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Review: Lover Avenged - JR Ward + The insider's Guide

Lover Avenged by J.R.Ward
The Black Dagger Brotherhood 7

Genre: Paranormal romance
Pages: 544
Published: 2009

Now, as the vampire warriors defend their race against their slayers, one male's loyalty to the Brotherhood will be tested-and his dangerous mixed blood revealed...

Rehvenge has always kept his distance from the Brotherhood-even though his sister is married to a member, for he harbors a deadly secret that could make him a huge liability in their war against the lessers. As plots within and outside of the Brotherhood threaten to reveal the truth about Rehvenge, he turns to the only source of light in his darkening world, Ehlena, a vampire untouched by the corruption that has its hold on him-and the only thing standing between him and eternal destruction.

To be honest, ok the first 4 were nice, and I loved book 3. But then came V's book, and the love there felt clinical, and the ending still sucks. Phury and Cormia were the dullest pair ever, and I more or less slept through that book. Then comes this book and she got my attention least half of it.

Perhaps I am just sick and tired of vampires, but I am gonna go in to negative mode, don't get me wrong, cos I did enjoy this book.

My friend complained that none of the women likes to wear make-up, Ward goes on and on how they are plain but still pretty to the brothers. Yes that annoys me now too. They dress dull too..why? I like pretty things. I am also rather tired of hearing that they are big like houses, honestly that does not turn me on. I don't want a guy who could crush me if he fell on me.

Ok, this book, loved the Rhev part, mmm, Rhev is nice. Even if it is totally gross what he is doing with the sympath princess!! Yes I feel bad for me for being nothing less than a male whore for 25 years. It is that saving instinct that comes up. Ehlena, well she was ok, I am glad he found someone nice. Even if it felt rather abrupt.

The boring parts, there was something about lessers, I can't tell since I skimmed it. Jumped many of the Wrath parts too, he took up half the book. Not enough Z, Phury is still with those boring Chosen, some of freaky Jane and V, ok their sexlife, do not wanna know. For some reason I started to like Rhage and Marissa. Thor is back, JM is still hang up on Xhex and I like it. Lass, well he seemed interesting first but dunno any more. Saw that prostitute that is in Covet.

What is it about then? Lessers and Lash are being naughty. Some vamps wants Wrath dead. Rhev have to hide his sympath side and falls for a nice girl The princess is unhappy, and Wrath is blind. Yup that sums it up.

It sounds like I hated it right? I didn't. I really enjoyed the Rhev parts, but only those.

Oh and I read that some complained that there wasn't enough sex, and it was actually less sex that usual. I am not complaining, I want some kick-assing anyway, which there wasn't much of either.

Almost forgot, Ward writing things like niiiiiiiice and stuff like that...annnnnnnnoying.

Blodeuedd's Cover Corner. You can see the color of his eyes on the cover :)
Reason for Reading: Borrowed it
Final thoughts: For the fans yes, for the rest, read book 1 and start there.

The Black dagger Brotherhood by Jr Ward
An insiders guide

Published: 2009
Pages: 496

This is a book no Black Dagger Brotherhood fan should miss—an insider’s guide that will seduce readers as powerfully as the sexy band of Brothers and the world they live in. And also included is an original short story about stars Zsadist and Bella!

This comprehensive guide features insider information on the Brotherhood, their dossiers, stats, and special gifts. Readers will savor interviews with their favorite characters, deleted scenes, exciting material from the J.R. Ward message board and the answers to their burning questions. They’ll learn what it’s like for J.R. Ward to write each installment of the series, and in a fascinating twist, read an interview with the author—conducted by the Brothers. Plus readers will get a sneak peek at the much anticipated next book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Lover Avenged. 

Ok, this was not that interesting. I guess hardcore fans will enjoy interviews with the brothers, but I guess I am not that hardcore and I honestly feel this is just a way to get more money out of this.

Why was it worth reading then? Cos of the 100 page short story about Z after Nalla has been born. The rest I skimmed.


  1. It sounds like your BDB reads were so-so, with good and bad parts. I liked Lover Rehvenge but had my irritations too with some things. I'm kind of hoping Lover Mine will deliver some great stuff again (regarding romance) and no more words like "outtie" I don't see houses of vamps say words like that :S

  2. I really need to start reading the Ward books. I have the first one in the series.

    BTW, I gave you an award :)

  3. And how sick am I of the Lessors?! REALLY, REALLY sick of them. *yawn*

    V totally got ripped off. Actually, V and Butch got ripped off. ;)

  4. I loved your review - your summary was spot-on! Thanks for the laugh. Yeah, I bought the guide for the Z and Bella story...

