Wednesday 8 May 2024

Audio. Only and forever

By: Chloe Liese

Narrated by: Nelson Hobbs, CJ Bloom

Series: Bergman Brothers, Book 7

Length: 11 hrs and 15 mins

Release date: 04-02-24

Publisher: Tantor Audio

Contemporary romance /to review

This book had two narrators and they worked well together. They had their chapters and it flowed well. I think both were pretty new to me, but it was a good experience. I do have to mention though that the Swedish prononciation was lacking. When they mentioned a certain cake they said Poo cake. LOL

Then over to the book. I had issues, I got bored at times, and I felt zero chemistry between the couple. I should have loved that Viggo adored romance books over anything else, but I just did not feel it at all. And then he adopted a ton of animals and I was all, wow, slow down man.

And Tallulah was not nice at all.. I felt like there was more than her just not knowing what a relationship was. Then write it like that.

I did listen to the whole of it, but the feels were lacking for me. I want to feel their romance, but alas. So I will sadly end this with an ok.

It’s a room-mance for the books in this tender, steamy story about unexpectedly finding love and being brave enough to let it revise life’s narrative in the final book in the beloved Bergman Brothers series.

Viggo Bergman, hopeless romantic, is thoroughly weary of waiting for his happily ever after. But between opening a romance bookstore, running a romance book club, coaching kids' soccer, and adopting a household of pets—just maybe, he’s overcommitted himself?—Viggo’s chaotic life has made finding his forever love seem downright improbable.

Enter Tallulah Clarke, chilly cynic with a massive case of writer’s block. Tallulah needs help with her thriller’s romantic subplot. Viggo needs another pair of hands to keep his store afloat. So they agree to swap skills and cohabitate for convenience—his romance expertise to revive her book, her organizational prowess to salvage his store. They hardly get along, and they couldn’t be more different, but who says roommate-coworkers need to be friends?

As they share a home and life, Tallulah and Viggo discover a connection that challenges everything they believe about love, and reveals the plot twist they never saw happily ever after is here already, right under their roof.


  1. Dang. Sounded like it had promise.

  2. Sorry this wasn't better for you.

  3. Sounds like this wasn't a good pick. Bummer.

  4. Chloe Liese writes wonderful male characters, but her heroines usually get on my nerves. Her romances are ok. I don't feel moved to pick another one up by her.

    1. Oh really? Yeah I did not like Tallulah



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