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Review: A Taste of Magic by Tracy Madison

A Taste of Magic by Tracy Madison

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 292
Published: February 2009

Gypsy Magic Series #1

Elizabeth Stevens is one bite away from happiness.

Today is Elizabeth Stevens’s birthday, and not only is it the one-year anniversary of her husband leaving her, it’s also the day her bakery is required to make a cake—for her ex’s next wedding. If there’s a bitter taste in her mouth, no one can blame her.

But today, Liz is about to receive a gift. Her Grandma Verda isn’t just wacky; she’s a little witchy. An ancient gypsy magic has been passed through her family bloodline for generations, and it’s Liz’s turn to be empowered. Henceforth, everything she bakes will have a dash of delight and a pinch of wishes-can-come-true. From her hunky policeman neighbor, to her gorgeous personal trainer, to her bum of an ex-husband, everyone Liz knows is going to taste her power. Revenge is sweet…and it’s only the first dish to be served.
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The Book Trailer

This was a sweet book, and then I am not only talking about the yummy things that she was baking. Those sure made me crave cake and pie.

Liz got divorced a year ago when her husband of many years left her for a much younger woman. Now she just lives, without really leaving. But as her 35th birthday comes to pass something is about to change. There is gypsy-blood in her and it's magic, by accident she sets the first magic free and more will follow.

I liked Liz, she felt real, and I do like the scene where she first meets her hunky police neighbour. There is some chick-lit in here and that was perfect for my mood. She is a bit insecure, but who can blame her. The gift of magic is perfect for her because so grows stronger and you get to see how sweet she is. Because she does try to make others feel better too, even if the results are not always great.

Hunky neighbour Nate, yes I do like him. He wants the best for her, he is nice, and he is so sweet around his nephew. Giggle, and then there is really hunky personal trainer Kevin. The girl knows how to spice it up when she finally starts walking among the living.

Grandma Vera is love, I love quirky grandmother's, and the books gets funnier with her in it. Many other side characters too, her buddies Jon and Maddie, her idiot ex, and her sister Alice who is the main character in A Stroke of Magic, a book that I really want to read now since there is big things in store for Alice at the end of this book.

This book has the romance, sweet, but with a few sidesteps and mixups, because it's not an easy road to finding love. There is the paranormal, not big really, yes there is magic in her baking but it feels so normal and real. Makes me wish I had a gypsy ancestor who had given me some magic. There are the funny parts that just keeps you reading and wanting more. All in all a sweet ride to the end, you keep turning the page to know what happens to them all, oh and to see what else she is baking.

In the end, a really good and funny book. I guess a feel-good book, that will make you want something yummy to eat.


  1. Glad you enjoyed this one. :)

  2. Hi Blodeuedd,
    Summer sometimes calls for feel good book, heck sometimes you just want a feel good book no matter what season, the cover alone just makes me smile. I enjoyed your thoughts on it :D

  3. This sounds like a darling book. It's going on my list. Nice review!

  4. B,

    I have this one on the 'tbr' shelf. Glad you enjoyed it. :)


  5. Anna,
    I did so much, thank you for choosing it out :) Best contest won.

    It was the perfect beach read, just laying there in the sand with this book. Lovely, and yes the cover is great. I want that cookie ;)

    Such a nice read, if you ever get to read it I hope you'll enjoy it too.

    You have it, nice. I hope you'll like it too when you get to it. Which can be hard with TBR books, so many to choose from

  6. It sounds like a nice book with lots of lovely food references - always a winner with me.

  7. Vivienne,
    Never wrong with food references ;)
    Maybe that is why the candy tasted to good today.

    It truly was, the cover says it all

  8. Sounds like a fun book. I'll have to add it to my ever growing wish list lol.

  9. This sounds like a great book and I love the cover!

  10. Lilly,
    Sweet fun read is always the best.

    I know, the cover is great, it so makes me wanna read the book

  11. This sounds like a really cute, fun read!

  12. Teddyree,
    It sure was :) And the perfect book for a nice summer day

  13. I love these sweet read - sounds fun, Liz sounds like my kind of girl..


  14. EH,
    Still craving those things she baked days after, lol. She was fun, and I do need a heroine I can love

  15. Sounds good too, I'll check into this one.

    Sweet and funny, a feel good book, I could use one of those.

    Dottie :)

  16. Dottie,
    We can all use of one these books once in a while. I was actually reading Relentless by L.Dane, great book, but I needed something sweet and happy, so had to stop with that on

  17. I have this book and have not readed it yet. Thanks for the wonderful review of this!!! Are you looking to get the second book???
    I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!!!

  18. Yes, 35 does seem to be a turning point in life ;)

    Sounds like a good read. Thanks B!

  19. Cecile,
    I did enjoy it but there are so many books I wanna give a try first so now second book for me yet. Hopefully one day though cos it was such a sweet and fun story.

    Jenny girl,
    It sure was. Thanks for stopping by :)
    Have a great weekend

  20. This book sounds fantastic plus having anything foodie related is always a good thing for me.

  21. Dar,
    It sure makes you crave something nice :) Still wanting those cupcakes

  22. Sounds like a fun book. I like the cover.

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