Monday 16 July 2018

Prisoner of the Crown - Jeffe Kennedy

My thoughts:
I was warned before so I knew this was not a romance, not that I mind. I love straight up fantasy. I would still call this light even though dark things happen.

Jenna is an Imperial princess and grows up in a beautiful paradise where she plays and enjoys life. Though she does get an inkling that there is things she does not know (in truth she knows nothing. Not what snow looks like. Not what animals are...nothing. Cos she is told nothing). All she knows is her sheltered cage. I do feel sorry for her, because I know the real world will not be what she thinks.

An Imperial Princess must marry well and well means this utter monster. I curse her mother and the men in her family.

I liked her cage. She was so sheltered and it was done well. It was sad and tragic. I liked the look we got at her sisters, and I curse my brain cos I do not remembered what happened to them. As the Kingdom books takes place after this. I want to know now! I am really bad at waiting.

I also liked the look we got of her brothers. I curse Kral at the moment and I want to re-read his book cos at the moment I can not forgive him. I also want to re-read Harlan's book because omg that boy, how wonderful he was. He was not of that world. That cruel world where women are nothing, just something to be played with. He was a good man.

Jenna will go from naive to getting stronger. From sheltered to realizing that there is another world out there. I like her journey and when the book ended I wanted more. I need to know what happens to this poor woman.

This is the beginning of a journey and I do not know where the road will take her, at all.

A golden cage is a cage after all. 

Princess Jenna has been raised in supreme luxury—and ignorance. Within the sweet-scented, golden confines of the palace seraglio, she’s never seen the sun, or a man, or even learned her numbers. But she’s been schooled enough in the paths to a woman’s power. When her betrothal is announced, she’s ready to begin the machinations that her mother promises will take Jenna from ornament to queen.

But the man named as Jenna’s husband is no innocent to be cozened or prince to charm. He’s a monster in human form, and the horrors of life under his thumb are clear within moments of her wedding vows. If Jenna is to live, she must somehow break free—and for one born to a soft prison, the way to cold, hard freedom will be a dangerous path indeed…

Kindle Edition
Published June 12th 2018 by Rebel Base Books
The Chronicles of Dasnaria #1, The Twelve Kingdoms Complete Universe [publication order] #7
For review


  1. Oh wow, her life going from pampered to horrible just like that.

  2. Nice Review Blodeuedd. I too like straight up fantasy and this looks my type of read!

  3. I really enjoyed this one as well

  4. I see that author around ever now and then, still need to try!!

  5. This sounds like such a great series. I am so happy to hear that you enjoyed it.

  6. A world so cruel to women, yuck not sure I would have the patience to wait till they grow strong and say - Begone.

    1. But some women think they have a perfectly awesome life

  7. I'm not sure if I'll read this series. But I like that the author is writing it!

    1. i think you could like it, I will read book 2 soon and will see

  8. This sounds good and like you I don't need the romance.

  9. I really enjoyed this book too. I can't wait to tackle the second book and see where she goes from here. I had a ton of questions that make me want to revisit Twelve Kingdom books, but I think some of my answers are in there, I just don't remember them. I think there are going to be even more answers as we go through this series. Great review.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Books of My Heart

    1. I do think they are there, but alas I can not remember them



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