tutor is a woman. An unconventional, outspoken, thoroughly intriguing woman. Despite Amanda's deception, he can't dismiss her when his boys are learning so much. Yet Jamie, too, is learning surprising lessons-about desire, seduction, and passionate second chances . . . 


  1. The sleeves on the dress look

  2. This sounds really good. I tend to like books where one of the characters were hiding their identity. Plus it is great to have the cover match the story.

  3. Yes, Justine Eyre is so great! She seems to be doing mainly historical romance now though, I wish she would do more fantasy again.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  4. I've never read a Gurkhe romance novel, but sounds good. Love the short hair!

  5. I love it when the match the cover to the details of the book. I'm not usually fond of a character pretending to be the other gender but sounds like you had fun here. May have to consider it. :)

    1. It is tricky. It always gets awkward in a way, but here it worked perfectly



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