Wednesday 22 May 2019

Audio: The tiger at midnight - Swati Teerdhala

Narrated by: Sneha Mathan
Length: 12 hrs and 44 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 04-23-19
The tiger at midnight #1
Publisher: HarperAudio
Fantasy YA
To review

My Thoughts
When it comes to YA fantasy I do always have to suspend belief, as the teens are always the best in the world at something ;) But hey you can still enjoy the ride.

Esha, is 16-17, and the fiercest deadliest assassin spy in the world. Everyone fears the Viper. Did I feel that it as shown, nah, not really, she makes mistakes and sure I can see her take out someone, she has trained after all, but best in the land? No. Also why send a kid to take out the general? Best in the land *snickers* 
She lusts for vengeance and I liked that she truly was a grey person. She kills without remorse.

Kunal is also supposed to be this great soldier, and I do say that his tracking skills are awesome, but otherwise he is a bit of a bumbling fool. Omg the times he gets hit over the head, this poor guy must have brain damage! When I think about it it felt a bit, look, women are just superior than men, look at this silly man.
But I liked Kunal, he is nice, he was a follower but he learns some hard truths.

Again, I get that it is YA, but why are always the best fighters kids? Why do they always send out kids? Srsly, are there no adults with like 20 year experience that would fare better? That will always be my issues with YA. Kunal is sent out with some other guys to track down the Viper, sure, send out the 16 year old boys, I am sure all the adult soldiers are dead.

Ok, dang, this sounds so negative now! No no! I enjoyed this book, what else could the author do, this is YA, they have to be best and young.

I liked the Indian fantasy setting, I never see that in fantasy. I liked the feel of the lush jungle, tigers sneaking around and the talk of food and customs. I liked how the countries need a woman ruler and a man ruler in their own country. And now there are two male rulers and one country is suffering. It was fascinating. She created this amazing world.

And when it ended, arghhh, why is there no blurb for book 2? I need to know what happens to Kunal and Esha, mostly Kunal cos I like that bumbling fool

She has this smooth voice that I enjoyed listening too. The accents were really fitting and went so well with the characters. Nice distinctive voices too
I'd listen to more by her,even if she sounded older I'd say she was perfect for YA.

A broken bond. A dying land. A cat and mouse game that can only end in bloodshed.
Esha lost everything in the royal coup - and as the legendary rebel known as the Viper, she’s made the guilty pay. Now, she’s been tasked with her most important mission to date: taking down the ruthless General Hotha. 

Kunal has been a soldier since childhood. His uncle, the general, has ensured that Kunal never strays from the path - even as a part of Kunal longs to join the outside world, which has only been growing more volatile. 

When Esha and Kunal’s paths cross one fated night, an impossible chain of events unfolds. Both the Viper and the soldier think they’re calling the shots, but they’re not the only players moving the pieces.
As the bonds that hold their land in order break down and the sins of the past meet the promise of a new future, both the soldier and the rebel must decide where their loyalties lie: with the lives they’ve killed to hold on to or with the love that’s made them dream of something more.


  1. ah the cliffhanger effect LOL ;-) fantastic review and wow that cover is awesome. I'd read it

  2. I love YA fantasy and I didn't know about this one so you made me curious. I hope you'll have news of book 2 soon!

  3. I do want to read this but agree - the young fighter/killer thing does feel silly sometimes. I'm excited for a non-European based fantasy for sure

    1. The non Eu was fun, but the whole teen awesome fighter is a constant weak spot

  4. Yeah - I think you just need to go with it lol It's written for teens so they need to be their own heroes I think.

    And it's not like grown ups are doing such a great job in reality these days lol

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

    1. i know!. but it is SO hard!

      Haha, well you are right there

  5. Maybe they use kids because they are not mature and they take more chances???

    1. Well I do like that idea! But here they mostly end up hit over the head or taken so...

  6. If I was a teen I would probably like this. Teenagers always think they are the best one of whatever they do. LOL

    1. Lol. Aww so when they say they are the best in the world, that is all in their head and that is not the world saying so. Interesting :D I could actually totes see that

  7. a 16 year assassin. I can believe it...but being the best eva? Nah

    1. Best in the land, which means like at 12 she was killing tons of people an is prob a psychopath by now

  8. Love the cover. I don't read a lot of YA but I could see myself reading this one.

  9. I really liked this one, though yeah sometimes I'm unconvinced by how these teens are always the best warriors/rulers/etc. in these kinds of YA. It's like they're all military geniuses and Alexander the Greats.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. He was good, that is true, but then he did have lots of generals with him too. *ponders this* Still if I wanted to catch the most ruthless person in the kingdom I would not send 4 16 year olds. I would mix it up.

  10. I do the review though the genre leaves me cold!



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