Friday 9 July 2010

Review: To Conquer a Highlander - Mary Wine

Genre: Historical romance
Published: July 6 2010 Sourcebooks Casablanca

In this first in a trilogy of sexy Scottish Highland romance, Laird Torin McLeren kidnaps his neighbor’s daughter attempting to quell a treacherous plot sure to bring English retribution, only to find the lass he’s captured would serve him much better as an ally than as an enemy…

I liked this one. Must have been that whole bride stealing business, those highlanders are such barbarians ;)

This is set at the backdrop of a troublesome time in Scotland. The king is murdered and the heir in hiding. Shannon Boyd's father is rooting for the bad guy and wants to marry her off to him, but first he slaughtered some people on his neighbours land. On top of a clan war there could be a civil war coming. But Laird Torin McLeren kidnaps the bride to be and takes her away to his castle. Soon he realises that she is a wilcat.

Shannon has played the obedient daughter all her life but for that she has only got pushed around, her father does not care for her at all. She is at an age that she has started to feel she will never marry and leave his rule. Her lifer has not brought her to her knees. No, she has got spirit and a fiery tongue. But then she gets captured by a sexy highlander and starts thinking things she has never thought before. She is well aware his people hate for what her father has done, and that if her father is branded a traitor she hangs with him. Still through out the book she keeps that fiery tongue and is not afraid to stand her ground and not let anyone walk on her anymore.

Torin is the Laird, but with no heirs and a cousin breathing down his neck. Shannon was only meant to be a prisoner, one that would be treated fair, but not thought about until the time came. Of course the first time they meet words fly and he can see that she has got spirit. A lowland wildcat. Soon he also realises that she was not well treated at her father's home. She is not like other women that would throw themselves at home because he is laird, or to save their lives from the noose.

There is a dance between these two, with banter, but there is never mistrust. He wants her, she realises that she wants him, but can't have him. I love that he does not back down, he know what he wants, it may be difficult to achieve but hell he will fight for it. He is one sexy alpha highlander, sure there was one thing that got me a bit angry at him. But I understood it, and it was nothing bad, now he wanted to show that he cared. I will not say more, you will find out when you read it. Most of all I like how well he does treat her, and tries.

A strong woman, and man not backing down, and untamed passion when sparks fly. A stolen woman belongs to the capturer and this Highlander will fight for his love.

There was also this other guy, and my eyes went wide and I had to go and check the computer at once. Yes Connor is getting a book of his own. I am sure that one will be good too.

Blodeuedd's Cover Thoughts: Sword, yay.
Reason for reading: From sourcebooks
Final thoughts: A highland romance with a sexy Scot, and the bride he has stolen. Sounds like a good recipe for love.



  1. I like your cover review. LOL!

  2. This sounds like a classic highlander tale to be enjoyed from cover to cover. I love those highlander barbarians!!

  3. Nice review! I love finding a new series where I can't wait to read the next book. I'm adding this to my list :)

  4. I have a couple of Mary Wine books in my stacks. I love her covers. And oh gosh, who doesn't love those barbaric highlanders!

    Great review, Blodeuedd! And thanks for the recommendation.

    Hugs, VFG

  5. Nice review! I like the sounds of this one. For some reason I like books where the bride gets captured or even a woman and she turns out to be a fiesty fighter. lol.

  6. Great review! I like Highlanders kidnapping girls, it's so exciting in a historical romance.;)

  7. Fun review! I might need to pick this one up. Thanks!

  8. One sexy highlander!! I need to read this one!!!

  9. Great review! I enjoyed this one too. I'm glad Conner is getting his own book :)

  10. I just started this and I agree that bride stealing thing gets you every time.

    Glad this one worked for you..


  11. The cover alone is so tempting..then you add the strong woman and the barbarian type. What a combo.
    Sounds good and glad you recommend it.
    Awesome review

  12. Excellent review B! LOL re the cover review and the swords.

    I love Alpha men be they Highlanders or modern day..

    Thanks for sharing B!


  13. You know I always love coming here to see what you review and what you have to say! Thanks for always giving it to us straight!
    Great review hon!
    I hope you have a great weekend!

  14. Chris
    Sometimes one word is enough ;)

    There is just something about those brutes, and you have to love them.

    I sure like that too. And he is stealing a bride too, I wonder how that will go

    Haha, yes that seems to be something we all can agree on. barbaric highlanders = love.

  15. Darlene
    I sure like them too, as long as they are nice. No violence from the guy or I throw the book at the wall. it has to be a clean kidnapping.

    It was exciting times, well it wasn't as nice as they make it out to be, but hey that is why we have books ;)

    My first ever Harlequin was one :=)

    Thanks wonderbunny :)
    I hope you'll like it

  16. Staci
    I just can't say no to those sexy highlanders!

    Me too :) i hoped when I first came across him, and then I went yay, and I think Cameron is getting one too

    Looking forward to seeing how this one works for you.

    Yup I am glad she had a tongue of her own, not just following him around, it was more the other way around

    Awww those alphas, they are all I want in my literary men, but perhaps not in real life lol

    Thanks hon! Gotta keep it straight, and give it to you, swords and all..wait that sounded wrong, lol

  17. This looks like a fun romance read!

  18. Alyce
    It sure was, this time around I didn't even care that they had some accent here and there

  19. Oooh, this one sounds awesome!! I have a the next book from this author to review, now I can't wait!!

  20. Carrie
    Oh you have Connor :D I sure hope his book is good, let's see what he steals

  21. Sounds like this is a keeper. My favorite kind of series to get into. Thanks for the great review - I've added it to my list.

  22. Jules
    I do wonder now, what made me like these Highlander books way back when, must have been love at first sight :)

  23. I usually like Highlanders and it's all the reason I need to try out the story, I have several to read, but hey, why not add one more to the list?

    Great review B!

    Dottie :)

  24. Dottie
    One thing is for sure, you can never have too many highlanders..or at least I hope so ;)



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