Tuesday 2 March 2010

ARC Review: The Highlander's Sword - Amanda Forester

The Highlander's Sword by Amanda Forester

Genre: Historical romance
Pages: 352
Published: March 2nd 2010

Scottish Highlands romance is a perennial favorite, especially when it's as intriguing and sexy as The Highlander's Sword. Set against the backdrop of the rugged Scottish Highlands and the tumultuous 14th century, Lady Aila Graham is destined for the convent until her brother's death leaves her an heiress and her father hastily arranges a marriage for her with a Highland warrior she's never met. Misunderstandings between the battle-hardened knight and his lady are exploited by their enemies and threaten the entire clan. Only by throwing caution to the winds and forging a powerful bond together can they rout a traitor and save their people, and their love, from destruction.

What can I say, I have a soft spot of Highland romances, or perhaps just Scotland in general.

Aila Gordon is the heiress to the lands, but she has been destined to join a convent ever since a little girl. No one has never looked twice at her. This all changes since her father does not want her to join a convent, he needs soldiers because his neighbour is causing mischief, and the way to do this is to marry her away. He will get soldiers, the husband her rich dowry.

Aila was a sweet woman, she did what she was told, and never thought much of herself. She doesn't say much either when she is married away. If that is her duty then it is, of course it helps that she remembers him from before, and that he is good looking.

Padyn MacLaren has one big chip on his shoulders. In the beginning we see him leaving France after having his heart crushed. He does not trust women, and especially not pretty woman. Honestly he is an ass, and I got upset with him now and again cos of his serious trust issues. I am just waiting for him to redeem himself and see the woman before him is just perfect for him, and no lying hag. But then again what kind of book would that be.

Their marriage is of to one rocky start and the misunderstandings keep on coming. This is not love at first sight, or perhaps it is but they are way to blind to see that. They have to work for it, well he have too, Aila I just like.

There are some great side characters too, I am thinking of Sir Chaumont, the French knight that comes back with Padyn in particular. He also has a little sidestory. Then there is her mother, who has not left her room in 15 years. And the mysterious traitor that shows up here and there, but we never learn his name, and I sure did not figure who it was. There is a mystery here too, to find the traitor, to stop the neighbour, and try to stay alive. Not many is happy about the marriage.

I can give you bit of a warning and that is that every time they speak it is with a Scottish accent, it took a while to get all the words for me. But I tried to look at it the way that I was watching a movie and then those accents are just so hot.

So romance, mystery, danger, a stubborn Highlander, a bonny lass, and there is our story. A sweet book that made me wish I could visit Scotland.

Blodeuedd's Cover Corner. Hum, is that shirt a bit too modern? Anyway not saying no to plaid a castle and sword.
Reason for Reading: Copy from the publisher
Final thoughts: A nice romance


  1. You know, I don't think I've ever read a Highland romance, at least not that I remember. I really should remedy that.

  2. Do Karen Marie Moning's time travel Highland romances count? I've read those. :)

  3. I have just read a Highland cozy mystery and it has to be my first one. I don't venture into the literary world of Scotland much.

  4. Droppin in to say, hope you are well...

    I am such a sucker for highlanders, I love those stories, just finished Donna Grant's A Dangerous Highlander and loved it, mmmm must be the kilts!

  5. I like Highlanders as much as the next gal, but I did not like this book. At all! I knew it was just me becasue you are a good open minded reader, where as once I get it into my head I don't like something, I'm done!
    I'll be linking to your review as a counter point when I write mine.

  6. Carol
    As in never ever...wow, I have ;) They are fun

    Those totally count, I mean time travel and all

    A cozy mystery, that sounds sweet. And cute highlanders there?

    It is so the kilts! The castles, the highlands, the swords, the accents 'sighs* I love it all

  7. Jenny
    Oh not at all :(
    Sure I wanted to kick his ass, and the accent had me really confused, I was like ken? But then it dawned on me and I felt smart hehe. But when ti comes to the bottom of things, Scotland can never be wrong

  8. I haven't read a romance novel in ages but the way you described this one has me wanting to get it!

  9. I love highlanders too!! Le sigh :)

  10. I haven't read too much Historical romance but I might have to try this sometime thank for the wonderful review :)

  11. Have to say that you gave me the giggles at this point..."I can give you bit of a warning and that is that every time they speak it is with a Scottish accent, it took a while to get all the words for me. But I tried to look at it the way that I was watching a movie and then those accents are just so hot."

    Girl.. I never thought about it like that!!!!! Love the review!!! And I can so see you sitting there playing this out in your head.. with the accents!! Why... cuz I will be doing the same thing when I read it, lmbo!!
    Have a great day hon! Hope all is well!

  12. I've recently discovered that I also sort of have a soft spot for highland romances.
    I might have trouble with this one,though, since I am TERRIBLE with Scottish accents!

  13. Staci,
    No romance in ages, wow, I have read too much ;) Not that there is anything like too much hehe.

    Double sigh, love them to pieces

    Historical romance is my fav, much better than contemporary :D

    Really, a soft spot. Well it is the thing to have a soft spot for.
    Took a while for me, one word in particular. luckily I read one 3 months ago and remembered some things

  14. Cecile,
    That is my goal in life, to make people giggle.
    Haha yes everything is so much better with that movie in your head, a sexy Scot and that oh so sexy accent,

  15. I could not agree with you more hon! I hope you are doing well!!!

  16. I love a good, historical romance! And I like ones set in Scotland.
    Great review :)

  17. I can't remember the last highlander book I read. That is sad. Either it was too long ago or old age is catching up. But I do plan on reading KMM Highlander series one day.

  18. This is one of the things I miss about not reading historicals - The Highland romances...

    There is something different about a Scots man and their ways and attitude...

    And the classic lady going to a convent - Oh this does bring back memories...

    Sounds like a characters filled book - glad it worked for you...


  19. Cecile,
    Ok over here, a bit snowed in, but hey we are used to it :)

    Scotland is truly the best way to place a romance like this ;)

    You can't even remember! The horror. Again with Mooning, I truly must read those.

  20. EH
    Hehe, yes if I stopped that is what I would miss too, and those nice regencies.
    True, it is the attitude *coughs kilts*

  21. You hussy you...

    I am missing the "Attitude" as well - you continue to enjoy all thse Highland men and their "Attitude' LOL...


  22. Lol, yes I will continue to enjoy their "attitude", I can swear to that ;)



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