Thursday 18 February 2021

Audio: Vacation Hell by Eve Langlais

 Narrated by: Rebecca Estrella

Series: Princess of Hell, Book 4

Length: 5 hrs and 44 mins

Release date: 02-07-17

Publisher: Tantor Audio

PNR Erotica

To review

These are amusing, even if I thought they would be pnr and erotica, cos as always, Muriel wants all the d*cks*.

Muriel feels compelled to go to the sea, and by now I realise the reason at once, she obvi needs a man of the sea. She fights her attraction, he fights his attraction, but obvi she will add a merman to her harem.

But she is so fun and kickass. And Lucifer, omg, love him. He is all bad, and nice to her, and so wicked. 

There is also some fighting, she does not spend all her time in bed after all. A big bad is coming and now I am so curious. It seems to actually find out how this ends you have to read book 6 or something in her next series! I need to know now! Things happen....not to Muriel though, she is happy with her harem.

I like Estrella's narration, she keeps it fun and upbeat because everyone here is just so weird. And she keeps the weird real.

Juggling a happily ever after is harder than it looks, especially when it involves a fallen angel who is my soul mate, a hunky cat shifter who stole my heart, and a darkly delicious vampire who is like that piece of forbidden chocolate you just can't resist. Add in a precocious little girl, who is totally spoiled rotten-not surprising given Nana and Poppa were Mother Earth and the Devil-and my life was a never-ending series of dramas, foot stomping, yelling, and tears. By me. I never knew being a grown-up could be so much damned work, which is why I decided we needed a vacation. But of course, as Lucifer's daughter, that didn't turn out as expected. Now I've got to figure out if my bathtub is big enough for a hunky merman-and is there room in my heart for one more?


  1. I like weird characters. But like, how weird? :D

  2. I really need to read this series. I already love this author.

  3. I just had a flashback to Laurell K.Hamilton, but at least this book is not taking itself seriously, otherwise it'll be in trouble. Hilarious review as always!

  4. This sounds like fun. I have a feeling that I would like Lucifer!

  5. PNR erotica, not really my genre at all, but glad you had a fun time with this!

    1. I had no idea, and I mean I skim in regular books to get to the story, but it was fun

  6. A man for every environment, huh? Good for her!

  7. Wait!! There are more books? I stopped after book 4, I didn't think there were more. Now I need to know what happens.

    1. Not about her, but about new characters, a lot

  8. Muriel sounds like a blast! And Lucifer is always fun ;)



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