  5. Leontine
    Forgot about that, yup annoyed me too. She tries to be so in, hip, young, street. But I mostly get annoyed cos it is so wrong in their mouths. She ties way to much. But yes in the end good and bad parts, and no high hopes for the next one

    Thanks Yvonne :D
    Yes you could give it a go

  6. Chris,
    Yes V ripped off, Butch's books, pretty much too. And the lessors, BIG yawn!

    Lol, I am glad I gave you a laugh :D
    Pretty much why I read it

  7. Hey B:

    Great review. I didn't read this book because I hated "Lover Enshrined" so much I just couldn't face it.

    You are a hoot!

    I am also rather tired of hearing that they are big like houses, honestly that does not turn me on. I don't want a guy who could crush me if he fell on me.


    I can't comment on this book but I agree with everything you said about the other books.

    And, yes, the lessors - totally overdone.

    Thanks for sharing B!

  8. It may be mean to say this, but much as I love your positive reviews, I love your negative reviews so, so much more! :-D

  9. O.K. I'm going to come clean and tell you the reason why I've read these was for the hot vampire sex only! I never really bothered to get too involved in the story...just the sex!! :)

  10. The covers are nice at least.
    You have a lovely weekend.
    All my very best,

  11. Lea,
    Oh LE *falls asleep* what was that one about now again? Bad bad bad.
    Hihi, I am glad you liked that ;)

    Well thank you :)
    I must say that I like my negative reviews too. Most books are ok or good, but I can only write amazing reviews for books I come to worship, and that amounts to like 2-4 reviews a year.
    You know where to find me ;)

    Lol, I love your honesty. Then this must be a disappointment, even I saw the lack of hot vampire sex.

    They are pretty :)
    Have a great weekend too, hopefully it is warmer over there

  12. I agree the Lessers are boring. They are so bland and nondescript as far as villains go. And all through reading Lover Enshrined I just wanted to choke Phury. But I'm certainly looking forward to JM's book.

    Enjoyed your take on the books here, I agree with a lot of it.

  13. You know what I am going to say... I love your review honey! You give it to us straight and honest and that is all I can ask for. I have not started this series yet, I do have the first three or four books in it. So One... Day... I will pick them up and read them! Who knows, maybe before I reach forty!!!! LMBO! Great review and I hope you have a great weekend!1

  14. Awesome and very well done review...I'm with many vamps can we read about? It's been a run of five + years of vamps...I'm tired of them!
    And I don't think a book series should be more than 4 books...enough already! I'm done with them.


  15. An honest review is priceless -- thanks for sharing your unvarnished opinion!

  16. Donna,
    And I never get how they can kick some ass. They sounds so lame.
    Phury, Phury, we can both choke him. But yes after this one I must say that JMs book looks good.

    Thanks Cecile ;)
    I love book 3, Z is so bad, you should just skip to that one ;)
    Hehe, perhaps yes before you reach 40, or you can save them until you are 80 and rock the other grannies.

    I am vamped out, dunno how much more I can take, cos they are all so good, and misunderstood. I think I am thirsty for the monsters.
    4 books is an excellent way to end things, I agree.

    I am glad you liked it DC, I had to tell it like it was.

  17. made me spit my coke.

    I'm so happy that I'm not the only one skipping the lesser parts.
    And I agree. I don't really care about Ward's heroines either. Always wandered what's wrong with a bit make up here an there!

    Great review!

  18. Hehe ;)
    Did I do that.
    Nope, you are certainly not the only one. I tried to read them at first but not anymore.
    Ok I don't usually wear make-up (makes my eyes sleepy), and I am too lazy. But I do wear it sometimes. Nothing wrong with that

  19. I still have to read LA, after LEn I was so disappointed that I am afraid to start in this one, and I am afraid I am going to have the same issues as you do after reading your review.

  20. Marissa,
    The issues are pretty major, but trust me it is soooooooooooooooo much better than LEn.
    Oh, I did what I didn't like when ward did it lol

  21. I haven't read Ward, but I do like the sound of them - loved your review - Niiiiiiiiiiicccccccccccceeeeeee -

    Scampers off quickly :)

  22. Sassy
    No no, don't evil woman ;)

  23. I tried to read the first one in this series but the vamps were too angry and sad for me. I need light hearted stories I guess.

  24. Jenny,
    They are sure angry and sad, perhaps why I like book 3 the most cos there you really see it. Otherwise they are just blah



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