Thursday 12 February 2009

The Ex Files by Jane Moore


Fay Parker is getting married, she and Mark wants to make this weekend unforgettable and have rented a French castle. Now what could wrong?

Possible the fact that they have decided to invite old ex girlfriends/boyfriends. It's supposed to be the party of the century. What more could a model want. Now if there only wasn't a person on the wedding that will do anything to set them apart.

A bride, a groom, relatives, exes and alcohol. From Fays side there is the ex only interested in sex, and the sweet cop. Mark has the sweet first love, and the girl who seemed perfect for him.

A recipe for disaster.

Ok first *sighs*, how am i supposed to like a character who sleep with someone 3 pages into the book, a week before her wedding, and it's not her intended! Ok later on I get to know Fay and I see that she is not a total bitch, but still she is not that likeable. And for that reason I am not that fond of Mark either. Not his fault that he is a pushover but, no, not a chick-lit in my taste,

Everything is one big cliché, her looks, the way things happen, and yes I knew what would happen very early into the book. Exactly who would end up with who. It wasn't a surprise so i just sat around and waited for everything to fall into place. This book can be read, it was ok, cute in some freakish way. But for people to have read several books like this, well you are not in for any surprises. I am sure that you just like me will figure out what is gonna happen. Even if the one night stand is a surprise at first, I do figured that out too.

But for chick-lit it is ok, not any laughs, but love mix-ups, and true love. A very easy book to read.



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