Sunday 13 December 2009

Review: Golden Opportunity - Donna Marie Rogers

Golden Opportunity by Donna Marie Rogers

Genre: Contemporary romance
Pages: 94
Published: 2008

James McMillan is a third generation owner of the most prosperous horse ranch in Golden, Colorado. When a gorgeous little filly shows up at his door waving what she says is the deed to half his ranch, James is unconvinced. But the document is authentic, according to his lawyer - James' brother Reese sold her his half of the Double M during a poker game in Atlantic City. So not only must James find a way to get back those shares, he needs to fight his growing attraction for his luscious new business partner, who turns out to be a lot more than just a pretty face.

Having been on her own since she was a teenager, Angela Roberts has never wanted nothing more than the security of a real home. Her dreams come true when the chance to own half of a Colorado horse ranch falls into her lap. If Reese McMillan is too blind to appreciate what he has, that's his loss. Only she hadn't counted on  the hostile reception she receives from his brother. Surly as a bear, James McMillan is also much to handsome for her peace of mind. Refusing to be intimidated, Angela sets out to win him over by proving she has what it takes to help him run the ranch - and ends up losing her heart to both.

This was a short story, not so good at reviewing those. Hm where to start, well James did something that made me want to kick him, what an ass. Then again he barely knew her, so I guess he could be an ass. It is hard just to trust anyone like that.

Anyway Angela was a sweet and naive thing, James very hot, one big cowboy. They were both looking for something, and then they ran into each other since she showed up and said she owed half the ranch. What starts of as two upset people evolved into a love story with some steamy sex. Yes that it sure was. But it was a nice little romance.

Not much more I can say without giving the whole thing away.

Blodeuedd's Cover Corner: Now why can't I meet a cowboy, yup the cover looks sweet.
Reason 4 Reading: Gift from the author.
Final thoughts: Sweet little story.



  1. Sounds like a good little story :)

    I think we both live in countries lacking cowboys LOL.

  2. Ladybug,
    Oh so very true! Who need a bunch of stinking vikings, when you could have cowboys ;)

  3. Honey we all want to meet a rugged cowboy!!!

  4. You are very funny... You could kick him huh... An a$$ huh... LMBO!!!!
    But I do love your description of James, "a very hot, one big cowboy."
    You know I love ya reviews - no matter how short!
    I hope you had a great weekend!

  5. Thanks for the review, I'm so glad you enjoyed Golden Opportunity! :-)

  6. Staci,
    Lol, aye we sure do, too bad there are no cowboys at all here.

    Oh yes kick him big time. He was such an ass and I so felt for her, but he makes it up.
    Lol, thanks, gotta do a mini review too now and again.

    Donna Marie,
    Aye I did :) Thanks for stopping by

  7. Hello there! I've given you an award on my blog.

    Here it is

  8. I've never had the cowboy fantasy, but I like the chemistry part!

  9. I don't know why, but I'm not a fan of cowboy romances. However, if a character has done something to make you want to kick his ass, I've got to read it!

  10. I bet cowboys smell like horses in real life.

    But it does sounds like a nice romance.

  11. Awww thank you Lilly! :D
    You made my day

    I watched Young Guns when I was little and therefore had a crush at Billy the Kid ;)

    Haha, that is one way to see it. Oh yes, it was pretty bad, I just kept thinking no no no! I am so glad it worked out.

    Lol, oh yes I bet they do too..that made me wanna meet one less now ;)

  12. Hi B!

    It is hard to review short stories, so much happened in a short space of time, and you don't want to give the story away.

    This one sounds good, I like a sweet romance! Adding to my list!

    Dottie :)

  13. Hi Dottie,
    Exactly, too much info and there goes the whole story.
    But yes it was a sweet little romance :)



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