Saturday 10 July 2010

Review: An enchanted season + I am guest reviewing

Genre: Paranormal romance
Pages: 352
Published: 2007

It's the time of year when dreams come true, miracles happen every day, and love is the greatest gift of all...

The holidays always seem to bring out the best in everyone, with heartfelt hugs for long-missed friends, sincere smiles in the spirit of the season, and a feeling of magic in the air.

Here, for the first time, is a collection of paranormal romances celebrating the holidays as never before. From a shape-shifting leopardess who wants a packmate to be her soulmate to a snowstorm that brings a surprise gift, these all-new tales by Maggie Shayne, Erin McCarthy, Nalini Singh, and Jean Johnson will stir your spirit in all the right places.

Beat of Temptation by Nalini Singh
Young Tamsyn has always held a special place in her heart for her powerful fellow pack-member Nate. But as a dominant male leopard in the pack, the more experienced Nate doesn’t want to trap Tamsyn into the fierce demands of the mating bond—a bond driven by the animal within—when she’s hardly had the chance to grow into a woman. But Tamsyn knows what she wants for Christmas, and she’s going to get it…

I wanted to read this book for this story, Tamsyn and Nate. They found out about the bond early on, but he was 10 years older, and he stayed away from her. He wanted her to live and she was just too young. But Tamsyn has reached her limit in this one and wants him bad. She will do anything to get him. It was the bes  story out of the 4, and I liked to see Tamsyn try to get him.

Melting Frosty by Maggie Shayne
About two people, one hating Christmas, one loving Christmas, stuck in a house together, and slowly feeling the passion build up. An ok read.

Erin Mcarthy
I read a story by her in my other xmas anthology and this one starts it all, witch sisters finding love. This first one is about a boy and a girl who has been friends forever, and secretly loved each other too. But this time it's time for them to get a push and just get together. Sweet story, I do like when friends fall in love.

Jean Johnson
Steve Bethel and his fiancée Rachel could use a few miracles right about now; the family bed-and-breakfast is mortgaged to the hilt, the biggest blizzard in half a century is ruining the shortest day of the year, the local bank manager is a stickler for bills being paid on time, and their guests are canceling right and left. But when three strangers show up at what seems like the darkest hour, looking for a place to stay for the holidays, the simple gifts of peace, knowledge, and comfort seem to be just the miracles they need.

Hm, this one was ok, but the together with Melting Frosty it shares place 3 out of these stories. It was just so sweet and hopeful, I mean that is good, but a bit too corny for me at the time.

Blodeuedd's Cover Corner. Bleh
Reason for reading: Borrowed from a friend
Final thoughts: I read it for the Singh story

On another note I am reviewing over at Royal Reviews

The Last Celtic Witch by Lyn Armstrong


  1. Great post! I also checked your review of The Last Celtic Witch, it sounds very interesting. The title alone is catchy. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That Nalini Singh story sounds like the only one that would really catch my attention - I like that type of storyline.

  3. I think the Nalini story was the only one I really enjoyed out of that book.

  4. Irena
    Lol, I do like catchy titles, it's like with covers, I read books for all the wrong reasons ;)

    It was my kind of story, the rest were ok and bleh.

    In the end it was the same thing for me, of course my friend who has become a Singhaddcit only read that story

  5. Too bad only one of the four stories was a good read! Well, at least the Nalini Singh story didn't disappoint. :)

  6. This sounds different, paranormal romances to celebrate the holidays.
    The first story sounds good. Great review :)

  7. Sounds like a cute book I'm headed over to your guest review!!

  8. Janna,
    One can't have it all, and yeah only wanted Singh anyway ;)

    Of course totally the wrong book to read during a heatwave, lol

    Overall, yes ok :) thanks!

  9. It sounds like a nice read for the hollidays. I'm going to read your review for the last celtic Witch, curious to see if it's good. :)

  10. Sounds interesting, especially the one by Nalini Singh. I love those kinds of stories.

    The Romance Reviews

  11. Nina
    Oh it would have been perfect around xmas :D Now it felt, well chilly is always good in the heat

    That one was good yes, I had been curious about their story

  12. This sounds interesting, I'm curious to know more... plus I'm a sucker for Christmas :)

  13. Marie
    Lol, I do love Xmas too. The perfect book to read around that time



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