Thursday 13 April 2023

Audio: My Pumpkin

My Holiday Tails

By: Marina Simcoe

Narrated by: Elle Sonali

Series: My Holiday Tails

Length: 6 hrs and 26 mins

Release date: 04-04-23 by Tantor Audio

Scifi romance /to review

 I was all, yes I will go for something weird, and indeed, it was rather strange.

Cassy gets a weird dog?! from a pumpkin and loves said dog for 10 years. Oh the dog is super weird and has three tails, but they think its a birth defect. Haha, joke is on you. It is not.

Fast forward to getting kidnapped with her dog and waking up on an alien spaceship. And behold, the dog has turned into a really hot, albeit weird looking, cyborg. And she really wants to touch him. Basically she does fall for her dog then.

But oh no! Her doggie turned hottie is a dangerous war machine and the aliens wants to kill him.

Weird yes, good yes that too. And I mean she already loves that dog, so it is easy to love the man too. The whole from egg to doggie to man is explained.

It is a romance so they will get a happy ending, but there is some danger before them before that.

Good narration. Distinct voices and she kept a fun tone through out it all.

What do a pumpkin, a cyborg, a dog, and an alien have in common?

They are all one person!

When I was ten, my mom bought me a pumpkin for Halloween. A year later, it transformed into a bizarre animal that I ended up raising as my dog.

Except that it isn’t a dog at all. My lazy, lovable pet Pumpkin turns out to be an extremely dangerous fighting machine that never should’ve been created.

Now, those who made him steal him back, taking me along by mistake. I find myself on a haunted spaceship with no crew, hurtling through space with a destination unknown.

As I learn more about the creature I’d grown to love as my childhood friend, I realize how little I knew about him before. When Pumpkin goes through yet another transformation, becoming Maxx, our feelings for each other grow far beyond friendship.

Maxx is so much more than his creators meant for him to be. But can I make the rest of the world see it when the world doesn’t want him to exist at all?



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