Monday 5 July 2010

Review: The Fire Lord's Lover - Kathryne Kennedy

 Elven Lords, book 1

Genre: Historical Fantasy Romance
Published; June 6th 2010 Sourcebooks Casablanca

If his powers are discovered, his father will destroy him...
In a magical land ruled by ruthless Elven Lords, the Fire Lord's son Dominic Raikes plays a deadly game to conceal his growing might from his malevolent father, until his arranged bride awakens in him passions he thought he had buried forever.

Unless his bride kills him first...

Lady Cassandra has been raised in outward purity and innocence, while secretly being trained as an assassin. Her mission is to bring down the Elven Lord and his champion son. But when she gets to court she discovers that nothing is what it seems, least of all the man she married...

Then Dominic and Cassandra together discover an unspeakable evil, one that threatens the destruction of the magical realm they would give their souls to save...

I really enjoyed this book, elves! Lol, do I need to say more. Well, ok I have to.

First there is Dominic, cold and lacking a heart, or at least that he plays at. He is the bastard son to The Fire Lord that rules London. Long ago some Elven Lords grew bored and conquered England. The world turned a blind eye when riches came from their reign and magic. They are cruel creatures that do not care for humans, those could just as well be cattle. Dominic is used by his father as a general and he does everything to try to hide his heart. Until..

..he meets his bride Cassandra. She has been sent to kill The Fire Lord and his bastard son. But she soon finds herself questioning things, and perhaps falling for the col hearted General.

First I have to say that i loved this word, it's this alternate world/history/timeline kind of story. What if there actually were elves before, but then the portals to that world closed? And some came back, and with some offspring here and there nobles now have magic too. Little, but still some. It's a world where England is divided into realms, there is a king, but he is just a prize that the Lords fight over. because they need their games, else they grow bored, and then they are as dangerous as they get. It was an England I would have loved to see, even if the country was ruled by dictators, beautiful dictators.

Dominic, oh he was such an ass, but he had to be. He has learnt that feelings, and friendship is dangerous to those he loves. So he is as cold as his father. Ice-cold to his new bride that melt under his fingers. I knew he was doing it for all the right reasons, but still I ached for her. Cassandra melts by this handsome elf, she feels passion, and slowly something is building up, while I scream, trust each other! She is not some nice little bride either, no, she has a mind of her own, pretty dangerous, but she wants freedom from this wicked rule.

Two people falling in love, one crazy Elven Lord who wants a new champion, some cool magic, jealousy, an England you have not seen before, and a world that has so much more to offer. What is there not to like, and oh yes, passion too.

As for which genre this is, hm, well historical romance fans will love it, paranormal romance fans will too, and those with an eye out for fantasy romance. Quite a win win.

Reason for reading: On my copy you couldn't see his eyes, kind of liked that, he looked more dark. Still love it, and look at those ears!
Reason for reading: Copy thanks to Sourcebooks.
Final thoughts: Why are there not elves and magic in England, I'd love to visit (if I could return home afterwards with my life intact afterwards.)



  1. He does look very elven on the cover!

  2. Cool sum up hon..

    I love this book ALOT...

    I agree, I prefer the other cover as well..


  3. So glad you liked this one! It sounds intriguing for sure.

  4. Yay! Another positive review for this book!

    Great review, Blodeuedd! I'm off to add it to my B&N order.

    Hugs, VFG

  5. Oh, then this is a book I must get! I'm into al of that!

    Thanks for the heads up, sweetie!

    Hey...I'm the first one here! :-D


  6. Awesome review!! This one looks so good, I have two of her earlier books, b/c its so rare to see the mix of fantasy and historical fiction. I haven't read them yet though :(

  7. I am kicking myself for not acceptiong this one! Darn it. Great review Linda!

  8. Honestly you make this elf world sound truly fun and intriguing!!

  9. This book sounds like something really new and fresh. I like your review and the summary. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Chris
    Those ears are so yummy ;)

    He looks so, ok not sweet, but normal, not as cold as he was in the book. It's the eyes.

    It was such a fun read, I love good worlds

    I hope you'll like it too. It just had that something special about it.

    Lol, sadly you fell down a few steps, blogger has been making comments disappear toady, so weird

  11. Someone else was just telling me I must read this book. Very nice review..will definitely add it to my tbr!

  12. I love Kathryne Kennedy's 2 fantasy romance series, I loved Dominic, I loved this world...I iz very excited about this book...can you tell LOL She is already writing up #2 in the series YAY

  13. Ooh, great review, Linda! I also love the idea of elves in London :-)

  14. Oooh nice, historical, fantasy, romance and elves... sigh!

    I'm intrigued to say the least!


  15. Between your first line and Chris' statement, you guys gave me the giggles!! LOL!!
    He does look very elven on the cover! LOL!
    Great review honey!!
    Hugs to you and I hope you had a great day!

  16. it does sound good, great review!
    this sounds so different.

  17. Wohoo comments working again

    Ohh some of her other stuff, I have checked those out now too. But yes it's rare and it sure mixes well

    Lol, don't be, just come back today and win it ;)

    It sure was, and I liked that the elves were cold

    I do highly recommend it, it was so much fun. Also like you noted, refreshing

  18. Mandi
    I have only seen praise so far, must be a mix that works for many

    I saw! I sure hope I get to read book 2 too, I wonder what that one will be about.
    Dom was nice, like that dragon too :)

    sadly only one real elf, but he sure had a lot of offspring over the years

    Intrigued enough to make a Friday Find? ;) That's what I am aiming for

  19. Cecile
    I have this thing of elven ears, are they not just too sexy? Now why can't men have pointy ears 'sighs*

    It was a good book, different and still with that period in time you recongize

  20. I loved this book! I really wish she could have expanded it into a much longer fantasy book as there is so much about this world I would have loved to read about. I just posted my review a couple days ago.

  21. Debbie
    I know, there is so much more there, and I sure hope I get to read it :D

  22. I am so tickled! I can't wait to read this book. Thanks so much for your review.

  23. Hi B!

    Loved your reason for reading this one, "would love to visit if I could return home with my life intact", cracked me up!! I would love to visit too! Thanks for the excellent review, another new author for me, I'll take a look for The Fire Lord's Lover (you're right, the cover is great!)

    Dottie :)



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